Movie Quotes Game 2

Thursday, May 12th


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A lot of choices in the morning. We appreciate that. It's a stunning 941. I'd if you have been listening for a moment Steve because every team that. Hi if you're just tuning in and we're dealing weird it's terrible radio right now. We're making our. Listeners Amy and sky a guess what movie quotes we are saying. But we are wearing and Tom miles per tractor while we're doing it. You guys still there so yeah I called my spirit that I lost yesterday completes its tied the game is currently tied wonder ones. Jennings guy you guys are out. We are just gonna play until one of us gets to fifteen. At the just kidding street will be the resolution. And then David and Marino or host anchor tenant out. You. I hope that the roads. It's gonna. I got there yeah not. Okay scarring and it exam huh. He read. These things and Leland college. I thought the unicenter I dropped out. Hello I'm good. Is it to either corporate that's coming into a cash. Head and terroristic you tell the media to assume. We got our vice president coming in today what a terrible day for Tony details to be that stupid bit typically. I. This and got honest and student news student. Yeah. Can you give it could not put her yeah. And they are quiet. I. Almost. Is. Sued news. I advocate here I am. Telephone problem I had I think it could follow and so what you said was. Curia if mother say stupid is as stupid. I think Harry fears. I'm ready now and I said yeah hi kids. Yeah 14 year old. I had a good idea yeah again. Says look he got if I easy then. This Heidi you've. Any. Yeah. And who caught up. And you infinity and be yeah. Go. So now maybe you have to look this guy you saw that the law and so let's get this one right there are kind of guy we are in that area. I think they're tired out. I think that is geared to her look. Chicken nugget now and then here. Can. All. Use us. Yeah. I love thinking that they. Yeah Dan alone and now what pat. And and I don't know what all. Lebanon. Yeah yeah. Who picked a. I feel so bad for oh there's still definitely the wrong led to this idea OK I did go to. How long ago. A case gadget just gonna pay this guy. There beyond all critic Eric I draw. Now in our. All star deacons are not true. I think he said that's not the rule. Another hurt her and her team acts. Kate so this is for the when I didn't. No pressuring her into. And this congress. And yes the only all the time. We'll. Yeah. I. And hard hard hard yen. Made up for me is. Ivan I really am glad that's over. They got kind of good good and on our hearts and sighed. Knowing you yeah Ohio McGregor. Runner up prize but I Jay yeah hit the golf isn't. It is yes let's tour over here dads are good guys very season glory and I turned out how to get here carry on XX. I'm and then you can Harrison. Are. And wanna her. Just pick. Up. Her hey that's Dicey things that's conflict it. Yeah yeah. I think yeah specifics of very. OK very. It's darn 841.