Monday Morning Rap Battle

Monday, September 12th


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In case you haven't heard it today look nice. No I noticed colonies on your pants and we'll cover you. The championship show star and 84 line. Because of this fantastic Ryan from a couple weeks ago and I am the reigning rap battle champ BN London. Some chick filet now would totally be signed but the only boos they care about a Sunday church line maybe of frozen pizza can flip over my frowned. We use and Evan like this I'll burn my house down. Shouldn't they are partners already knows the only option now is swap hello. Taxes those who have big egg and you put it in my face hole yes please. Lot on the side with extra bacon too is anyone's seen their issue hop into lava has all the ooze super. They would fine if I throw up in this Woburn. And those skills great error those skills are why I got to pick the categories. For this week and Jan. Who is taking herself out of the competition BK is. Whatever sleep deprived. Appealing a sharply and arm wrapped today I just really want to be the one gets to sit back and be entertained but it works out well because JP is wanted to participate for a few weeks yet and we needed him to judge so you guys are gonna trade roles yes we're gonna trade JB is gonna be rapping about exit Jeff you're doing losing your keys he got producer Geneen you gonna be rapping about a target island. And Kelly cheese is wrapping abouts noisy eaters eat them lawyers I think it's only fair that JP starts things off now. I guess he has me doing this is the first time he's in the competition now JP take. A couple of cakes in the pants eat about five good on the manned some iTunes scrambled or over easy a black mark would set up an extra cheesy cracked. Active egg. Did a boat Sarah now. Not hot mess this up and I'll read Fred's homes and our us. Do you break. A good restaurant and not a not I'll make I'll that would make you saw it. It. Came out strong and then did some happened. That's right enthusiasm. Enthusiasm in an awesome I really leisure and it is senior movement as your as your sitting here likes of weighing image there is gone for it on one more. Bursa medical warm ours you may have that's now there's some oxygen deprivation at the kind of look like I stepped on attack. That is not our first it's JP it's all right my -- but it's okay are you to Clinton saying it's OK okay Jeff is gonna go next yeah. With by raft your topic is losing your keys FC Jeff holds on to the championship for two weeks and around. That. I can't you at these so I need to. And and being picky dealer rap battle. I love it again. I don't care what the costs I need some help when my keys are long. Are we sent them in the same place but then they vanished without a Trace why did this happen all the time. I hope your enjoy in this open he's just go away. Whoop disappear. Took him to go after them down here. Now they're missing and and I can't leave debate format bunch with PSI. Won't see him today that's our eyes. It was my turn to pay back. I thought. We. Are pretty much. I've been a struggle for. It looked back at it and I know I don't play. I don't know if I'd like jam in the position. A judge yeah that's who the real judge you're yeah I pretty name you're out on. And target Iran. That's your topic at him. Pack. Betty White will. I talk in target and I think I got my husband's. I tires and aren't yeah this is amazing. Can't blame me. I need a net I erratic. Q&A different B. Actually yes I think they do that enough the last. Pretty neat when that I haven't rafter about much different toppings I give and I think I got it happened in this tournament I'm pretty well. I if my neck if heaven is my calls to other. Okay you story after story pilot picked. All God's help failed talking from now. That Kyle's decision to my aimed at this and I'll be talking with a solid win and I am the section of this crisis. I would three hours milk and I'll just come right back after a longing ED I think both Alex. Niles. A basic tenets that my apartments or don't eat on the program to and after they yeah I think. I don't. I. Not even. I do you wanna go or are you guys. It's over I mean from the block here I'm club. Hey Nancy nine from that. All right there are definitely your. Now in the U. And dying you're gonna end up. Kinda. I'll tell you I'm iso thinking DO ice I did think that inning crash and how. Now. In Bridget added at least message yeah. Petty arguing that they need to let that noise whereas Canon comes is that you'd Zealand with him out by now my god. I do it right I serve and that's you relegated to engineer and see if you can yeah. A angering and. What's that noise where it's coming prompt that you sit down with your mouth wide open and killed gross. Stuck smack him I can hear everything investors back and feel gross. You gotta stop it sound like a pig's. Eating up that yet open and Magid says oh no you haven't Campbell UAL's. I graduate student. All of valiant effort under wraps in lighting. Like me. Impressed with the match we need to have an irritation might have to be birds. Plates you name I'm Amy now. Professionally for you have color but it's downs and I asked. I've dated eight. Are now we're getting. I mean I mean there's champion let me ask you get to pick it up there. Are right and next week and the German and channel four raps about that he's. All right thanks for waking up when Jeff and like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.