My Mama Loves Drama

Tuesday, February 20th

You may love your mama, but your mama LOVES drama. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all now my mama loves drama. This you love your momma you love your momma with all your hard but she loves drama. Now way you wouldn't be appropriate to say that certain categories of mama's. Are more prone to drama. They give viewers the only one man and a sham. It's all sons I call them queen bees the green b.s without learning. The queen movie you may be a little more prone to drama and thy opinion all right and I would it be fair to say that may be southern mama's. Are a little more dramatic than other mama's. I don't know what is your mother and lattes southern woman you just don't. She is and how generally and I both hit the lottery. Moms we have both been the most low maintenance easy going moms. So that's good and but if she if she's like you know bless her heart all the time maybe she's more prone to drama. I'm done bad guys did you think southern. Mamas are more active I don't know I could be wrong. And it's not a not rating at stone under asking a guy and this comes up because Kelly she's. Had a bit of an incident at a bit of a snitch yeah. Analysts I've never seen this before my best friend is getting married. And that she has two sisters and her mom and having employees. So they are really tight men are all about though weddings and a rituals and shopping together and things like tradition and tradition bound issue that she's the first on the Marion. She is has hated as a really good deal exactly. So we or are talking insurance she went wedding dress shopping with her mom and her two sisters none are super opinion needed. They couldn't make a decision and they are really listening to her which is dramatic in itself is. Is all of us bridesmaids surprised her with the girls weekend and we took her to all these really great bridal boutiques here in Atlanta. And she found the dress I mean it was a good three shops and the she put it on and it was she's super artsy she's really cool the dresses difference not some traditional dress. And she Jewish isn't glowing and she loved that she wore the dress the dress in where her kind of a feeling shouldn't have them moment where she was crying with her mom or her sister's but she had that with us and she didn't think she is the type on a half that moment. She found the dress. She face time with her mom and her two sisters. I was actually one for sisters whose air but. Her mom answered and I immediately burst into tears. Told her that she hated. The address all our. And Albert not not only that probability as I really want to help corral and one and like give her a great deal on the dress I mean it looked that good on her and they wanted her to leave with address that day. And all this happened and her mom says absolutely not I will not help you by the stroke. Made it a huge. Huge thing and it's you she's my best friend left in tears and her mom was just like. No this moment is supposed to be shared with us. CNN Sunday she is upset that it was with her girls and now with Aaron. So her mom stole her moment and her mom loves drama than. Well loves John can you top that story for a 146309401. Phone calls are already. Starting to come and Amanda in a wind or tell us how ya mama loves drama. Though. My mom. C a hole. In the left arm around. I'm Erie fishing not getting enough attention and. She is she alma I got Amanda when is the last time she speaks Spain. Say a word plan. My all made my prom dress and it was cordial it would just spanning every ailment complementing yet and we are taking these pictures. And it has the attention without me and all that my mom. Sheltered background. Made you able saint. So where where leg. So you guys I ball in the yard or at the bottom of the stairs or whatever they mongers goes down side and everybody turned round. I'm quiet accord and good like Alex do you. You know look like seventy degrees out there loves. I'm. Wagered date there or did you have friends there. Little more to. So embarrassing to have his fans as to how many times in Europe lights do you think. She his fate fainted when the attention has not been on her. Oh good lord I. Probably fool. Me more than ten. All my all I have some ice apparently think she's got some medical condition at this annoying them. Well you know that's it. As she talked about struck that has that strength that the gospel. And here's what's really going to be awful is at some point she's gonna real saint. And everybody's going to be like it's just mama who threw Hillary on the ground gassed me are. That guy. Nobody's gonna help argues they're gonna think she's an attention hound and I were out. Amanda Jan and I would like to provide a defibrillator for your mom. For your wedding day and when you have your first child. Yeah like a bat thank it. This sound familiar seagate to use your mom I love that drama we would love to hear yours or is that the truth. Star in 941. You and your mom amateur mum loves drama. Kelly she's so it was a story about one of her best friends finding the perfect wedding dress and just because. The mother of the bride wasn't there she pitched just. And totally bald crying and would not pay for the down only did she wasn't there that is the mama who loves drama. We got a call from Amanda in winder Andrews. Mom would randomly pass out if attention was not on her she thinks Phoenix the first time that happened is when Amanda who is are showing off for prom dress. Many years ago and that her answer made the prom dress and mom did not like. That and and daughter were getting attention. Down genius we got a guy Colin I Jenny hey Todd and a dude do you gonna cut his mom that's again I can claim an Atlanta Europe's first. Yeah my mom is all about the drama every time they're the big icky and it all about her my brother's thirtieth surprise party isn't packed weekend might be earning thirty he had a horrible time when it ever wanna feel sorry for her other brother. Girlfriend bridal shower or the day after and it might be getting it right OK they're not all babies anymore or on ground but make that. Call about her every big each and every time. She has to be the center of it yeah that's a mom who loves John. I bedie in Carter's bell I'd tell us Israeli bomb that loves the drama. I'm yet you are not Elaine and it ballet had not met Eric on her wedding day I. Yeah at. All. Well evolved into an outlet eerie she did that it if you make it out or to hold the candidate. Yeah and then how little powder at Gillette rap or to let little. Bet that Maureen. That I have. Al property would eat there any at all. And yet stick what pat you're ready to eat. Out there it's our Ridley you can't let out a lot that I. And they helped carrier at the plate and you're early we're ecstatic eclectic lot that and the like a lot. I'm is having your mom and arrested on your wedding day. I really don't. I'm I'll hold. You are all I don't eat. Any kind of wait it never happened. Yelena not at all. What can you what was the first in her post. Wedding slash arrest interaction like with the Iran could clash. Oh. Well you know a lot of mechanics it's like it at the air. We're not tree. I actual act or are okay anyway there. Larry elite everywhere like Italy app at wreck right at LA. Mayor pat let me. And she and get me corrected that later. Taking her art. I old man. How big yet and it's like yeah. All right there it. A look at how it went out I don't act and I had to catch it and ticket electrician actually cult. All those little pain you. How well. Now I hope Jeff Foxworthy is listening with no. I feel like we may have just written all listed jokes for. Man you remember your name here. She got a mom arrested her mom paid back by giving her arrest Leo. Oh and you retain EA was there are numerous war and pre order may be about club drama that's got hit Marietta. Yeah momma momma the all about the drama who we recently just had our. Gender bill party fur our first child. And she was going around telling everybody how was going to be a girl and achieve this. She intrigued paying close to nowhere and the similarly comfortable there and and she saw the blue confetti I got hit in the chest with the tank. It close and and she started crown and she left shortly after unsure on the first people leaked. So she almost Blaine you from may. The wrong generally. Almost. This toll mop all. The study was there with his daughter who was one year old aunt. She went out to him and said that she would gladly volunteer to beat her grandma. Call. All. The parents here and learn this game very year old. How much. I can do it. Oh or your way to we've Marty came to be decision that whenever our song gets older or on some sugar and are there. And a half and a perfect payback birdie mama drama had a sheriff Patrick and a red go go hang out with grandma and fast. We're all like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.