Mouth Guard Password

Wednesday, May 18th


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Jesse James Giles it's ansari not before one that I think we've named big mouth guard passwords. That's a good date but yeah so enthusiastic about this the first time we get in behavior that. So producer Jon attended dentists. Have anything Justin. We are doing now yards past where are you as excited this time around now I'm just shocked. That people. Where is enthusiastic about it is they once I thought it was gonna be like a one and done things and people are my ideas and that a year ago. And they wanna win I think because I've been here watching and I was just telling you. This is so much fun for me a lot I don't know if I feels that way by actually had the male guard and yeah natural is dripping on your. Yes they are ready today David that's a pretty fun for me that say Heidi Caitlin and Nicole both from Atlanta hey gave when. Carle phi beta team. I think I team Jeff alert and nick called Deming C team Jan. Okay all right so let's do this right up for grabs you've got either LE Golding tickets or Dave Matthews tickets which ones you want if you win Caitlin. Ari gold and how much you Nicole. They nappy all right so hey Jamie you are playing. For Nicole to win Dave Matthews tickets and kind Caitlin is playing with I'm trying to win her an Alley Golding to gets hot. Ten you can go first grade no steals are allowed. First one to three so every if that's that's there they're casting. Doubt they're guessing the movie quote passwords. Factors. These have to repeat what you say yes not a Gamertag. Or lack a gown and all I Nicole good luck. It. Oh my god that again. Aren't they. Oh what movie is that from. That's clueless ansari had an gentlemen I now right yeah. Before you guys he would tell everybody you need together serve 941 Atlanta FaceBook page right now because there FaceBook in the slide and you just need to seek help big experimental. Eye. And that's to some say I had huge horse Steve. Don't know Sawyer fed our daughter okay how targeted Jiang's kittens it's two words Iran and definitely it's definitely not hot I. I paid an added yeah it. Scott tying they had her pain. It's not going to Harmon. I try to make that happen it's not going to happen. I love it looks like iron because I've got tied up and pay. I heard. The hide a sort of hide critical. To hide. Again. Bruce. You know orchard. I wish I knew how to quit you. I now here because he says that this review found these on it looked well well. I think any other entrants like what your mouth off and let's look it up up down and killing. Your ego allows them. Because they're an awful awful awful awful. You know white and a deal it. I. How it. Well Fuller. And hey Peyton. Yeah you're gonna uniting all tired out. I'll have only now being. Only. A little I'd love me load the that's an old movie OK okay. They are. Oh lord why okay. I've known who actually happening. How. I. Oh my skis and rule on. I have some like yeah highlight it. And our own path and I now. Aaron. All. And all. And Ireland but I tell you guys take off weight take a break yet because I got stuck on sort. He just had acted shark is very difficult and scary let's say your own opinion not at all and yeah. Yeah it's dangerous. I admit car hasn't all of our. Ohno earned him a code in a kayak and just and it analysts see who wins the thing that we just. She now. Or one.