Monday Morning Rap Battles: All Things Fall

Monday, November 6th

Jeff warned us he'd be bad...but how hard can it be to rap about Pumpkin Spice?


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin gent shelf hole. Well shake things up first thing chicken off here a week and that's why we brought back the Monday morning rap battles and buy shake things have Jan means make you turn off this radio city. Making friends. We left with Cuba this is for you last asked us for some reason that we started. Freestyle rap paying on the morning show. A year ago and that was leave. A year ago and that is terrible so that we gave ourselves. I half hour to write the raps and that became a little bit better so that's how we execute. This incarnation of the Monday morning rap battle. And the topics. Are selected by at last week's champion. Who in this case is shock rare. Janine who won wee bit. Yeah okay all right okay I'm not clowning around it's Halloween I'm feeling me up pain on a round got these giant shoes and a big red nosed but come into your neighborhood coming out and goes we got Ronald McDonald yeah. And penny wise to be tightened in this very day he's Cummins for you this many guys that we're coming out of cores can blow just like it's artist after frozen rigor mortis. It's piling on too terrifying it's to tell you she's you know you love garlic and just soon. And so now Geneva gets the pick the topics for this week yes and it's all things Paula thought of the foremost all things in my. In the world not my world as one of these I don't know enough about an OK a couple of things I'll look it she's a pick yeah girl. I didn't pass the manner and. And it will all drive these these are topics and then this morning at about 645650. Will reform. A wraps that we have written things and when I say we've written keep in mind roster during a radio Russia. Haven't even been feverishly scribbling down Larry exit during our songs here Richard and she's. I love my mind leaves like the fall foliage and I can say order foliage foliage so defining art so it's changing leaves. Janice I. Well I got pumped in space. As perfect as you so basic. I got all bashing all them groups inspired. On her eyes fixed 45 this morning. It happened you can laugh at us. Star in 941. I'm telling you this is gonna be the worst wrap I have ever performed in and that's saying a lot because I'm sorry usually bomb yes here's. Yeah that. And it actually drug isn't just me is that this isn't reigning champion always and the money morning rap battle. Her wrap the last she was so good we had to kill. For awhile we had to kill wink nod this segment because she says get out of it and then lastly she brought is so strong and one. Again we all she got to pickets at this subject matter so we all drew from a hat and she put in the hat. Things related to follow to autumn I've for example drew pumpkin spice Kelly cheese. I just fall. Like leaves changing colors. Jan in football and it Geneen your topic this week is Saul fashion group hang out at me she. Plus column and. Now let's let me and Jane go first. It'd throw it. Your ranking down those clean sacked following you smell that college kid Lynn I'll call and tis the season just what is saying it's so cozy in Suffolk out of interests this peace out and bikini waxes. Hello lung Ascot I'd like well. And it. Peace out shards and bikini waxes and hello long pants leg hair fashion two cents guys in them since guy is in layers on layers players are related Seattle all wrapped up. When it hits 3 o'clock it's eighty degrees and appeal and a mom. Boo. An appealing amounts. Have not. And Eisenhower and who lives if thank you Jamie. I didn't he got that. All I I love my around. My Anaheim follow a year ago but I messed up and really be honest be that night. You don't knock it. Not. I do I have to have gas yesterday IC can I choose my being of course which are beyond OK I want to on this there's like NC light or something on that. I've seen and the night around as he has on his Collins senior night wrap. Bits and seen night rap ads. DC now on as a third one down. Cook Chris Mara I'm my teeth this cover around my neck and jeans and boots DSL Obama had. All that is great but when we really know it's all Pakistan. America is a different Garcia has a veteran yeah I think I never happened I guess so highly nervous now my heart that cash why are they seeing and I can robbery why are you nervous. Because you want to do this really well next part of him. Now he's judging you and by the springtime no he's listening that's. Cookers air on exceeds tennis hover around my next jeans and boots DSL outlets. Like all that is great but when we really know response. Since we'll look fans Dallas football Saturdays have started as a college game day was sunny SP and besides it's easy any Lee Corso picks a mascot and then I head out to tailgate barbecue local group better not be late. Then Sunday rolls around and it's time for NFL I guess if they do but the films got and as well. Yeah half hour Tom Brady did you say you know honestly I end as are falcons may not be perfect but they never stop giant. Spotted Chile on the stove cabernet in my hand with the bombing screen. Man I just grant. I thought you guys spent a lot of time on the. Shedding. No hurry gimme my really short and I feel like I had not trying now I'm tired of it. Ali also like multiple lions and my verses and choruses and mine's just like nine which Biggio why my. Let's go the baby and no let up as the best I'm having here and bellies this evening hello is being good time right here I'm talking like his Garth. Abbas and here's you'll be bundled up with your friends do and holiday cheer is please governor greens are red on yellow and Chris. It dearly like Taylor seven loves again my god you. This sounds hard drab Mosley gets silly thing has and womanizer really animated series amonte and. So I think it's fair to say the forgot to write down over the weekend none and yes. Eight we welcome back Jane just three minutes. And I will give you the worst crap you have ever heard how workers and Alec are. Trust me. And she I'll. Starr. For. Us you're ready just hang real honor their money we don't have that back. It's just started the Monday morning rap battle always choose topics and this weeks habits are all about false. I had football team you had death fall fashion and Kelly she's you had volley youth and Jeff what's your topic. It's pumpkin spice. Yes that would give me my views have kept. He got back. And. And she's good from bad money pentagon group. New yeah. Com game spice any and so nice it is so NASA got us saved lives. Posting signs. Pumpkin pies and put it in a lot today put it I'm a hi how we're in good profits rise in your high mask on her lap. They tase me on the ice bags. After. It's the best they've staying on the Gordon's raping. I. Yeah. Pumpkins face it's a nice it's an atheist say. Well Leo if we celebrate the awkward. I thought I. Thanks for making this wedge. Indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.