Mouth Guard Breakup

Wednesday, June 15th


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Or one plus heartbreaking broken out when fertilized. It is everybody's an original about it. I can't can't similar. Phrases. And yet jumped right everybody kind of hazard there you go to lines. And I mean I am what I do the most is pages tree like crap and ignore you for a really long time until you get right. The only thing out like I guess and strange being I'll listen jerk way you can get them for weeks now you want me to break up. Yeah and now I did Ryan yeah and okay. So the are in an Agassi he going to be great at this. Kelly she's bright and you've got broken for the. Not a lot no usually breaker ever. Know. Are often Flickr. And and I got dumped more than I've been down but it's also been a mutual decision a lot you know or can talk now. Yeah. I'm not like that takes us is that port and you hear Tina that have autism conversation so much fun let's talk through hell I was dragging out there. So the idea is this idea I'm I'm gonna her breakup with you Kelly tees and I am. Comedy duo while wearing one of these mouth cars that he went ahead and you have to try to guess why you'd think so generally when you break that was someone that you wanna look as good as you possibly can and this is going to be here and maintain. Any harper that he did this sexy is no longer yours if you haven't heard this mouth guard. Before it's. The things that eight and tensions. In your mouth to. X jacked your list from getting in the way. Exposure to. A few years of in your face looking. Check out of faith but like this right now eaten. It all experiencing. A mouth guard passed. We've found just ahead. The most common lines men and women used to dump some lines have just gonna dump Kelly hunt until you're gonna guess what he's okay. I'm. A and there's actually most common list IR and Jeff says grading papers now. There's the most common list for Mendes is an accomplice for Wendy's which when he gonna go. And and. The key thing I think that you carry a home. Tie if I'm okay. I hi Yan. And it attacks sentinel on my back. I yards now. I'm just not attracted to union. And now it feels that she's still I and that it killed. And heard something awesome. Act. Minis and found somebody else. Yeah I'm gonna ask Peter you don't think. That there isn't. A thing. BI. I have have now one more time and I said I think you and I'm. Daryn things. We're on different things. On there we want to do things. Today Connecticut may happen right now a lot of very hot it. Kindness of others. I. I heard all of this that Venus is just. Me you. Going to bath yeah. And it and get going to pass. And I. Mean you man. Yeah. Often if doing food and. It's the letters like. Again can you come over here I like her stock knowing that I had. I can't get it to come over on some of this I rarely get a comment he made him. Act he and how it is now. I hope hope and came out in outlook. There's just not a good match. We're just not a good match. Senate and an indictment. And found it on. A wanna concentrate on my career now I've got out. I am fed now and I know them and I'm Elliott. I'm getting American. They're inherently. During a break you can actually just do that he's now. It's been utterly uncomfortable about it the other half time a woman would fight back reach even if the guy and it dental you know the BY I there are times it's just. She now. Or one.