Movie Quotes Game 1

Thursday, May 12th


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It's darn 841. I wish you could see Jeff dollars based dynamic as he is excited. Like a little kid in the candy Starr. So if you're listening and you're not driving you can join us on face over and FaceBook live as soon you can enjoy. His excitement has the real because he's got a surprise. Ready and he's got some than of his sleeve I have no idea what it is but I know it could turn into. Concert tickets in a contest. For yet. The concert tickets up for grabs here this case. All I know yeah I cannot transfer effort for Amy and I really aiming area. Great scheme you have to enjoy without. I think and then your team general pace so do you wanna go see if we win. Selena Gomez a legal thing Ariana. Gimme Rihanna we you've got a case Amy's comfort the re on the news. James saying hi this guy paste I. Yeah yeah I'm a little serviced because there's a surprise in store for all of us. I started to be a great. Book I sky would you like you want Rihanna a legal thing or Selena Gomez if you engine win. I embargoed Arianna. Altria and its included as a vote okay on act on the hot ticket so exciting I read our. Marino yes sir and David during here because they're going to be hosting the show for a few minutes OK avoid. Fish and take this OK here's the way they contests where he looks medicinal is are you listening aiming. The US things guy I am here's the way the contest words Jan and I are going to did view a movie quote. In you just have to tell us what movie quote we just gave you ten. So for example and if I said like. I'm meeting with famous classic movie like from a few good and you can't handle the truth. So I would say you can't handle the truth and then Amy you have an empty so you can handle the truth back to mean and then that's a point for you okay. I I just as a repeat what she said she's against the movie yet shipped to repeat what we said a packed tight Jan and I will be wearing dental mile per tractors during the it seemed ultimately they say that was really easy. Idol is this that I'm holding in my can't open your dental mile per tractor Janet. And put it on as this thing that they put on you when. You're giving teeth cleaned aren't. And this physical movement. And so intense. Even. Even. There while where I'm at these and quick shout out to our producer Donna who came in this morning about you gotta my day. I don't know she went to that's thirties or Donna I think she ran and about head and my body doctored yeomen Astoria dentistry. Thank you for who can separate who have these. Does this record young I used to like him. You use. Oh yeah they really what he did you are. Is it right now iris you into being. And we'll let you go for so let's parliament. And I think it's reason together on the guard them for half a little bit and then edit and on the back. Listen guys if you. Are at your desk right now you have to go to our faith that made star 94 when Atlanta because. They had to put them in a pretty Sadat and Ollie got the dealer tractors that she's faced looking this lives and it is time guy ridiculous. And I. I happen in the early two guys. I think that they had its peace. Anything you're crazy if you look fantastic effect. Who's going first OK so gen Ed's going fired. So ladies like they said you only have to repeat. What line they're saying not the movie but you just have to decipher what they're saying so here is just yet with her first one. Yeah you can't hit it harder on. Her there. Mr. Tung. And takes both Heidi you know what seats at that. I didn't tell who has her album. So I don't know I think I know I. Oh yeah hold but Jen sable more time. Sky what does she say. I have no idea OK and I feel Amy didn't feel. I got there are there. Who could actually we know what you think you still are there artists growth you're not allowed to steal Susan just got robbed. Our normal times is wrong. What she said was show me the money. You can tell and into the net okay this analogy Amy give any militant. It. Ruins just. We've got to America a current and. Okay Jeff you're you know. Area iron. Yeah. I either way. Or. I do not let couldn't pull hooked. Are there today the dignity. Are that day day. I've carries today. I'd say heck. Media Lili said no Angel thought our own study says it gets worse all right itself. I really. Yet they themselves to. Oh yes no yes. All right. Sorry AV so it's tied the easier he said hostilities now baby. Hook up. Let's say eerie ghost guys get ready to listen to Jan. I yeah. I see again. I'd be dead pickle. Okay it's NASCAR so once for a guy gen. Jeff it's your turn here we go. I got. Through the iron. So I'm out and then. An. Ace. Says. Say hello to my little and time out. God I okay so it's all tied up say content I'm you're doing their to fulfill its okay will come back and T all and they'll do another one right after India and had a long and. It's darn 841.