More Calls on Beauty Injuries

Monday, June 20th


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Lots of choices in the morning. We appreciate that. So sorry 941. Girlfriends you know it has happened to you you have been injured in the name of beauty. Everybody has had a happy everybody's got a story I Solomon in traffic it's ever celebrate the guy. Is the guy who's driving the car stopped quickly and I told dynamic. Is there engines they I had. Yeah I have fried Mets have curling curling iron injuries I think got to be the most common. We've got some good ones Denise stone mountain who got injured in the name. Beauty. That would be me. And my grandmother decided to eat. In the car. Lacking. And don't. Let that cam of blocks long hot out there and at the next day Michael. Chain all of mine where I'll air out Gatt. Here. It oh went wide this am I mistaken area of. I know I'm Canadian baby that's like in the nineties. In I'm not even sure it was ever in. Yeah. Yeah I don't know why agreed to that it was the worst thing ever. Lot of chemicals stories I mean day in Atlanta. Hey. Need. Air and it may. And that day and the cat. Well. At the bottom. Of the copper. And answer at the bottom of her. High. School and for real kicker action. How you act and you know you. Are well. To me. I'm saying it. I. She looked Asian and bawling her eyes out. I hope uncle who's got dozens of age and I'm using chemicals all yours. Carly and Maryanne I think you may be last Collie and a. Prior Iowa. So. It didn't mean. Academy. Colleen right. Middle school age and it and but for right encouraging mean I mean I wanna change. There are bigger problem. Here. And he has an hour. The panel. T seen her leg so he cut her skin firmer Angola security. Shot a towel wrapped around her leg and I didn't like I I don't ever evolved European style like. I told you can't. So this car today. There. I. Got my legs I would ever shave my legs. And I went out and never eat deli meats and it. We love you lots of choices in the morning and tells us we appreciate that. Sorry before one.