More Calls on What You Can't Touch

Monday, August 22nd


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On May not before one okay Terna Nande. And just enjoy and show all of whom now. The calls truly had not stopped coming game since we started talking about. Things that people can't arch last week or can you remember how to regionally in my up. And they show. And the thing where I'm an adult and I can you operate is that dude couldn't take the cotton ball out of his out of his aides. Yeah aspirin bottle. Yep and then I'm brought up paper bags and then engines and implicate the people comedians parts soul. Many things in the calls last week and act. Yet microfiber towels we got kind of a bunch of people caught miles it was I never announced. Snow metal cans lids water that isn't totally clear balloons and newspaper brown paper I mean there are so many things that people are rooting out. It was fantastic and make an incident that caused a comedians that we are ideas for one like last time. Beings in wooden and this is there's comfort in numbers right yeah exactly and you're sitting around feel like we are now. Pay your feels so strange and so hide. This should bring you comfort if you're not the only weirdo there's a few of you out there. First phone call from I face welcome typist at the jet engine and ship. My anything I can't touch but I'm mom actually leave and get it had been incurred speak. Wait hold your mom can't tackle. Clean blanket because why. Then it pre heat it your teeth can. I didn't know excited but I always said that they get an ugly nineteenth day. A white guys and I mean sent thousands each year it's not I guess if you. Lisa she blew it like you can't get early to fleece pullover anything right now. Matt Dowd she had like all of our blanket like Alec. And like I can't eat by eight. That's great thank you for the contact us. Heather and that Dalton welcomes news the jet engine and show what happens you touch. That really got it yet I even touch caught. The cotton is a saying we've had a couple people saying that. I never met anyone you're at. Now our youth he sure does and came right. Now not every shot really at all. Why it's so it was kind of t.'s arguments and it all time. IR. And B how you really expensive closet. Now. So. What way is that for the what do you think about when you come in contact with Patton. I don't. Think I am and you know really. I. Really passing somebody said that the cotton. Field of cotton balls. I'm rubbing together this week of that lives that now that make any. It doesn't score as. Well he. You said that seek action of a hundred banks and because there and and now here conjecture what's not. Soc. Awful you know that feeling even appears scrape your fingernails on a shock. Mom and everybody say that man. Yeah I bet healing and. Just killed another scorer on the pecking at peace can talk can't either chalk board. As things the united teacher I'm guessing roar and they did that column. Bethany in Atlanta what can you touch Matheny. Will wrap their ban. Got a. Yeah I can't. They hand them they grate me out and the. What is an. What is it about permit whether it what is it. They think that when you stretch them I even here tight sometimes that they hear it you try like you haven't worn out and I like I can't stand that checking them. Then I memorized in high school of people bounded out they would torture and I would like Carla. And a bit different now than my. So what would happen if you had like a newspaper or some delivered here hasn't had a rubber band around would you. I I like I have to like turn away from me like I can. I don't look at it. Who hadn't thought like yeah. Hey Angela Douglas without. I found I mean pretty much straight. Corner quiet those hairs they narrow. Pretty much at Portland gag rule. A little. The premier players. In Google it. I freak out when I'm yeah I had to have somebody out still it went in the water boil it apart touch. So you can touch that corn cob once in spoiled. I want a more generations also it. Is that are those the only little hairs that weird you out are there other little hairs that area. Oh it's my daughter when he rebel against rule I streak. These are nice hair in general. Yeah mainly they want on the court on the top. Who had gagging. Thanks for the company and a lot like what is she used by Internet. And instigate that here. Maybe get there and you get. Now is new it's. Been adjusting shouldn't show up it's Arnold for one.