My Kid's Gonna Fail College

Thursday, August 17th

We hoped nobody would call for this, but Laura proved us wrong and so much more. 

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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and. The question did the did this is what Jenn hobby is that they showed. Upset stomach Sanjay something crappy yesterday so Kelly she's is Phil and and and is this is how she builds confidence in the studio. Rape before we're about to go out and establish you go to the I don't know if I wanted posters on social media to mean. Anyway luckily that and. Now me email says this topic of conversation and my parents are probably economy like yeah we definitely got Kelly and I am not make a passer first semester back. Some you know I'm afraid something and Sunday night. Outs but yeah. Our phone numbers for 042630941. The question is is anyone sending off their kid to college. And the and view is the parent know if your kid ain't gonna make. Your bio that you spend the money and intuition is yet again on this gouge entry can you take out the loan you put the mortgage and the house. Which you know this you don't have unity of this is the only eight have to deal that is he'll be back at things. And this is based on a commerce and I didn't say who the conversation. Was whiz because we all know the person but it they said yeah next year. And that they indicators looking at colleges. Right and and it not to worry about it is I don't think they don't make it. I mean one and done for a Fuller. 263094. When we and it is it voices desert air you can use different name a few line obviously and tells me communicated. But 4042630941. If you know that you are college freshman kid ain't gonna cut. Yeah I mean when I went to school my dad intentionally brought me to smaller schools. And has very honest and he's had with your personality. Is as an extrovert you're gonna wanna do all the things like let's take you to some smaller schools and that way he'll make it. Am hesitant and I claiming I can McNamee came. 30 UT 8 o'clock yeah all my can't. My mom was right there with them like donning a moderate or. The same way in Illinois daylight where a drive you five hours south of Chicago in the cornfields and Carbondale Illinois. And maybe you might easily get 30 and then I'd brought home 221 semester. My parents that they may go. Allen's don't get to Tuesday. You upped his GPA pronto so then they drove you even farther south and even farther south even farther until they just threw me an idea that in. He ended up in the golf Max yeah. Go to school officials are 404263. A natural when you ladies and I tell you might not get any phone calls at all on this and then you can dollar to have a little but I'm banking there's at least one parent. Out there is a matter of fact. I'm watching Jean type. She is this apparent just a thumbs up. We have one. It apparently is sending their kid after school there and commenced his campaign and now on the phone calls are playing with other parents. Started she's annex thing okay. Young star and 841. Can't leave any wanna do this if you've got who's going to be tell me. Why did you know cancel one in this say this about their own kids like my parenthood my friends an hour from Linden plant you've ever now. All it takes sometimes is one phone call. Off one person. Lower in giants' 33. Jargon about your son or daughter. My son. I tell us about your son. Okay well. Monday we dropped to knock DEA yeah me and until. I am positive in this kid will be home by Thanksgiving from good. A hole at I don't wanna laugh floral and that's exactly my dad told me it couldn't have. For that reason. I couldn't do I his well Georgia Bulldogs face on because apparently won't be hearing a prolonged. I mean can you imagine eighteen years all. Going neck Athens Georgia which is one of the biggest party school's dean dean of this year one of the top ten party schools in the United States. And on top of that you got Eugene football. Now do the math and sciences is when I'm. Little hallway bars he's. Only a freshman season that the party gets it will be fine doesn't matter and I'm sorry say that I love more like your son on the phone. But that doesn't matter he lawmakers blame the most part Laurie tell us why you think he's academic. Well. Like the runt of the litter comparable golf ball really horrible U I. And. But I have pre K okay so my older son he'd like. Let's go hand them back let me thank copying their social disease in my adult. Up until they're very beautiful he national scene that it and whenever smarts. Tim Eads. Kind of ugly duckling really easy and routine. I had either. Her and her son. I know right now it really sounds terrible but you know you know so it. You don't know how how does seem no way the do you tell them where that mean. Kelly we should never done this that Sosa and no. As CEO Laura Laura here are my mommy's gone meet the ugly duckling in the family zoo but she's told me that I have transformed and her beautiful song and but that's for seven years they didn't think I made their college either but I proved him wrong and I have is really close out on the right. But it took about ten years her first major men's indoor variously at any also got and EJ so he's got a little brains yeah how did he get any huge day. If he would handle. He's a barn like every club I think is a. Now it dad did its homework. Yeah yeah and we and we need to kind of get rated college equity. Well there's a turn of events. Wait yeah I'd like that if someone related to this so soon. Are aware of the Euro cent paid somebody to write his admissions essay. I. Think it didn't happen until each year. And I dare. You are trying to you know how it ended ugly dangling out how much. Whose idea was it to have to hire somebody