Monday Morning Rap Battle - July 11, 2016

Monday, July 11th


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Are making this wedge. And Justin Jan shelf currently. Feel good about this. You and I feel good about this. Kelly geez you typically wins. And a long weekend Colin that they were more tired today than she normally she's worked eighty hours this week. Yeah typical 75 cent right. So I think that is humanly and it'll come artist right line item that. And you can pick who goes first as the Monday morning round panel. So counties typically dominates the jet when last week if you pay. The topics my topic is summer camp. I've got groceries or color. Professional. Soccer and that's the prize money found in your packet. OK okay. It's definitely viewer video audio for. Well all let's see it in reverse order Jeff Easley war so you're gonna go for. I counts. Hey mom and dad I know you're tripped once some alone time send kids that that's fixed. You say it's so they'll learn and run but really it's OUT can have some fun. Send them off to the late then it's over you'll pay off to a bar and you'll drink all day you can do that now that the kids are away. That's something. For. The off to a five project on the right like Lionel Richie scenes ball on the loans. We knew kids are gonna handsome. It's something I. Did. We get here. Battle that I how many times out of the way they don't think that I am very latest on. And then look at this girl boy girl boy girl. Out of his feet. That slab yeah exactly yeah I the next few again. Right money found its. Well yeah. There cash to keep in there with the magic in my pocket and it can never aware. No offense shiny green Christie to any what will I do if you can finger let me ask. You admitted to dry cleaner or even wash a head to them market her finish made it through fox and I. Find your finger about. When he made my day I'll jump in here and smile and mentally I don't. I'm just oddly I think. Have an advantage in writing their crimes because I read children's stories having an ad nauseam. I'm like actors on the other thing I like happy. But to your world that would be so much help and the terrible by the way and bones. Well I just Washington China I'm squashed. School thought she makes a great word. Is it's watched Matt. One. Like. David what did you again. Professional soccer fans. As it is the feeling in the. I think FF I. And cheering on your team other kicking the ball and all of a sudden you're there take the big fall. You cry out and English as your team sort of lose you get so worked up then all hell breaks lose. He stormed the field with brands to grab the Golan crossbar you run to the parking lot and set fire to a car. But you are crazy here just passionate but if your team doesn't win you don't know hagel live. I. The mark has he always comes ensures me that you're really right. Like it's definitely if they leave and I have in my mistaken Marino would you say that it is when the theory that thinks those who. Swords lead led to the like my wrap things victory. I'm. Obviously. Very short list. I got nervous night producer Kelly she's what's your topic against. Clerics at the grocery store count some punches thrown or the other thing I have had the time I murder predators with. Yard line never had to live there's our excuse me it's about Ingraham. And we ended up and they'd let it trail behind it in and. A yeah. Marketed this story and I got apple cart of another Alaskan got to play Smart which is the shortest and which is quick. Not metal bar on the register and I greatly unchanged. Days. I've found all right while with a great looking guy is a plus he's redhead at my betting my eyes and I backed. And each day. But I also got Springsteen and Coca culturally ninth doubles of or is can clarity I can tell by the look at this clear to me. Latency gets him out late bodies as a pat let's keep it. Take that my knees and asked if I am last part I'm like yeah man. Gimme the deal points and all the discounts and congress is not my iPad now. Dated him until you start and I. And it's yeah. I. They buy it seeks an yeah. Did you use of the words that and they have been the streets squash and let's. I mean obviously at the same brand. Fredricka thank you madly. And baby girl instead and Stafford. The that are. Professional athletes and a week. Absolutely Haley. The graduate and cheese thing. The way this works is that big categories from. And now app I. That's a team player at Sam Katz yeah. I mean Jeff intensive. Saturday. Star in 941.