My Kind of Crazy Tricking Picky Eaters

Wednesday, August 1st

Parents love their parents, but this lady takes it to the next level!

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It's time to join hands and make a circle of support. These is my kind of crazy. On the evidence we believe that we're all crazy it's just your special brand of crazy that we're talking about how. Weird to get your kids actually eat their food that's what we wanna know because we got a FaceBook message from Shelby. And Dunwoody who's said this Selby said I came in college and discover that my brother and sister their twins about a six years old. Has special food uniforms that are basically oversized shirt said that they worded dinner. And they have a super hero looking things painted on them. My mom says this makes them excited to claim their place because a super heroes always clean their plates that we can't sunsets are. Jennifer and noon and welcome to the jet engine show. Advertise in 08. I just as they were tired of about my kind of crazy reloaded for people who who really can you who relate with this woman who do everything they can do to get their giddy. I haven't hear all you into a year and I figured out app. And everything annually. Base rhino forty era the deserts his agenda present it. Is up 40 herald you never am I. Stevie says this is totally. Her kinda crazy. We won every income I mean for your own. Game and never worn and in my purse string bought it a bit. I'm pretty sure did yeah it is no added sugar coat. Is this wrinkles. Is the most glorious idea I've ever heard of in my little Stevie just might well all right hold. I mean Stevie acquire your doctor about the sprinkles that you would get on act on an ice cream come right okay anyone. Okay smooth so if you had steamed carrots you would have sprinkles and steamed carrots what else did you puts little fun. And brings new meaning by the MRI they are quiet and nobody and I would I did bad chart that have like. That's what they can they choose the kind of things that they want. I'll miss them into a include a picture. I just feel like the skies have started and you haven't brought me into dinner haven't. I can't even believe how much. Roads are you see here handsets and can. Don't I don't know why they want me. I aides gave me thank you Virginia and translate them thank you for being a part of my kinda crazy. Might. Have a great day. I agent you're so excited. As I mean this is the most genius thing I've ever heard I I'm like leaving the show right now by eon the continental Diana out here I had so. So recently made esteemed Kerry reference we're talking here and then nice and the president ever changing our. I should be really good yeah. Is all just look honey and some sprinkles until I let you hear any online now. Hi again as absolutely never heads we grow your hair is her saying I might go 24 hours embrace can sprinkles and everything this is how can I think I thank the I need to relate changing I really easier tickets I can see more vessels I'm all about it can. And then paying and another is so awesome I did this is your panic raising money here Fannie for a four C 6309401. British surgeon dean is getting somebody on hold nice too good to. Extra. Games I mean I love my kids I don't know if I would even do this now. Two words Gloria. Here's a clue baby bird yeah you've got to hear her story coming out and see it you would do this. Little love your kids and eating neck and and she I'll star. Tonight we heard from somebody who has a Superman shirt like where indeed NBC rarity of that or some real experts sprinkles on how the fair and yeah NG. You say this is your kind of crazy but you're ready to take into a completely different level. What are abolished. I assume he would do it. In order shouldn't lose weight what you. Yeah like drag you know like my third day birds that easy how old are your two kids excited to have him and on the so. You don't you just you don't do with every thing they eat right where you can go to McDonald's and being sent and that. Whatever and chew up a chicken that it. At that idea. Why. Why do they need UHU verse. I doubt that ordinary younger and now walks discontinued. And barrel I don't you know wake. Let's take then the school and I had to do it they're both. Mind have you ever just gotten exhausted to ranges decide then I wrote in the food processors instead just pure and out there they. I had just understand that end of spring in blunt okay. We're about our and that's an issue he'll call they don't cheer for myself but are you bet it pop. So you and I I have questions so. Did you answer that question about sending food to school and is about bag that was pre cheered. I hate that I there and a bad I'm bad. Or actually a muted by now. If you'd talk to like the school nurse are. Anyone. I don't noted talk about it and I guess and I can you say. And I. He had it has to be all like mashed up. I would maybe just use tobacco before work urges no. Little by little get them to just eat food like normal human use like a normal five and a seven year old. Energetic and I'm that I'm never gonna judge anybody's parents found pairings out wherever but that's. If you SN yeah. It's definitely strange is that some part Janet of parenting that I don't know about where your kids go through a phase into preacher their fair or not. I mean when their little baby easy to make baby foods and have teeth yet but pretty much as soon as they get a full senate teeth they can do. And on their own when they're little like I have two and a half year old and when I. You know we cut a person's smile why eats. Why not and grab. Eating you know. I get back inside an at bat and you're all that you go to. Not that it and then you know anyone else who does it. I why I don't ask. Do you tell you right now and I will not pass it back at. Our whole. Well thank you Fred thank you for that Colin Angie I'm sorry we can't be more how but I don't think word really and equipped. Yes I think this is a therapy level I'd I'm not honest to god in all seriousness. I would main chain they you do this to light the nurse at school. Series. And I well through I don't get weird that I Laura Lou I'll talk and can't. A look at that as patent act read thank you for the high GAA. Hey. I professionals being mad. At professional. I did rise a meteor dug this boomer does. I spent yeah spent and they neither of them but also who she high. I have an older woman. I have known and all I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.