More Advice from Mom

Friday, May 6th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how does he can't do it without you. It's world war so. 400 thanks for making. Just don't know before one Mother's Day weekend so it's. Talking about davis' piece of advice for your mama just bow around his before there is. Twitter. And she just had yelled something that usually don't have enough hats do you have and if even I should not go to them and well prepared. From Donna. And no one from my mom I know my mama's big and punctuality. Yeah she's hardcore punctuality. From my mom. She's dead two great advice for in your marriage let things roll off your back. Like no need to hang on those little things no need to keep score just let it go and be happy how is that working out for him. For me yeah me working out good this time okay. And he these are welcome to the shadow. What did your mom gave you his advice that he's still hold onto to this day. He'd call me. You only marrying Amy and good and excited to see me when I got home at my doc was. Out of those so I'm gonna start doing that and we now anyway and I Kelly comes home tonight I am going to pee in the floor. I'm gonna jump up batter and a few in the floor. Rape in front of a lick your face hey Melissa welcome to this down. We all hang out there and what I. Laughed a lucky guy I'm climates we thank you. Think DL I'm my grandmother is it coming keep coming at that she let my mama can't my granma the economic gala that doubled not to say that need to got Jack. I wow that's. It's a hundred that it that it served. That's awesome what's your permit same. My grandmother's name bled the life she didn't have a factory here yeah. Thank you Laura from the Internet camber Lambert sent this in always fighting fire with fire leaves everything burned to ashes. Home of heat. I'll put all of these on T shirts coasters are. Cut him that it gives an ice and here's a nice shoreline that I'm our internal access highways and said this is my favorite taken out. Annan a sweet. If this is do remember that if this is the worst thing that happened you today then you're probably doing pretty good passenger enforcement that. Rape my anomalies that this too shall pass hey is a cure I dare say that right here in Atlanta. Tiara to the all around welcoming Jeff tension out. I'm Ahmad told me that's an Ollie out of autograph but as you can look back on a boat memories and humanity collected GD it. That's a great he's advice what's your mom's name or they think he. Will take one more we'll talk to Morgan in would stack woody got. My mom my father to you right here so that no one ever gonna let him. So sweets ice one that somebody left and you know that I wish I remembered it wrote it down verbatim because. Because I I'm not gonna do it justice. But it was basically the piece of advice was always behave this is from mom. Always act as though I might walk into the room that your name it any time. Out sol guy and make my language quite that. I have eyed Lamar Laura from woods that woody app your have won it Connecticut hurt in practice that is is gored today comet named. That didn't think Debian Laura appreciate you. Us. Yeah. We keep this conversation go out FaceBook you can leave your comments about this this single piece of advice that momma delivered to you we would love to hear it. Deals are making the switch today Jesse.