Monday Morning Rap Battle: Day after 4th of July

Tuesday, July 5th


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Are making the switch to the justice she started me and into Tuesday edition of the Monday morning rap battle bids. Is how we get ironed juices flowing of for the week we get our creative energy. Pulsing through our veins. And we treat terrible radio and approximately poke it down to now Leanne and producer David is in here producer Kelly cheese is in there and there. Rap battle. Jen who's just furiously scribbling her last bars of their crime yet. Yours it's fried food I learned viewers news might have paid carried she's when he got money is Netflix and skill and I and I got rich kids. Lately either its regular very long because I like to go first and get the painful stuff. You can sit back and laugh and everybody are you sure you have time in Baghdad last I mean the first last time we got that last. The. With that. Here I joked commissioners so broke don't have money it's so funny how you think you're cool but it sets up cool all awesome kids adds that it's. The stroller Phipps plaza in daddy's cash. The life is the way to live. Again how it's used this have you broke folks again that's an idea. If I drive mommy's bands like out of town of friends that when they go out of the of the things. That up. Rich kids I've been alive for me rich kid lives is that lag behind the lead. After. A tough a tough. Time. Well little tune in the end within. A I think coming out wearing depends. You know AG's energy go next and that way I'm David in general in Lima. I kind of thing be it. Should go for a take another. We gotta say thank you to baby girl. Who provided this speech viewers who is referenced Stanford. Thank you. For this. And Nathalie next summer pretty cool guy he's that come Hank and I asked them why he wanted to watch. And the Indians then with Netflix which about watching any TV and I'll let Netflix OK I will. I got Emmitt civic and actor wrote in its place but when I got there he had a look on his eyes snap he wasn't trying to watch movie not at all you astronomy. Odd use currently RB give up in football put up pop pop pop pop up. The mint mentally ill really means no things coming yeah amen and me. That's kept up on. Well man. There's a chance to make crown image in a guy. Oh god answered. I think that that's 813. That is fine you three. Didn't that she did that it's payday. Tuchman you close but I got to pay my bills carbon electricity. Talking taxes and taking taxes out of there any left for me. But it in the bank but I wanna spend all of forget that go to making these dog. And the pressure's on and his aides who've rate now. Is winning. Who is in the leaves the person to be. You know who couple Marino you is weighing in the listeners are winning right now currently has noted that. Left. And mistake right so I think it means in the pressure's on generating and genetic. You mind your top yeah. I. Delivers an. Obama. Makes this and such date or coached yeah I've tried that keyed up that oil I gotta have a side. At the potatoes chicken and tell married yes fingers get greasy but deep fried is the best. Limit I'm in a potato chips crunch sees you convinced that is my favorite tournaments I'd Evans there'll. Cracker that is written chicken fried steak yet it's the thing that's up up up up. Doughnuts and grow it doesn't matter which fried pickles are ones and I would never saw it just makes my heart. Not thinking about ninety ads with all of that of hot oil gets through all. Janzen winner. Yeah and I. It then I can't. Yeah me. Right that we should there and actually could easily. That is the Jeff's engine and show Monday morning rap battle the Tuesday edition and we're sorry. Vacation from. Thanks for being a part of it. Yeah well so I'm not really horrible life.