Morgan Freeman's Pants

Monday, April 24th

We here on the Jeff & Jenn Show don't take challenges lightly.


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Okay Terna Nande. Jesse James shell hole. All right PR challenge that I gave Kelly cheese on fried carriage uses. Was doing a week and air shift here it's our our our and Saturday and I said Victoria Gotti or Friday morning I'm Uggla yeah when challenged. I want you say 13 word phrase on the radio. I want you say the phrase Morgan Freeman's paint a lot of funny how we come up with Morgan Freeman's paints. Think of pants. Again a man Rudy app. That's Oprah. Okay may yes OK I just made some inside joke I was missing now who's paying Steve thank I know. I it's so I said. Say Morgan right you can't go on the radio religion at June means he won't mean and means. You have actually done on now you had actually. Work it in the conversation asked the question tell AG's. Did you successfully do it. Not only did I successfully do it I successfully did it multiple times you did not if I had it again I haven't it. Yeah educated enough you'll never be asked in another week. That's a good plan your priority on time coincidentally. Morgan Freeman has the name navy coming out called in going in sound. Now that's as fast somewhere around mile live and mama mama. But I have nothing to do it and the fallout Robin thank but you know I'm Hitler because as you Morgan Freeman is a new. Going in style. Robbing a bank in notice the stylish and Korean agreements and our oh as a last year is that. And attack ice work and I did that live and that's on its chain smokers agent called plays on things like this I love. More in Freeman is gonna yeah I. Aren't final payment yeah I was born in Queens can't. Fat and duke is why don't. You don't know Jeff dollar loans this next song. Did you also know he loves Morgan Freeman's hands and I haven't. Star. I thank you and your gonna give me seventeen dollars are. Are you know yeah. She had a ethic. You are just for the record 99 point 75% of people who listen to you on Saturday did not hear what I said yeah. And think you have an obsession with Morgan Freeman's hands. You're very now so Lawrence how much is sending them very Jeanne times Teresa Q1 net sales are us 51 hold dollars. I'm pretty sure why.