Mom's My Secret Admirer: Part 3 With Jenn

Thursday, February 16th

Jeff's friend signed a hidden valentine for her teenage son 'secret admirer'. #MomofTheYear or #WhyMomWhy? 


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Thanks for making us less. It's just it's just now on star not before one and so high now here's the debate Jan. That in this came operate FT laughs I don't know if you were aware of listening or what time you had to be we've. With Goran and with cramp right. Eight I thought it. It waves and I'm gonna try to say this without actually an actress and who's gonna replace this meant to tell you this area and I give your and it sounds just. My friend told us last night that sheet and we are with a group of people and she told us. Then I'm Valentine's Day she had her friend sneak up card in a candy bar in their her son's. I think backpack or locker it's school a kind I'm. That's say did some things I mean something you are secret admirer. So she delivered to him a Valentine from a mystery woman. He is an eighth grade which we figured out is like twelve or thirteen years old a tank so. And she was. Very excited to tells the story was was was bragging about it. OK so when she told you this story had he come home to tell her about it. Yeah this is last night says so he came home from schools like mom I got a card from secret America I don't even know of the story that she told us got that far OK because we all know what his response so as if he's out of school I guess thirteen year old boys palate don't say much we we -- to their parents raiders to cool little talk about anything. And as a group we had a response. When she just told us what she did a kind. What are you what what should gut response on that. Well I have more questions I was at her handwriting obviously no art no. Was not her hand rhino. In our phone number by the way for a 1463094. Wind and is this a kid who is popular there. Or is this a kid who might need a little social boost that they don't. And guess can be yeah social moves. I think it's a great idea then because he doesn't know that's from mom he gets some. Mode joke because he's like how I got a secret minor. And Antony like no no harm no well we have points to gain you who aren't you. I'm just thinking about it from. His I'm trying to think about it from his point of view that he got a secret admirer of card as punishing never ever ever ever ever ever tells him it's from her. August. Jennifer. You cannot I had no why are you having a fit right now there rat. I like what is he's it's does mean that social boost which means he's not super used to girls being into him which mean hey he gets this card. This is his life now. He has a girl somewhere in the school that likes him OK then once rarely used so exciting he's like I have a guy that likes me I'm solicit our enemy her rumored iPhone love. She doesn't exist dumb she never appears and then this mom has to hear him coming home and being like. Isn't about content it's really talk about it all the time he doesn't know it is now he just knows that this is a girl up there likes him any would woman can't more competent. And told she them ever appearance. Here not a boy likes me I don't know who was I would just there and be like I don't. I don't know beauty all sad that they never came up to me to be obsessed with that dean and I'm the 1%. Chance JP said a bad past the risk. Far outweighs the reward really what are the risks and others thirteen year old boys find out that his mom wrote him it secret mired that's less about the handwriting or if she was gonna ever challenge how the search find out pat what do people -- excited and she eventually tells them because she feels and I know she cannot say a word and it can't be your handwriting but I think it's pain. I think there's a great idea so many people thought it was a great idea and I think it's a slam dunk now. Well may be all need to start breeding and all new and figure out a right answer for 04 navy should be a thirteen year old boy. Borrowed words used 630941. That debate continues yeah I heard that you. And she I'll star for a lot.