The Most Popular Baby Names

Monday, May 15th

Whether you want to avoid your child having the same name as everyone else's or you just want them to fit in, this is good stuff to know!


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And she I'll still are. Saved you are an expectant parents or you are no and expectant parents. Or are us. You may have been the victim. A popular name usage by your parents guess we're talking to you actually means. Yes we're talking view. Listen up families. Families everywhere. We get the most popular baby names for right now. And pay attention LM and Olivia and I guess her boys and for girls and the ones that have been a moving up the most popular list and moving downs so I'm moving up the most popular lists for boys is is. Kai lo. As in Carlo ran from the new Star Wars movie seriously yeah so Kai low is it one that is gaining in popularity for boys. K Glenn. They say has dropped the most. Because of Caitlin Jenner and how controversial. Caitlin is now of a name tank. Match and for girls the biggest mover up was Taylor Lonnie. They say because of singer K Lawny pair she did that name is becoming even more popular. It's going Katie HL AN IQ sorry Tommy who K line parish is. I cannot tell him but she's now an idea. So. But the most popular it's Katy Perry's less talented cousin at the K honey. Okay. Not so we will meet mr. Boyce Ers are girls let's do a gentleman first okay for the bull weighs. The most popular names and I'll finish with the number one most popular okay I'll go in reverse defense. Elijah. Michael Jake up Benjamin. James. Mason William. Lean on the and the number one at most popular name for baby boys is no. Case have you learn to think you're having a two glioma or no or amaze and Norway emirate Jacob just know. That in school all ten years from now. That it's over a lot of that your kid will only begun will be known by his last name. Right which sometimes and that's okay tale. Okay for those ladies for the little ladies the most popular girl names are hard Burke. I do you know on her purse Emily. Abigail. Charlotte. Media. Isabella. Sophia. Gave us a Libya. And the number one most popular baby name for girls is amonte. So if you were to say you know naming your little girl one of those names know that she is going to be in a sorority. Of all those people it's gonna be the fifth of its gave me like V delta gamma house of animus. In a twenty. I lived at bat and college there were so many gens in Jennifer's and my pledge class we all had to go by her last name. Because nobody was now and and they were talking about. I while we're on the subject of newborn babies who gave you are expecting. If you know someone who has spec is expecting. And you currently don't know the gender of the baby. Which you want to find out. We are for the second yearn Rogen apart or their friends of the Atlanta Braves. And have the ultimate gender reveal party we did last year. Four at Turner Field for the first and last time at Turner Field and the Braves wanted to want us to do it again this year. And do the very first gender revealed party. Adds suntrust arc in a big way we're gonna steal Freddie Freeman's idea. Right Freddie and Chelsea did exploding baseballs for the powder inside either explodes pink are blue in the dad it's it. Knox a home run and we're gonna do that yet again but it will be for the very first time at suntrust car. What you need to do is spread the word to everybody you know who is expecting a baby. And who is also a braves fan better at this time on Wednesday morning we will tell you how to NR. To participate in the biggest general deal because we're doing any conjunction with fathers and so the timing is actually pretty got to be pretty precise yet so. We're we're looking for pretty specific couples because there's only a small window where. You know we're gonna have a baby but you don't know yet what the sex and it. But you have to be able to find out what the sexes yeah sees his Jen has do. Order the either pink or blue exploding baseball's all the details will have. Free with this time Wednesday morning your job if you're listening to this is either side an appointment to come back with us on Wednesday morning ordered hotel all of you're expecting friends. That they need to be tuned in on Wednesday morning to find out how to enter this ultimate gender reveal party at suntrust car. That's perfect way to reveal to your family and friends and to find out yourself exactly what you're having it. It'll be the video everybody's talking about. Oh and I just a small detail. That you should know boy or girl you have to name McCain either smoltz he or chipper is just yeah. I tell your gonna Jeffords just ended Joseph FI. Just kidding I said the details and that Wednesday morning. Star in 941.