Mom's My Secret Admirer: Part 1

Thursday, February 16th

Jeff's friend signed a hidden valentine for her teenage son 'secret admirer'. #MomofTheYear or #WhyMomWhy? 


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Thanks for making this wedge to adjust adjust one start now before I want us. I think my friend who's a mama. Had a total gigantic fail. It over Valentine's Day I'll explain it here in 12. That if you are the mom of I teenage boy. But this caters thirteen. It's great rates and every thirteen BI agent names have not yet so. So if you're the mama and eighth grader. Listen to attempted to what you did to the region under your Jens ways and this is because I Asia note he's probably Janning grant just moved and today's Lawrence first day of her new school so. James go to do mommy thing whatever priorities. Fishy stated in Ashe stadium orders to it to schools so. To carry geez you mean JP we're gonna have a group discussion. About this momma. Who. Thought that it would be a good idea. To. Write a Valentine. To her son. From a secret admirer. And ask her friend who works at the school. Choose slip it into his. I'm assuming blocker or backpack or wherever she had access to but it was slipping to hiss and stuff. Somehow. I'm Valentine's Day and she probably told this story. Last night and we were all like. Where work. I'd go so mass do you see it comes teach people not things need to happen. Why this has been business yeah. It does sound like fill them removed as it it doesn't. Com how high you have it does it he probably. Pulled it off a little. It better than most people tail. Yeah they if it sounds very much like some things have told them they would we do I. I had a similar thing happened to me when I was in basketball camp around the same age so. This one people actually wrote letters to each other like when they're away camp tank and it. I got three letters from my aunt my mom and my dad and everybody was like movies Dayton three girls and Al Agha the Motley. Pass three girls have like twelve years old is from my mom. My aunt and my dad but at least she's only in this your family that B I give your mom's that you won at camp behind. I did know you're leaving for this summer and I have a big crush on you love anonymous you know life. Also wet is her desert can get picked on Aaron. Well he she just. The windshield is telling this story she is telling it from a mom's place so she had nothing but love for this gave sushi wasn't. Was insane and the guys especially the apartment towers age or like. You have no idea how relentless thirteen year old boy is completely. Any guide finds out that your mom did that. Nobody's crew landed Roy an egg that's who I know that's number one I say that and then number two you're setting. Like. That religion rejection. Rejection as part of its there's going to be some years or you don't get Valentine's. Like Kelly's had about thirty of them. All of us are battling even funny nine okay. Like that's part of a lot so I can. That needs it needs to learn a bit now he's dug deep down about who this lake secret girl is the gamut of balance time with eggs and Evan downs or whatever. It's that she put in there with them and he's like oh and then now nothing's gonna come of lady there her Romania she keeps writing a letter that is worse now. That's creepy the risk is not worth the reward in this situation I well I'm glad that you all a 100% agree. With me so it was total violate do you think other parents do this I don't know I. Gonna save lake sits at the phone number is 4042630941. World 14630941. The the situation is this my friend has a thirteen year old son she knew he wasn't getting anything for Valentine's Day. So she slipped a hand someone slip a card. And like a tree and I can't remember what it was but it was like some sort of candy. In his either blocker or backpack. Or somewhere from a secret admirer. Have somebody else rank the card and everything Taylor really sweet things about them. And now this kid thinks that. He doesn't have a Valentine says this mom of the year. Or is this worse mom because she thinks that she should get big gold star in the rest of us in the group are. All right alls I know I don't know I don't know I don't know goals. Nothing you can jump star ready for a one.