My Kind Of Crazy: I Hate My Neighbors

Wednesday, June 20th

Do you hate your neighbors, or do they hate you?

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She I'll star. Neighbors that just drives you absolutely. Could. Crazy. And maybe they go nuts with the yard yard twelfth. If that's the case you're gonna love this complaint that we got because she needs to know if you are her kind of crazy. Philly cheese is a guy theme. Jet engines have ever since summer break started my neighbors on both sides had kids over there houses all the time and I hate these children I keep hearing them play I hazing their sidewalk chalk on my side mocked Palin their toys enough in my yard and I especially hate hearing them whining or crying as anyone else passionately hate their neighbors please tell me someone has my kind of crazy thank you Olivia Newton. Is just joy islands to. If she works for Mohammed and she is used to having a quiet peaceful daytime rights and all of a sudden it's your overrun at practice and I. Allow Audette and there are doing things like way gaming and I'm glad. Paying five insists highlights how miserable CNN water balloons and in just in just being joyous while she's trying to do her spreadsheet you can understand now behaves she'd she maybe is taken into an eleven maybe when it shouldn't be but I want that this is the easiest my cat crazy will ever do to get phone calls because I know most people have a neighbor they hate ID if you have a neighbor that drives you nuts he is a very strong nor which neighbor you hate of yours yeah. Hours that I hate if you don't have any neighbors and you hate that means Gerri they hated neighbors I'm rehash well I must OK may I. Any and how congress you recently moved in your old neighborhood what neighborhood you. The grouchy ones and in my children. Yeah that's how I would have hated the -- on my street okay you do ones that like turn off all their ally aids and I wouldn't participate in Halloween engines for like grouchy in general it. There were so many families and young kids and every where all the time so. Did you have a neighbor in your old hood that was so grumpy and made someone move yes like the person who shared property line with them was so sick of their negativity they went through the trouble putting up for sale sign in their yard and hiring. Our house and moved really were so cranky and grouchy and would start fights at them all the time men that would just be mean and ugly all the time she matters chant out my kinda crazy welcome to the jet engine jet and. I'm from my computer really into a lot of recreation that law. On or many and it like every month it like some new routine on terror law and right now they have like a whole extended and we don't know. Under a lot. Oh my idea today that's gonna be horrifying if you ever come home master drinking. Yeah they're up again like a quote call. It the under is an important. 02. Years now and thank you Shannon. And good luck with the army of gnomes. God they care 88 airtight. I would love to see governor hasn't been her neighbors on the gnomes eyes glow in the dark. All about these so so freaky idea I just really easy you re arrange them in different formations every night. If it's not important in looking at her differently or slowly take a line by line also VR and she's like which funds missing. All around so they just are facing her front door and. Thanks for making us less. Justin yeah OnStar not before one. John slam and made a sin no longer under the shadow. Apple under doubt re do. And trading arm of congress so elated when neighbor needs you give yourself laugh. A. I have been down are in and in fact I did my husband there and. And interracial marriage we have a blend Italy and recently when you are neighborhood pool. I just did I. And they made and are excited to be there. We got there it then why is he Emily. And that's where each limping allowing. Him made eye contact with I think you know and they're forbidden and you look the way they ever say anything yet or. Was this family we use our. League it's Blake neighbors like. Was this family like in black and white like they were arrayed out of the fifties she's down they like time travel. Time travels. The mom more stockings and heels of the pool and as it is McKenzie and alana. I do. You have a neighbor that he Siri you hate your neighbor to neighbor. That's the worst lie. I was an apartment complex and Mike don't read it about me are all needing to know the kind of weird church. I. It's drained well one will hear an old theory that kind of environment yeah when with the whales. Exactly I'm in general about me they were allowed I got that but one can't look at now and I have come into smashed. All on my front that I didn't know where you can have looked up and they're all just staring at that what happened there like oh we wanted to do that. I. We dropped well the fourth yeah. They named their time can tell us salmon Smallville I do know yet the bad neighbors. Yet we keep my kid and they did it blow up and applaud. My mom and Eddie let next door and my daddy hated that he outlook crap in the yards. We trust and and it didn't alert to prop two acres of land and put him in his yard. You beard is right up to plant in my yeah. Here. She never they tied let forget that we don't well and it just ridiculous. As I determine your neighbor's if it's your mom and dad took a look I get the cabin as his family. The family rivalry. I gym here's the when you've been waiting for this is Lauren. And Tom she's very very friendly with her neighbors and they friendly with her as well Lauren governor Mike and a crazy in the gym and ginger down. Okay out of the content. Apartment building and I love my apartment but it like eight feet and that there aren't out my window looks cool right into the fairway and had. It actually their bathroom and amp amp. I hey since I hadn't eaten them and teach dumped. You've had. Why. I'm not I figured why he would not written on your window. Indeed they don't have like that cloudy blasts. That. That tempered glass and gives you figure shadow that you can't see the details. I really rang out yeah. I got to this is gonna go inside just sexy your idea and and learn as Sabrina Isaiah Tate I'm. I Rome. I wish your technique yeah it can track it. All IRA. And then you can see. I gained little I wondered telling me despite blissfully ignore. Their Don I think I at night. Rhetoric here. And bed in the morning I could bite I think every I'd never get back into the report I want to do or write about tribe might not be on the boards. And and today I'm like ready for what they are talking here. Yeah. Act in an am I yeah I mean here I'm not an independent I did not dare I make it out and cab might not be. On my lord and I didn't in right you're right you're not air and it really hard you. Thank Robert and yeah I'm not me. Plus. The way I. Didn't write. I. Know. And I went I don't like yeah yeah yeah need to learn how you. There's a good chance that they are calling him a radio station going all right so look here's the deal. There's a neighbor of mine who watches me take you down all the a Ford turns in my bathroom but I think she would at least go inside bogey. Other say she wore a highway banner that she you know it's just. Your regularly the renowned. Burton who aren't being earned in Perry met I. You showed me and obviously in other ad does either usually is Amazon prime themselves for the Venetian lions. Today. Saturday he added that. But I'm Bernie I trading. I thank you for the column things aren't out there. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.