Monday Morning Rap Battle - Can ANYONE stop Intern Alexa?

Monday, August 1st


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Engine shop. So far as. I recall the Monday morning grabbed Matalin is the worst thing that we do all week we just had to get it out of the way and might. Well I say it shakes that right it's a brain going in its mouth movement per share yours and you can laugh at us just don't expect you laugh with us we mean. As we tie you. Out of Iraq I'll let let everybody in here. This morning Chris Kelly chief. Chair producer David news intern Alex I mean nasty champion internal yeah. Last week intern elects that rock they keep telling us about Bernie Sanders. I went to them on and heard them and I think Clemens got it. Bernie Sanders someone point it and started this out. I tend to see that again this past. Why isn't bringing him not at all just some guy at mom and I rolled my eyes and lost it way politics boring look for Conde de. That was last week's internal exit energy the apple team to go first this. That's easy how does that I'm like no not me and it's crisis. Let's go ahead let's go around the room broke quicken give up our topics that we people though were rapping about mine his. Candidate in pretty securities mine is the first day of school. Mine is Harry Potter pretty today mines online shopping and what are you doing an internal accepts. Ninety healthy aren't. A look at this morning and I heard my belly rumble. But out of my bag into my kitchen I stumbled and trying to be healthy so I hate them on add a McDonald's hasn't put it on mute. I'm not really proud of what happened next I was scrambling some eggs them I got to pet my boyfriend was at. Should allay posts I said and I started to play please oh please don't let me she. I. I wasn't fit say that I left my place and I waited and my biscuit and stuff my. The added just throw it at that I was feels so good about. Not any Mario. I really mean here like this swagger feel and really get about. Stuff I can't get around me you know an intern. I have a generator on the hill producer David you're ready OK I hear I think. I'm bored at work. Sitting and wasting time when I decide. To get on line I'm about to get on faith that wouldn't add catches my ninth at some clothes that I may want to fly. Shirts pants and pairs of shoes are too many options I don't know what to Hughes I'm so overwhelmed I should probably logged off. But then I see a coupon for 30% off that. I picked a pair of sneakers and put them in my cart only thirty dollars charged to you my card group. Internalize as though we have to get a JD effort in. I'm happy about Harry Potter I generic I think Phil and Phil SP. I. I can't idea. Julia. Harry Potter as a final book it's called the curse child so let's take them. Love me some hairy so in line that's where you'll find me you know they're down smarter than mine. Kim K Celine. All about their Celtic game what's the prettiest of all is to have a sharp brain. Harry Potter pages is what I need can hunt goes on right but the cool thing is to read. You pay the rapper. I still feel good that I can come in second place. And maybe even. Alludes. I'm feeling Kelly she's not. So you the. How is that a hundred. Think the first day back and more. In my lit a book bags well got a fresh out it easily and stress and it's only day science earth spinning over and I am already done. Second here starting with us. Briefing live food is this new teacher. AC is to create started counting him out foods either hold the after the bell who is this dude a stomach grassland and months to start and we're talking impedes and a bag and chocolate milk and hardened. Now humble but I got three more classes can add to sleep this teacher with the glasses. Finally at the last theory and the bells about terrain he does that raise her hand as well more I think we have to read that. Next hundred pages everyone's like why would you ask this to bell rings and a freedom through the school we're done with offers say ten again on the bus an example. I. And to have. I'm old school Grandmaster Flash really really long. I Dioner for the pizza magnate Ironkey cinematic. It's like Harlem thing you look back. And Barack. Who do you describe attendance. It's Pisa and then hit and a bad. Invite the littlest and any circle beat my opponent hand like field. But not nearly as. Nobody ever had beaten man whom well to south Carolina's. Harlem Harlem towards a win over Georgia I don't know why they are from 99. You say you could. Act and so if it did. It. Might be okay. Entity at. An army anymore. I do. So look too long you all please right time to find out we just ones like you see up voter decide yes or no doubt chat for a while does it make you smile. Maybe get his number and if things go well. Hope he knows really how to spell it together for a date things are going great. Maggie tried theater dating commander and. Okay. It's lying and it's. On average you know these aren't over yet again today ahead. Yeah I like it I like to do them they're just using. I again I love that type very. And. I'm in my hand. You guys the last line. So too long you always right time to find we just one slight. See out photos decide yes or no doubt that he makes you smile. I. Ball and you have done the last time he needs. Tonight. Is a totally redo mine with a different beef like. Yeah. I was if I'm. Who warn if JP what do you think. Well it was a close battle. I and it's. Rumble and stumble and judging an ethnic Alexa is gonna win for the third week and well. Right now Lula that's outrageous it's going to be OECNN. Come back and tie. Kellogg's is gonna go life. Amber to review it honestly you that you did you minds. Comments have. Got a reputation to yeah. Are you getting. I'll say it was your last night and say now there are put on social meters off the hook up. If it we'll give you a couple of our rehearsals and we can do video and then you can share like the best version of your rap on the line. We stop being so kind as his everything what I out of an amateur greater if it. Ngo and beyond. Still aren't ready for a one.