More Calls on Jeff's Wedding Dilemma

Friday, August 26th


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Are now before line okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Young Colin now. Now. I actually calling me jet engine Joseph from Smyrna. Why do you think positive. I think they're running on them I bet. Thank you. Actually mean. I think agrees that have happened. Now that the dilemma though is I didn't technically invite her so do I call. You'd get an your friend should not have and maybe I mean I'm an entree so collier county. I completely get cocky. I'm afraid that I really am not. It has that is the role of your wedding party is the play interference or so I would say I would feel really good that I had a job to. And your buddy I mean I can see him again and writes he's out there. In France. And fiber. That down because I think it may be. Maybe do and that is a good job for migrant I don't really think they have taken enough advantage of Megan's. What do you all call what everybody has office all the guy. Joy you had visited me. In who are you. Pay me. Stephanie. Welcome to you at the Japanese and channel insecurity and. You want a power years. I am not hate you Chad you know Adam Kelly you know. See you need to take a little shot. Letting go. And tapped it in building and it creeps finally meant. You need to be fine and I respect your idol. Police are it keep Atlanta not nice wedding at eight and miner and had a quote really shouldn't and a PX. We're saying there are no objection that you can do it now. So worried and a shot into a couple of well here feelings of confusion or anything like that think that perhaps. Somebody out there are new audience that. Latin. I just wonder why you're a big casually inch. Metal that out of our you know equally where in which you are trying to ban on another. But I'm sure there is somebody the problem is that that person's probably not going to be at our wedding. They very rocket and she's just kind of me and he you know it okay that she's back and I now particularly at don't know about. I actually the first night she ever French. The true story yeah. Ultimately on it from there. I don't change it is she she holiday you know appellate and your liking and you had an incredible. Confident fiance at the rate nick hatch embrace. And and just move the line because if you had a conversation with your friend your right it could spiral attending that mocks. And get larger I mean your knowledge of you're not nineteen get married. At the role that. I just a permission to use your line. How about a shot of letting go of eight. You are an ad and. That's happening. Here and edited by. Ken bill calling from Douglas partnership and they'll. Thank you good morning your thoughts please. First of all I think because he did not directly and by this girl you don't directly yes and by. Her I understand your concern about how maybe. First this but I think you don't. Go to air second I think what you say is that Kelly or expects you an apt to allow her to come. You respect Ali enough not to. And you tell your friend to that because Kelly if your wife now he also needs to respect her. Beats back. Look like. An. RE SEC he thanks for the comrade. Thank you lives things and you can create another shadow a shadow of letting now yen. I ideal. I think life is short and it apparently didn't hear I don't know why he. I can hold and one. I don't know that she doesn't care I think she's just like. It is what it is. And now I'm thinking about late and years from now. When I've forgotten about all the people the pre Kelly people in Hamlet into our wedding pictures which actually it's it's funny because he looked at the wedding ever. I don't know I think I'm. Even I haven't gone the picture that he shared. Commitment do not to get these. But all of repaired the black trash outlet where I went on like the. Or like your only sure that they're you know you're gonna know what I. Lott. These what does she underwent an alternate site. Like what they stand with here like this war in out but it's thanks for the Collins. Still merited it. I am going to Gatorade add value in an example and now I think it. Appreciate management and health need you back underneath. You can't hand count down and biggest are much front. And are making this wedge into the Jesse should show a certain age girl and.