Mom's My Secret Admirer: Part 2

Thursday, February 16th

Jeff's friend signed a hidden valentine for her teenage son 'secret admirer'. #MomofTheYear or #WhyMomWhy? 


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And she I'll still are ready for Laura I can now believe the phone calls. That we are getting. Three game to these. The conversation. A friend of mine. Had a Ballantine from a secret admirer smuggled into her thirteen year old son's. Backpack. So he would feel good. I'm Valentine's Day. And she told a group of people this. Everybody especially the guys in the group relate alone now that's terrible. We've got the phones open for a 42630941. And Christie will be up first and in Carrollton and Peter mirrored on Jim's voice today and that's TK news. She's had suspension. Disconnect that's because as she state entered her daughter and you know that I'm Jennifer had just moved so they're taking a daughter of the first day of school so that's virgin is now. Which means is just unite Kristi. Just being you talking about whether or not this is a good idea welcome addition. Terrible idea right. I think you can get a bit kept my daughter in eighth straight you start yet while issued greatly with her breakout. And I would talent they thought about that maybe the mother would do that Decatur and spirits up. But if it's ever at the risk JP said it best there risk so far outweighs the reward. That if there was ever discovered especially. A thirteen year old boy oh my god Christie would never live it down I mean are they counting the Valentine's they receive on Valentine's Day after like about I was thirteen again. It's not that big of a deal right. Undermine it in late night you know block out all at bigger are out a late last year. County they're summit at around and I hate to say that there are right up. It's aren't cracked any battle net the so. I declined to get it back. Okay well do you take enter an intense level that I didn't think he would get to this morning. Candy endeavor Israel welcomed this year. Aaron I wouldn't either but in a different way I think her heart ordinary place but an engine went about it are wrong. I would send my son Valentine gift but I would let them know it was for me but I would send him something that would Colin that they can share with his friends there. You'll have done on Tuesday. I think you is yeah issued in the right spot like thinking about it but I think issue it about a thorough way especially kinda creepy. So you come up with some saying it that you mean it that is not. That that can that kid knows is from the mom but mom. Crafts and in a way that he can just take it to score a somebody to hang on his backpack. My dad yeah mom of the year. Makes a bunch on times to give to him for him to give to a bunch of other people's. I think he has to he he's got stuff again he's got love to give. Especially if he's gonna go over break up than he gets to be like. I'm going to be a secret admirer. Star in Atlanta crazy idea right. Now actually that mom. You have my. I have my IOE thirteen year old car with. Then I'll hate which meant that I got my old cardinal Berry I like. I know. He's just don't. He's just breaking it down to it to what it is he's like Ambien free candy I don't care who it's from. I had today would you be worried about a IOI. So by Hewitt know that it was from you now. Not Alex Albania but it accurate clock but the wrecked. Guidebook you record an album that are. When homeland by. Sociological. And so you're waiting for her for him at the corner wearing one of those T Rex outfits. I didn't look at it and he let it out from that at the RI. And well. That's the greatest thing I've heard all of you make the noises too. Tough and can you would you still have that constant if you do we send us a video of that. Curve it I'm UK Wii U I'd tag stern for what Atlanta and that weekend. Oh there's constant may be lap 100%. Why Katie and Lawrenceville please. Is is a gold star mom are now. And I. Lilly. Not OK. Okay that and yet I ain't I I and bell. I I totally get it on one side I think really we really you. I get that you like is gonna bring it on that fast. I'm Karl muck where it from my arm. You know he understands that but a specially signing up on your secret of my hair. Green that it but you're not gonna let you down and out. You think he'll let me any and it's gonna come out banging. You know mom sent back. And you know. That's my theory is that like I don't think you can explain. How relentless twelve and thirteen year old boys can be I know because I've been wine and I've been on both sides and have they ever find out. I mean it's when they talk about like he should we torture terrorists. Like I know there's a lot of discussion and if ways to do that but here's the way to do it put him in an eighth grade classroom that bunch of boys and give them some to make fun of and they'll speak looks for all their secrets and in a weekend. Elizabeth welcome in Asia. I didn't completely see how are you. Bill will third because so many people are supporting my friend. No. No. Doubt there's not old. Your cell. I'm guessing at your voters now. No I. That's at Jimmy James Beatles Ames no way who is an expert in this area because Zoe is thirteen years old he's going. Changed I. Can Merrill B Hank Aaron. If he ever found out he'd be heartbroken. He generally have a Valentine's. Right and tell us. But if she signed it from my high ski Comex up urging banks aren't the first thing you we have easy sign up from mama you make it cool enough. Yeah it just doesn't even admire what he comes home and he isn't really excited. And then he goes off for a couple of weeks in like there's a girl that likes me and then this mom has to be like. Always knows me like I imagine the heartbreak that kid feels it hearing that it was his mama hold not only was she not like. Real bright it was his mom who didn't tell him that results in the future I named big event that yeah error the possibility that this can break his heart in the future. I'd Jason Deborah so welcome militia. I thank you all they'd let Beckett will be Cornish is one that looks like crouched. If he doesn't eat as someone that actually keep them liars. I can I I have to be hours it thank you Jay's that's what they like going for these things we're gonna have to bring this back up when Jen gets back from taken Lauren to school. Because. It's truly 5050 and I expected to be a landslide. The quick vote in hero were all unanimous that mom ocean down right carrot you know but James now. Gene Taylor. I Jessica you committal last call for this round what's up. OK I think it's supporting him it's gonna give them a little secret compliment to boost she can't remember that the cup now now let it come out you know. Something could happen but you know it's a secret I would be so all the time that seek really good kid that. But just can't. This kid's gonna be and waiting for the rest of his life to find out. Which so eighth grade classmate of his life Sam and she's never gonna find out because she's imaginary. She's like a ghost are. Our waned. Do you remember from me created. The trick. Me into a secret salad. Right or you don't and I hope that it didn't care. It's now meet Jessica but somewhere in the world there is an eighth greater. Right these are there's an adult sitting outside of his eighth grade classroom just waiting for that little girl with a note in his backpack three decades ago. To show herself because he knows. Maybe there's been nice eight Iranian born into it like I what is your balance I'd be start Dokic or. What if you notice her that causes some other girl he's waiting for a guy.