Monday Morning Rap Battle - There's a New Winner!

Monday, August 29th


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She didn't judge how. And I caring and coming welcome to the jet engine shallow. I I wanted to vote for her you have to lean and my daughter's here at panic on the shirt that says well. I love it if you wrote for jet. Is that just voting for that that much like the presidential election sometimes you just got to vote for the least terrible. I think we need hey we need a third party rapper to step in and make things now. I eyes if you weren't listening a few minutes ago you missed out on all of us wrapping. The topics for them anymore and rap battles that right and hop mayor. Every detail. Mine is that late night on food raptors if you're drunk right now. I get creative mind with your inner voice while listening to a Kanye West rants of the mine was a fashion report on Hillary Clinton's monochromatic suits. Mine was dull terms hat if it could talk. And treating. By apparently lost because if heated argument with the I. What you're alienating your topic and let the best parts of it all out. I rights JT a choice with yours and we apologize that. It was tough traffic at all. Jeff left me pondering how much is it if you do throw in Newburgh. Now 300 dollars to achieve what is it. Low and even energetic. In the meantime it sounded like a polar poetry slam and a Patriot Act. Asked. David you always bring a good line at the end. Thank you I had like that trump hair gone with the wind by police and he did. January the champ last time we did this that congratulations for that yeah. And and Kelly rhyming mono chromatic waited. Diplomatic game dropping Jackie Kennedy in there and Michelle Obama there's a lot of complications a year out down twenty bucks. I will have to say that I think the winner of this week for the first time since I've been here with the jet engines show is. Jeff. Are gonna learn. And. Well did you see last week of the mind it was rampant over the I'm nearly one. And I never want. Hello loans. The lines down and David you know like a professional second place that you always get a mention I'm always on the perennial first runner up. Colleagues the bride never the bridesmaid never the bride. Now the pressure's on I get to pick update. Aren't. Like designated yeah. What I thought I had now I've maybe we change it every morning at bat. She didn't change up. Arnold for one.