to write his college admission essay. I truly think that my insides are actually. I won't dizzying know that you feel this way about his college adventure. Well everybody knows they still. Have actually held it and I think he'd probably more suited to do some kind of labor work need to eat. And we will being hurt even looking at a restaurant or something that really can make a big thing by. You know. And what happens is your behind in learning. Is he excited about college at least. Little. Excited except. Trap him more plain to meet and cried like a little girl. And cried as I like he's gonna miss you guys are cried as usual scared. I theory and I don't know bank. And got friendly air power and T why cry and really cannot. Eat eat tomorrow. You re friendly and outgoing house even has only heard a couple of months. He. And I feel like I I I I I feel a year and not a good mom. They guy. You could play energy and it's just right. Now. I know I'd think we'd ever get and the and I'm deeply into or eat. And that now and trying to push him eat eat something what happened and then they'll decide that he wanted it and I don't think. Of course he. Can be scary you why you get three year old son under the bus and say he crash Michael a girl when I got a job offer school there wasn't a drive between my mom my dad my two sisters. He would cry and see each other. And that it was already cried when he dropped my under my orders unlawfully. I don't know. The other Sunday actually care about. I feel like her third child the woman going EJ with the wolves kid. And that he's not he's amid a 10. Yeah if he had no idea. You just beautiful Smart you are using Google's Larry Andersen is a low post full middle child syndrome for all I hold an okay learn. I Tiffany and act worth. Oh my god can I can't quit on her. Computer and my own. You try to go to UGA they come out and say I need a new mom. Yeah. Aware. And nurture app that I. She could get all the different and do you think you're gonna pick either. Rightly or your outlook is your outcome if UCLA. That that's an enemy out Owens had. How do you expect. Not me I mean that's what actually Ed in oh my god I wanna strangle a plan to academic part. They've erected to god in god that if. We've we've got a lot of phone calls for Dolores so we'll come we'll pick up some more there's I told you Ellie Billy and if we should now. I said that you guys always do this to me this is just going to be sad innocently and awful and I mean on Brothers still on my ideas. Star in 941. And I do not feeling too well today so Philly cheese. Filling in and Kelly said let's ask this question no that's a is there anyone there who is sending their kid off to college. Who is convinced. They came lawmakers. Allan Ray Kelly as it's gonna go sideways I love anybody knows the you know he's he's got that backwards I knew there isn't going to go sideways I knew. Laura can you give us say a kind of had a twenty or 32 recap of what you just told us before the blood ideas. Com bubble my son is going EPA. And then thinking going to be home by Thanksgiving and. My middle son and eighteen at companies that make it. Are you described him as few minutes ago is there is the right of your kids. You eat and zero your own in your older Scion guy rugged good looks and smarts and your daughter got beauty and brains in your middle son. You think is. Just at that I can't even see me because that's how. Wrong I love All My Children that old age ten and ranked. You know smell it you. Could not the same banners and found that he elevated. Now and I nurtured him like that woman was saying now and then and the bad mom and she went by each time whenever I nurtured him and everything to eat lean years. I.s so. Mandela welcomed addition. She horrible person I don't say my rent a low rider saying it doesn't do it I'd like. Right it is not exactly like eight. Like to be in. The ultimate secret each. What I. Yeah how I. He. Sort of in the Russian but it died. I lies and Roswell. Oh my god that woman did not a mother that she did not and that there ain't all about appearance as far. It's it's ridiculous every ones that had different abilities and different can. Capability. My little brother also did not need or might make older sister and her brother he would. You get through school he got his aunt did he pulled out of insurgent and he didn't. That woman that's working that for failing here. And is not peaches and that man down there will be our last call. And she actually agrees that lower. Well I'd you know I'd do it yourself but actor in a mother of all are young yet but I mean. I'm right you just have to really be up about six did end. I mean without passing a bad how to beat nobody knows how much this year. I can record industry loves all the banks are attracted to let you know including. I mean every night. You can duplicate jobs. I features and sometimes it calls we don't have time to take them out with the calls are starting to turn Tonya and Douglas well I totally get that mom and our recent Peachtree City I respect her honesty so. It was definitely shocked and here Laura but now. I'm on the home I don't know I agree with the new buy it Sunday more than. Thank you for that you pretty out of state news. The problem I mean you didn't know it. All right if it. I don't bomb while we're gonna continue the conversation on our FaceBook page space for dot com slash Jefferies and show love. I don't know if I would go read those Laura that's going to be it may be out of punched in the chest fight. People I don't you sometimes and he had a nasty but if you want to say but dot com slash jet engines yeah gesture isn't it and I thanks Lara. I bet did that go in the direction that Wentz and that was fun yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.