Monday Morning Rap Battle

Monday, June 27th


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Any forward. Tells give me three years turning on a Monday morning for us and hope she get these fingers quickly into another radius. He Monday morning rap battle that the jets and Jamie show Kelly genes that are topics. This week I. I got a Kelly is really get it rapping is I'm intimidated that she's used to heat yeah. And see about six hours else where ominous had a chance to win the bag isn't any good is going to be performing today has been completely freaked out. Hey if you do not have happened in no producer Kelly she's and you happen to have an infectious disease and honor today. Ha ha yeah yeah it sure would appreciate that. I've been before again there's that you honestly thank you and to our friends. That I can studios on Stafford pace down. I said the stone attic. But he needs and needs. And speeds that we can some crimes over how long. Like after that question voice cracking up laughing and really done any. Then you Thabeet and now it for. So he sent me some stuff. Some of it where one of the Vietnamese. Woman in madly. Cool. And she's she's just one big competition beats making count and and the other person baby girl. Issues and needs for. The hustle so we can no longer blame the feats I. And have really professional athletes and really immature raps on the. I feel like. I usually he's letting really clumsy people in on the game. That's the album that's exactly what's that's right I go first. He's got to get overweight in counties are gone last. I. Some are go person and Jan and David you can say Davis and my scissors in my topic is some thoughtful people driving and humble and and on and use mad these mad these beasts. This is for real hub. Yes you guys say. I came back. Does this happen like went off from Paul McCartney walks and onstage. People chatting holiday face it when people picks up the Mike millions of people commenting. This is our rap videos a rat battle I mean that rappers always have a people on the stage or heighten the hype man content. I'm different needs to be quiet. I. Pay grants. What's the deal. You've got no business it behind that Rio. You can see. You can't hear. All of your riders are filled with fear. Bhutto wrote a song moved me about the way I'm screaming that you know as I drove to the mob today. I. If you age is great your skills probably ain't I know it's hard but you know what right hang up those keys and saved a life. A pop up pretty sure this is not that we had in mind that. There. Have had Reagan. You know I don't and I wanted to clear. It. Is so bad right here next fan. And I'd hang girls. They beat. The. Lack of food blood sugar is low and here is what can you need to know me so angry 00. Reset angry. Need of food long time. Everything you say right now is it not just an end knowing he meets them she is now you'll see Amy Fuller than me so angry. He's a hankering. I need a car bright house dust twinkies and MySpace and demagoguery sandwich and started about the case. I don't tank and oh yeah he's angry. I am a month and yes I'm picking out. This is vehement needed doubled. My job. And it. I I I really wanted to live through bad. On the economy so. I think I have well that was again. The amazing. Into your rough yeah topic with Kanye West yeah this is going to be another angry rap because it's. Any idea. My game where he thinks he's the best religious edict that all night at Airgas. And jar let me talk a new year and. He thinks he's the best artists on the planet because of youth but he's more like cousin it. And get on Mike he should just take it feet I'd rather listen to wiggle over and over on creepy. App at. Are you glad. Yeah I. Oh yeah I'd rather listen though wiggles. That is afterwards their leader yeah. I Kelly she's rated a lot of hopes. In this on the name it's not cavity and in fact I thought. And the British connection watching cavity and very very strange I think I got to act I think she's in rats at the beat of. Katie Katie Katie Katie. Yeah. This song it's yeah. Didn't I hear any I think that. Oh. My gosh is there chaos and mayhem at an area. There are about to root your beats me ago. I again. A hundred million views. Was that it's another compilation videos of cats jump from ledges they'll never make it that ball to the ground it's an instant hit. Roman the bathtub and make them scared to put it on base looking get a million shares hidden and babies in the same video. Oh my god is Internet gold email link Katz attacked a kid it never ever. This all is Sid and these funny but is the best cat videos they're better than no breath. Yeah I've. Heard today that a minute and is in having your. Game today. Aren't exactly. You got left out and out and left me a break out. And over him. For of. Outcome. Chief wine now I don't think it's I think you're DMX version here on it lists grade at that I can clearly hear your girls. The thing. Maria now. Join me in this with the athletic Europe. It's sort of put this in order okay. I would say yeah actually he's won yet but you know as you right there you're like he's right there. I thought it was great Kelly cheese and hit Jane David in and the new. I think we all agree on is that you're a dad yeah. So it's dollar and 941.