My Customer Thought I Was In Love With Them

Thursday, January 19th


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Justin should show up. Arnold for one. Mr. reminder that four times every single day you. It. Each sixtieth when a thousand bucks there Ford paid a classic pay off your concern and for what is at eleven with Heather Branson making some. We head into work today. I'm Kara and it Tucker welcome to the damage and now. The brigade that topic for today's segment is. Customers. Who fall in love we've. Are people who fallen that your customers who pharma. Because as as we pointed out the other day during goes I think. Some occupations. Have an occupational hazard and of of love here are some of the phone calls that we got teased that. I was working at eight. At a restaurant and I was a man and can't I athlete actor and any allegation balloon. That teens while iron. I had gotten marriage proposal and attract you. They aren't ordained in a fast food restaurants. And I think magnets are matters of interest. If Kera in Tucker you can be efforts to offer today when he got. Okay yeah. That are well I hate it. It got. An Atlanta like every couple. I. Did that late hey how you and calling on the haven't picked. Is there any. You're sitting there trying to find that if he wants to compact or amidst. Mine she. And just bring your guitar how does serenade. Like oh they're blocked the Larry you got it back when I bet color don't you know that hair and helped bury it. And it and put it back and ability that you like living on the air. Thank god errors there. Although I think. The odds. Lots and Ed how are around. One. Right here. And Elizabeth and Madonna element of the damage engine. Who is in love reviews. Okay how are they and I'm. Out in any and they're they're very. Many are there at one in particular. Lou well. Did you at each hey they had I didn't. I bury me but it are really creepy like. Our I don't know why in kindergarten at UB Niagara and take it out and battle cry. Ernie diet. A little overwhelming. Yeah. And you can't leave your Ab work here. Yeah. Yeah. And July and Conyers who runs the love user. One of my client and I are pilot yeah. And I turned into the store nobody. I. Really. Yet it hasn't had. Much. An. Does he work like in the same. Easy workload next to the hair saliva or is he unit. So now he comes by for I've haircut today just that he NC humans that you're seeing here. Not only that halt. You I've been avoiding saying this that radio as the same. Problem you guys I have to say yesterday he got a person and I. That a person. I'm okay how I'd obviously smiles yesterday. Well I'm Jan but speaks to what you do think that. You're sorry. Well I had. I had so many voicemails from the same gentleman that I actually alerted our bosses and or forty was counting. If I Ireland's rating on united and a lot of them from the same person in the same number over and over and over and over and over again. A not in the same day either I just haven't checked my profits weighs in on a really long time. Though. I gotta be. I mean that's frightening somebody's so committed again and he really bar I cleaned out my voice yesterday I noticed the way it was announced that behind me in my mind. Honestly. I that I haven't billion messages. On adequate instruction sheet yes I've been echoed exhibits and I had to have them reset my password and I'll analyze it says the woman can NGOs. You have. You. Messages. Wafer from an outside caller right. On. The first one you know. It takes you know in the middle of and if you look at cruises and act two for one price deal all you need to do is back it he had an automatic. And the second is somebody else. I'm antsy feeling sad that it's an occupational hazard for you. Other branches texting me asking me. You name it as he doesn't leave his name that's the part started for him as he definitely his name's marina. I. Hey. Michelle welcome to the channel. All carry out the day gray area. And yeah yeah I love the team LaSalle. I am a timeout would be working at a bar yet and it really divorce. Now. Didn't want anything to do with me and get a new job downtown apartment yeah I mean I linked. Bulk that's does that seem like a good job. Good nickname for a bartender. Who the ice queen. I'm I'm did my job in town but I did it is right not you know I did. And at. I would think on that accounting and you want you to like the way. You would order. Sometimes. Slowly drinking it. I talk to me now has been Callahan comes on you know. Good day home he'd been blatantly ignores. The name of the father you know kind of thing you know. These are things really are. Yeah I started getting what flowers on my car a little know. Wait out to right is it not mock rock or so located fairly in command could this time that would give my children and I would get gas card. That doesn't seem weird. If anything he can offer yeah there's a Teddy bear and a card you can use for some frosted donuts at the BP says it. When I mean you know you can email you know so was it that was it this guy. Yeah so he now I think he did he success ever successfully melt the ice queen. Yeah. An idiot and work anyway how. Yeah it did and I'm how many. Yeah needing them to get a hair. You weren't. Everybody's listening suddenly then don't say that none NN. You don't get her covers it. You can't be an ice cream bartender that's the most fascinating thing you know Barney says the bar. But the bartender for a review. It's been yeah why. He's just saw his chance he may go against hey Ashley in Logan hill welcomed and they share and customer Allen lovely view. Yes I would wager so loudly at all and I think I had acted kind of wouldn't get up on me and I actually had to carry that out. So what is it to win you over how you go from. Customer overzealous customer. Your. We knew he and actually where skiers and eat it wouldn't. And now you're beautiful little girl. After all yet a member Britney Spears only with the paparazzi that followed her everywhere and yet that's pretty well. Lynch Austin who now on this in the hurt your caves. Yeah its stock homes and jobs homes syndrome where you never. Actually he's so about Joyner is. Well Ashley yeah EU. By the way Ashley have got to be smoking hot BK is if I am at a restaurant and there's a plate of wings in front of my attention now on yeah. When he leaky old order at ear and I have a rule on the or not. Zain key leak elite and they are here at which version was right. Yeah you're doing a Heatley and Decatur hurry and. I don't well we're the what I all the high school I hey we're about record and there are a little old and an outcome every day order a kid you know. And I have thought up girl people my momma. And I talked and every day and eventually you telling me I might add that I. I had. No no no known all. Track get like seventeen Nadal got so much the banana and murals at. And I think I felt at a teacher you are coming my dad checked. And I'm actually gave my all yeah I think your world. And suddenly. It. We may end the creepy. About. My only mail me at all these trading method did. You are a little aren't going down there. Dylan. No. Kiely the. That the filling of the voicemail. Odd that could just be an old man confused about how phones work. Maybe you and you're. We. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. Jet engines Yahoo! on sorry no need for a long line.