Mom's My Secret Admirer: Part 4 With Jenn

Thursday, February 16th

Jeff's friend signed a hidden valentine for her teenage son 'secret admirer'. #MomofTheYear or #WhyMomWhy? 


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And young star ready for a one. Carlisle welcome to the Jackson changed hands. The war on Mario gave the debate is whether or not it was appropriate from my friend. This and her thirteen year old son a Valentine. As a secret admirer. I'm like you are crazy girl there's so much that you go wrong when that and it's kind of like yeah I don't telling everybody gets trophy. Together it's okay try to get him down and in jams like no way coddle kids. No why is to be a good confidence booster for him if he doesn't ever finance and it's not why not. Well pop a Lee I quite I. But it's got bad I look at it. 0000. Why are. Ali and you know. Oh yeah. Yeah they're people daring you know. I know he beat the pretty dull. And you know. I have. Agreed to. But Al outlook 80 are. Urged. That being our work you know we get hurt or whenever German help you want you to. But for your mind. I don't go there. But the hardest thing to do right. Got a bit. On it I just think it'll do you think that especially content double LP and you know. Column in the leg in an era this girl would be so the bat an eye on the incumbent militia and he gonna be well. Bangs yeah well thank you for your brilliant wisdom and insight to our sorry that you find yourself from 99.9. I'm glad I'm glad today you seemed. Christine and coming. Yes hello and dad can I LA and gaining weight written ya every morning my girl and high. I'll let his exile near the completely endorsed really. And that what I look on the island is that certainly is picky here he's thirteen years old and I'm glad I got three kids. And my third one in the middle apple isn't that right. N out of. At age or older so I've been through that thirteen year old age and I'm nick we're talking about a child that may be growing facial hair. Color. But seriously eight grade thirteen year old eight right that's that's just a little too old to be doing that can thank you have been fourth or at greater. I can understand. I got gas in secrecy and that I have not heard a worthy said since assertive picturing a thirteen year old with a beard. You up at three yen and and my third and the middle go the other two are older and happy that there are kids that have facial hair. And milk it's out so they. All of the deep sneaking a Valentine intent I. You know all age things we QB to give it was a fourth or is greater good confidence when they're old enough to start actually thinking about dating I would say that's when you can't interfere or bad because then you're messing with them seriously think about people. I only a series as you can but like estimate of first degree point eight Mara thank you for welcomed in Asia. Could ask you got to. I am I I agree I completely disagree. With and I'm sorry but. I don't think it's big bowl is giving him Bob Hope it won't don't or won't they be looking prediction no. Culpable they how. I'll advocate mark. He group we are I won't ever really heard that he and haven't been shy little boy age. I'm got to get better lately you look at competent to make a particular make a yellow I am not allowing him. And what have a Z get older she sued but what that meant McGinty years from now she just give my little French tests. Our poet and luckily thank you won't immediately IL IC. Star in 941.