Monday Morning Rap Battle - August 29, 2016

Monday, August 29th


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One. Jessie. It does because it I'd like. Intensity and everything. Chitchat and and. Not well right now wraps theories Kelly she's leaves the room and I. And her leg and a hallway summer buyers so we've you know some. Beats by Dre headphones on nod their heads to. Everybody over again I have plans terminals and I get like Seidman is and I think you guys down until I'm. Like an extra from the eight from eight mile yeah that happened at any assurance that moms. Fed taking your gonna be the judge all right it's do you picked champion okay and it in aggregate value of earth. You always say that every single week. What's your topic. You rampant in today's athlete I try and wrap your front. Yeah we wind this become theater often suffer a heat I think when you're the champion you can hit. Like drug wanna add that I'm drunk and foster's men and area. A couple of legal areas actually. You just win it and then you can dictate. What is topics megs of hers and. Out. Almost 2 I am and it's time to go home got to give some food to prevent pounding in my down. What's my mail on a big. Which cover hide Jay's gonna save me. Could you Fries with a bagel Coke but the late night play at making d.s is a joke. Some chick filet now would totally be fine but the only boos they care about a Sunday church wine may be a frozen pizza can flip over in my frowned. We use and Evan like this I'll burn my house down. The shouldn't they Zohar has already knows the only option now is Juan hello. Texas toast made big egg and cheese put it in my face hole yes please block on the side with extra bacon too. Has anyone seen there's you hop in allow us to all of whose super. Hey what's this time if I throw up in this Hoover. How good or bad yeah well. Adds. Didn't generic name on it kind. And enough that I made actually because I drank and the comparison match suburban and Ackerman and John. I here's next you're. Janine go run around. This might be an advanced it is. And your topic this topic is the best part of well. I. You know that when the girl from Pennsylvania and now that. Tailgate with his drinking while they await the regulate it your faith mean it is merely a picnic artery. How do you let me have them wait 150 crap. Guys pulled. I I I there's no history for a fortnight not bound acquittal yesterday. IP but that's not how it's done apparently. The it surprise you at all about where your run our youth we're. Pretty game and it often celebrate life you need. I don't want them. I have it sounds really cool I'd love to know. Waiting in the U. I've email and drinking in. Our youth. How intelligent your round. He's got a little Walt Whitman thought. Walter that's an idea closure comic. Donald Trump had if it could talk it. I'm sitting on top of Donald Trump's head listening to you all of the secrets he said is this hair real. No one really knows to pay or straw which ever way the wind blows. You'd think with all his money he gets some better hair that since I am here what do I care I only have one job to keep it under wraps and I'm not gonna blow the lid off this cat. Whether he wins or loses the election no one will be able to answer this question has there will always remain a big mystery and his precious secret will always stay with me. A he better not take me off if he knows what's good for him. Because without me his hair could be gone with the win by starlet. Well I I'll. Lie. And that's. I did it usually comes down to Kelly she's now that elect has gone. Here's our interview in my early on there. Just to get accusing randomized. I am not consumers on about my add games make sickening and now you're saying that. Everybody. And I really don't feel that great about it's an organ Alan Kelly. Are local enough pressure on. Every week as I have room feels great about that and you that backwards because that's the only. The area my topic is your inner voice. While listening to Kanye West and this. Again here we go really agency's own quietly come and look. There and show our love are the only happens that thing that happened at the break. Use halfway into this on that you know what. If I needed it I was just too so I got to be more brilliant. Mad brilliance in that he bobbled amount he. I'll. Out again here we go oh really does uncle played come on out it's just silly. Connie your fans just diet no matter what you say you're not prolific or in saint. It's not ego every day. You know just a little about a lot you'd drop a statement caller Smart. You're not. Narcissistic instigated and vein why does anyone believe it Temi it's just playing. Toddlers is topic and don't need to fit I think in the long run. Which yeah. That's era wolf. I can cause terrible bringing home your writing saying god Yana mom nervous the little bug has been set that high so yeah. You gotta get channeled that as a parent. We'll numbers dirt what's your topic of my topic is fashion report on Hillary Clinton's monochromatic suits. Yeah yeah. No details adios that's important and around the this is what happens when Jan has since he has been a week in a possible and hope. I'm watching it maybe take an active right now and late night drug fruit. Late night drunk crude raptors that your drug great now. Any doubt that Kelly she's I'm Hillary Clinton's. So yeah him Hillary Clinton's motto chromatic right now I will. But because they're bad. We're thrilled at crank. It out about it and arraf about actually. I like us and our inner news thing in them as bland candidate for the president of the United States and mrs. Hillary Clinton. Is that a rainbow I'm looking at. Non NASA's Hillary's fashion wrap red suits are suits and yellow suits to greens it's indigo violet amble live. Three separate pieces of shirt jacket and pants all the same color I literally can't. Maybe take a page from Michelle Obama look urged riding go for a classic Jackie left. I did it again it she's older I want to keep it simple thought of eternal light pink suit. Remind me of a temple and come out and agony aunt out. So maybe she's just Ecstasy ads that are monochromatic and do it she does that's being diplomatic. Yeah. Does raise the arrived at the Monaco now like I'm. Dramatic things. I JP let let Steve this is. Why don't you take three minutes to think about it. The night and a process that always plays and some pillow talk and notes that will place until it's uprising you take three minutes and think about it. If anybody wants to call 4047419800. High eighties certainly can use it in blood. And then welcome back and if we also have jobs we'll find out who wanted to put an inch inch and shell. And and and.