Mouth Guard Password Final Round

Wednesday, May 18th


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She now. Or why it's jet's engines show I'm producer David and the reason and I'm okay this fracas simply cannot talk right now. Because they have mouth are thinly than laying off guard password. And Jay is helping Nicole won away from an X and Dave Matthews tickets. Jeff you're settle with Caitlin and there you got her Ireland and then on her. Leather I've done I've. Okay so Andrew game. I. The thing is so engrossed millions out. And with these guys have got to say you're just tuning in you have to go to these are 941 Atlanta FaceBook page right now we are faced looking to slide and they care. And held NT arbor day hey. Player Annika are you guys go down then yeah I'd agnico. It. Takes either. With the everybody else Lou we're doing the movie quotes and so it is a concern. With Nicole. To try to take it for the win this and how good their sons had him in and a home. And you. And your hair is getting him. There as expected. It sounded. I beg to differ. Is this the winters are there is for the win there there you Matthews yes. And hot. We leave we even though. That right click on a. Yeah I. Eight in China. Now. Put that employers that's a pro. Oh why do. Well it's quite understandably did a thing about guarded her mouth congratulations Rick Karr I'm sorry Taylor and they'll probably say. I'm. Out of your manhood in a day on our home ice. Another prize I'd all right well hi I have runner up revelation in a time and I say consolation again hate Palin. You do you not I used not started and finds a you know I think the pack out yeah. I think that there really life through it and I had a prediction I discard broken down at something. Fast that putt on. Lebanon congratulations Rick off. Guard guy and thinking you're going to authenticate sounds like ants home hunting. I that they are now that'd be our youth and all he's not ration could put the ball well. We need Asian and Russian illegally and listed here really want to do is that when he has an up and in Poland. Broncos. Had it taken out for less than just. She now.