Monday Morning Rap Battle: Can Intern Alexa Defend Her Title?

Monday, July 25th


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Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jesse James one star now before one and it. It's Monday morning. In the night with mixed reviews that we need to really bring its non today people are we ready. Is there may be time. I'm just tired hundreds John in here. I'm pretty easy David particularly cheese and studio an intern Alexis as well some five grass. The day. And the room and everybody in your racquet abouts. Which come on time and okay internal exit would see her niece and and think yeah. She's so inside out there on the everything David Lacey got I have win here on third glass of line I don't. And I work are good coincidental. That breakfast and yeah. Yeah. It's docking is not tapping into what under the jam packed. Very excited about this morning papers as it is for our efforts thanks. Yeah. It. Can't. I have with me and yeah. He didn't do any of your. I didn't hear him thank you feel it today eighties thinking differently. My outlook is grim this should be SA and but if I want to own. I can't act and a. People are loving and and I understand I think it's right. This in Britain didn't hear it. My outlook is grim he should be a singer and if I wanna be slim I need to go to the gym I eat what I want my body I don't flaunt it in school used to taunt. My eleventh favored status Vermont. Don't need to join won't track recordings don't need any witness when I get to work my days. More. Minutes and. Yeah. Yeah. It's and Brittany and many more see I. It is nice ginger is impaired Iraq battling skills everything that I am and yeah. Well it's if I tell you this isn't just got on Kelly I thought yeah. Saturday night bad. Yeah I began this work. Comic con man. I urea. How about around the city last night assault here's the villains Ali man in high. I thought what the hell is. Go on on soft all of them took place called. Comment on the open up the door and come believe what I was the end Spiderman the solar surfer and a sexy Wolverine. Elisa ever thought guys standing in the dark. I introduced myself he said his name was far. He had on glasses and let the super sign any ripped off Fisher and I solace Superman sunny scoop me up and we flew. Oh way can we may come a time have been everyday. That's awful about it I. And you adding I think and me coming here. Are you going to be beat picking my thinking about got to be it's going to be at the insanity. And. An American about social media stuff. Oh yeah I really can't. Not just find out if X is back. Think you're Smart notes that some media has been half as opposed. Tags and at times and pieces don't line up you're hanging with the attorney for the we had Dave plans the last second you failed binging the news news jet crashed and you mean just so Smith with their lives but just lack about soccer skills so I want my keys back. Be careful with this post jumper you've been busted and now I know. You can't beat just and. I'm so yeah. I am beginning and a little bit. So. Really ahead. I did which are topic. When your on your third glass of line. And and attic. And yeah. Among my third class of small bag and watching scandal when it finally hits he does maybe more than I can handle the group this kind of spending that I haven't had dinner I'm all alone and I'm. Feeling like the winner with a double to the kitchen to the ongoing full throttle to help with three glasses I'm answering the whole bottle. I love you. As urgently as short time they punch and they die. The opposite. Really yeah. Those are hard hard to follow. I both admire. And I'm really bothered how Bernie Sanders how bad I am wrong I really Bob. A year. I should really every fan every in the David's cousin yes wrap. Is reluctant. We get I'll place my I get it. And the reason Alexis you in this brotherly feuds. Wearing turns but she won last week she we let him play because David is an NCAA wean. It RCA just wrapped better. I. Actually. I went to them on and heard them answer I think Clemens got it Bernie's standards. Some one point and started this out. McCain is he and I began this past one isn't Bernie no not at all just some guy at mom and I rolled my eyes and loss that way politics are boring look for Conde de. Yeah. I was there last week and a. I AEA yeah I am on god at the pump looked well. You'd think there's a clear winner habit for. Improving it. And what events and he's resting we look at why clearly there and it doesn't look when clear loser. An LD have a vote for the math. Al voting 380. JP did vote for the best. I liked David Blaine is topic with last the line yeah I think he's that have moved the blood on. Add that created love elect says delivery partners needs editors. I'd vote for elect and I say and or you know. In his primary area or you could make it three ways. To cash and I got to go analysts. Yeah well I looked at about yeah James Earl. And I. Because when I take my spot my. It. Things you I'm actually bothered you how bothered I am the. The professors and they're proud an an added it has become anti terror. Thanks for making this wedge to digestive. One star not before one and.