My Kind of Crazy: Too Many Emmas

Monday, August 6th

Is it crazy to call your kid by their middle name if they have the same name as other kids in their class? 

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Time to join hands and they got their goal of the foreign. This is crazy. Tip your daughter is starting school this week and she realized that her little girl has the same name is obliged by the kids in class. While Tiffany those are doubters special she's unique she's a wrench your help. So she might need to change your name that's why she wrote us and said you won't find somebody else who might be my kind of crazy. Jet engine and my husband and I currently disagree about something my daughter's starting school this week and she's gonna be one of five and nuns and her class. Of course owner to be unique and special and to stand out so I'd like to have her for her to have a different name. I suggested that we talked to her and call her Lee because Lee is her middle name. Husband thinks I am not spent my mom really likes the idea I need your help. Is there anyone listening and as my kind of crazy and who changed their child's name because too many other people haven't. Thank you ramming me activity image Diana. So if that is your kind of crazy 4042630941. Is our number what do you think can she go from M until at least in my. I'm in that in the room jammed what would you do if you if Lauren was one of five Lawrence in her classroom that would be contact Christy I just started going Meyer last may or may modern than they do that and then I don't think they would do that that young they did not orient. Our he has that's true they see is do advise that initiative first initial of the last name a half hour in our Lauren Esterline yeah. I that would be so Larry that why question and her first name is Emma and her middle name is Lee. Why would you just Maynor and always. Because they're probably family name's Kelly and then bullying but that's actually a good alternative she just being named M away. But she might nappy and family. So yeah and Emma obviously am and we have some of effort to different. Meanings are purposes right I think it's too confusing for the kid and it's only going to be a year of class that she's and the and then next year's Indian and different class and ABC the only Amma I think you just gotta survive any hurry now she's going to be dealer live further at her lie but how. I'm Jennifer and if you were born in the late seventies early eighties Jennifer is like the most popular name I lived through it you've said you ranked college and there are like five grows your sorority class. Yeah have five girls in my pledge class that were all Jens and we all just went viral last names I was just Audi. But how many friends he had to go by their middle name and you're like why unions is going your first name and I my parents always coming up my middle name I don't know why they did that to me it's a confusing saying great and I think that's the family name thing jazz and a. And jasmine is this your kind crazy. Also as I remember I had order. And I think billion don't want either black paint on the one look a little bit and correct what about a lack I don't know I actually. There's nothing at all there's always one dominant Elizabeth Taylor and Sam hill. Yeah and this is definitely not a category EU review this and this is your daughter. Adult way. Jessica and that mad Donna would you do this and this is your daughter. Yes and my heart crazy. My third and other ate dust and actually doctors battle is. Nasty. It is changed his name. I'd be really happy to have that little thing as cool everywhere. Odds and Asia as opposed Tuesday as a domain which is is just as yeah. See you look at other stumper that's coming in at Tiffany are you okay you're not crazy for Ford things and I'm violently on here for and yet. And a man is about to join the show she is her sister's got a unique name before a completely different reason it's actually a form of revenge. Madam believed what their mom did. That next suggestions and show. And she I'll star. It's time to join hands and make a circle of support. Ceases to crazy. They talk in changing a daughter's name because now it's too common in kindergarten is that your kind of crazy Leann and Griffin says do not do it. Narrative and my mom Amy and Tammy dean and and so I'm nobody and I'm a big improvement can be and often give woods' name told people. Look at me like I'm in a witness protection part. I'm playing as possible for lead it would reduce our first thing we have caller that until about all of the other. Stick to it and why NASA. She's won by the FBI yeah. It is about money now. I'd Amanda is going to and oh win this standard name changing program because. She knows somebody that is very much if he's and a crazy. Changing. A woman's name in order to be the name of ads mistress. I'd an anti Europe mood you know they can say they are Tiffany's. Kind of crazy. Elin and I are. Then boom they eat at my age this year. Ask Carol I only bad. Picture respect he had for three years. Else. Yeah. Yeah. It's into normal to us now but we don't really talk about it yeah. No matter what part of that James normal. I don't get it made the third turn into. Actually because while I think he turned into especially Lleyton Hewitt bordering animal they actually named her Nicole. And about. These days after her and she was born that's been my mom found out about the affair that I doubt that they had little triggers but that's what I. And who totally behind it back maggert that the board of our magic elect. Last year for that. She legally changed her name she is Stephanie. So that every time that you saw. Their daughter my doctor. He would remember how close he came to like almost destroying our can't. Stand. Me and it is. Savage. Just deafening is the name of the woman he was having the affair west. Boo boo yah and mom heard and and did I get it we have been the culprit daughter. And they haven't Stephanie what. The reason she gave her changing the kid's name after thirty days. I don't they're clean it he called it a public equipment and the speech they are they going to try to let everybody. Like any actor thirty days. And about the daughter of a lot of heart and my lives. She's perfect but I didn't feel like seed Nicole I thank you don't see the call eight IE. Thank you Stephanie. Yeah. Well it's actually a little bit beach ocean don't based group today. Actually need people look at the data and that do it to the entire world though it also it might Sharyl we're over. How old is your sister now. It over 22 years has your mom thought about the mistress every time. She talks steered Goddard counselors username or whatever. She did pretty good unit as. I was gonna environment that daughter a better life. And a but I am very do I that I within that parameter that panel let me go to Iowa but I'm ha I would get on EU saying. That you can look around me so I think that it as it's kind of my about it. The crazy part to meet it that you and Stephanie knows the story. Yeah like the fact that you guys as the kids know that makes it to talk to me. I mean she did. I don't look at it and you don't wanna. Our actions you have consequences and they're always gonna be. Here a little better picture. Humbling like you know what I don't think I'm that big economic stupid decision than a mile might be. Because match here Mombasa. No way. I. Know that Kamal. Now and then if he's really awesome since of humor and the Cuban whip Smart lady and I think it just turned may have been like. Who didn't know you didn't pull over on me I. I almost Onassis Amanda but do you know who you are named after his tough tough tough job. I hadn't thought that. I have to thank your Christmas story that's. So. Dropped right there yeah. Agent Alan. Go big right ginger kids into whatever you want it won't be as insane as that woman. 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