Monday Morning Rap Battle - August 8, 2016

Monday, August 8th


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As for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and everybody has tried to wrap it's usually just yeah. A shower your own are not us. Him rapidly go public for everybody here and everybody in the policy might. Battle. On the jet engines are reigning champion. Is intern Alexa unit in Reno what is this three weeks in a row. So you that you can't throw and missed it before. Island this beautiful suite now pretty securely cheeses and here. And let's it was that you that you were the reigning U hypocrite and I'm pagan back honey hang out ladies and along OK. Okay and not just a little embattled at these scum and I thought Canada. And now producer David here in studio C ready bring it today I just want one. Well over the crowd erupted this. Jeff is typically pretty bad and you IC go first to get his out of the way are you still gonna wanna. The first this week for the surrounds shark I will say we are trying to faced them alive right now he just knows that. Courted for posterity for embarrassing ourselves multiple. Media outlet doing and how to find is due to go to the sanity for one FaceBook page. And FaceBook and there. Yeah I'd like he had Tommy go first. I think I'll have a good time with the fact. The the topic that I selected him Raman is waking up and. You don't sound cal comp it died last night. Like. Sweating. Mean last week we each had never let me. As I did you works okay. I think you're what are my humble. Way. The law. I can't do that to me. It's disrespect and I'll buy that. It'd be writing an arrogant and out again CNN that. I have no fear stricken nether beer why stocks have another shot don't worry about the time have a glass of wine. It's. This. Tomorrow your head what pounds seeing your stomach it will turn every little birth you'll feel the burn. Can someone please stop this spinning at the moment I'm totally now winning. Feet on floor out the door. Just one thing is given me hope it's Donald's eyes and an ice cold coat. It kind through the eyes closed because that is the hang your shares of McDonald's it's. I only tradition had been. I was raised hack into the. Didn't even stumbled on my dad you guys are treating him enough where. The night. Alexa reject the act. As questioned kinda thing HE double hockey on media I would just say how it's quicker path. In any bloody rabbit. Olympics and ask him. How we use a panel. I know what does taco Mac in a Nike does not just an idea and I looked at at this TV women's announcement. Oh that's been passed and I don't know much about it the hate anymore it's it. You know after those silly tape and their winning first place while I'm sitting here with peso on my eighth inning kicks on the floor and none of theme. Let's start training now I can join their team but I think in the case and it is that I think town now I think in a metal floor all the cheese and Justin's lower. I'm not and. I got a totally out defending him. And starting. Part of that rap battle registered in us. Walk in the room. The girl that beat me. Yep maybe adding. Okay mines along the same line it's swimming at the Olympics as Atlantic sewing I periodic. And sitting at home. Being pretty lazy when it flipped on the TV and things get crazy the Olympics are on and right now the shown swimming Olympic surprise. Michael Phelps is winning the just cracks jokes freestyle butterfly M aria out of breath so I let out of sight. They're setting world records while eating burger sliders the only thing I'm setting is the microwave timer this. I wish I would Olympian that that takes dedication I'll just stay at home and cheer on the nation. All know hey you. OK I'm I don't know there's just like. David has impeachment burned. And I see him. Ten okay nice topic is running into someone you've been avoiding. Really answer. You know like it's Jeff. You get any bacteria no ego. If you know you. Last time we talked our relationship with gun and not as well as you think. Gut check time I've been ducking and diving avoiding that they had wind. I thought I'd. Yeah yeah yeah. Internally today. The last time we talked our relationship was sent in school and do you think gut check time I've been dodging and diving avoiding your face. Oops here we are standing in the same space eyes are left but I know you Sami just do a half smile we can act kindly to fake hug really. Please just don't hear a stranger to me now. I won't waive that it known need to be a talker this whole thing. Hash tag off word that there. I don't think you can I mean this is done and I did not some. NASA sorry. And I remember telling him in. It really and. What can bring relief emergency widget topic crazy. Kelly has that international hat today as significant. Are we do get it ladies here again yeah. I woke up middle of the night I heard a ruckus. Cat life. Make your random noises apt Horry and cuts on the table not in over all of them in over cuts why would you do that. Oh yeah. Your cap a seven I'll say well I'm trying to sleeps late in the because you wanted to treat this is annoying that you. They'll play is some middle of the night I ain't trying to play. Eight he looks three weeks. Now midday and here. Back asleep I grab my bone as artists that test that I know I. Got cute is that the issue looks at me. I'm not going crazy he attacks me she was just being lazy. What's going on in her crazy cat find a lift up the cows wonder what I had writer's opinions may get you name it. This little diesel. Almost. OK okay so he's being argued against me out me out that's not this Bryant. And really at the moment I. I. Yeah yeah you bet awards job in the middle. When we go out process of elimination Jeff and a I hear nothing but improvement from everyone I. Encouraging and it just brought it with the Fries and Coke line right and it Alexa was as good as usual. David were in all the strokes for all the swimming in America ago you're at it and engine through the me leadership aide during her yeah. I was almost a battle rap yeah. It was patriotic. Lexus bigamy. And patriotic. And through some major chain program they. Each. It overby yeah. All right I rules say that the winner bird this edition of the Monday morning read it. Jenn hobby. Take the other day sailor that Kelly oh yeah. Saying it ever amount to be like rap battles at the Pentagon yeah. I. Congratulations dad who. I had to make up if you have any suggestions that. It it you legacy insanity in his email and then image and she will get paid out and. And. Rap battle lives on that. It's for making this wedge to adjust and change OnStar not before one.