This Mom Doesn't Want Her Daughter To Be Smarter Than Her Part 2

Monday, November 14th


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In Smyrna and all over. A little girl and I. Jet engines Shia and starting now ready for law and. We are again take your calls here and just the second McCarron. We you first give everybody a quick recap like thirty seconds of why you reach out to us on FaceBook. Why why am I gonna. She district don't think the SATs and she did you really really well and I can't imagine heard the end. That much smarter than me so I'm study in my off the I couldn't take hits at. Let her secret late in the country take aim to prove to myself that my own cabinet monitor me. All right some people have called to. Talk about this and so will let you listen in as we say good morning to Courtney welcomed the show. How you got it began to me we complete crap that lady off on your. You're talking about her while I had Houston. Let me play devil's advocate Karen is not gonna tell her daughter how bush the reformed but she's actors say I beat you it's just for Karen's own wellbeing. What we're talking about it. You want you need to do better and you want and speed more than you ladies. And I went to products and. I think thanks for the talk earnings heartening. Stormy and Dallas I stormy. Day carriages ones. Parent of one of the note that she's Smart and well. I don't Bryant they integrate it became irate parent my page out strategy more and become more. And you have it out yeah that's how light it. That works right at every day eat now. Examining that he had no. That's out now but I'm hearing Lulu out patient when you haven't met the man could be quite a high. I figured out and not get there in your own mind. When making it lets you add that you're hot you want here. Now Kerry you're not discouraging. Your daughter from a studying anything scenario. I don't know. To be well. And I don't really want to hurt you actually never been there lie I just I don't know why they couldn't wait at all. On the other. But he did not like it you'd be did she ever find out how. If you're going to be much. If I. You wanna be admired your child into account should be minding you usually don't feel like you. Against their own Ohio. It circles aren't. Meg an inch Harrelson and welcome to the jet engine check. Any parent is ridiculous I market and that. And eight women and T and you may think they lie here there's been. Ebitda and watched them. You can't really ask them he really can and cannot found them. Like not everyone else of it but let me play devil's advocate and the return to argue in okay. It's like. You like to compare kids and dogs yes it's like Sadie and don't want the best for your dog and finally I'd be proud of them if they were smarter than you know but I would also want to note that if you threw a T shirt over my face. I can get out of that ass there than they can get out of it and Retief over there. That's you cannot compare kids and I mean I tried to like go down that red tees sometimes after just just wait and you advocated. You will not add them. Karen can be OK but she's not let's just let me just try something okay. Let me just try this like she's not doing anything to discourage. She's now doing in the stopper it from doing well she just privately wants the notes it erring can do more well. Well. If you do well while at a right you're not doing any marriage Karen do not knocking her down. Obama really not want you won't know idea. How I feel about and and as I say eight people saying that. I'm only concerned about being better than her. I'm concerned with my own now. Knowledge that for the rest of my life I'm always going to be a bit ridiculous I can help her and I may. Better suited but they're going to support I needed that security in my mind. I'd Dana in Gainsville committed Schaub. I wanted to say I understand that and I wouldn't say that that's really wanna eat smarter than my. Hawaii can understand apparently their parents are now they've never had teenage kid because the kid because he hater. All of sudden they note at only thing you don't know anything anymore and they pretend that everything and Coke. I thank look at a little bit of animal let it may need it I do know a big bucks. Might it be smarter than me I want them to be so easily to what although it can take care while it read. Then that you don't you know keep saying it's not exactly that. So you you that's been shocking. I think there's argument is just paid if you have teenagers you know it's like yet they used and it. Hey Steve and Johns creek welcome to death sentence out. Hey guys so there's a profound difference between being it's being Smart the new kid and being lied to the new. So you could be older and why did your child abuse you as a parent. That's the market good parenting your kid is more successful that you would anywhere in February. So we are fair to say that she wants to be Smart and can even I don't know mind that's gonna as and that. Drive how she interacts with a kid and she always going to be looked composition of luck in this crucial Butte. Condescending or whatever and that'll they'll start their relationship that's actually actually it. Thank you get quite as Steve I had Kerry who's hotter you or your daughter. Address is better and absolutely gorgeous. Who's who's more who's better in the let's hit eight weary in well she definitely regained that department. Any you've been on hold and thank you for holding in Lawrenceville real quick what leisure time. I didn't talk and he asked that the mom considering the fact that even though she may or may be telling her daughter that you you know and then. It comes barely at a key actions were your child and there's no way you can tell me that all of that did not being. Are straight to her daughter whether she sang it or not he's not giving the act and that didn't lose he's not doing parity you did great I thought he'd be better at it you know about the natural. Mom I wouldn't. You can't tell me that that's not. Being portrayed her whether she edited or not. Any great feeling to be very subtle but it's commentary that's for share thank you Amy and Lawrenceville for listening is it late Kia. The Kia in Atlanta. Real quick which it down and throw them away. No problem. With pinky yelling at her daughter I'd do not Jill like she could hold the sport and married baseless scored higher in our daughter. Watching the door and I think with a thick at the ballpark and I think he's extremely jealous that her own. With several years. It's really. It is I think I. I Jesse also in Lawrenceville thanks for holding without Jesse. I am coming from a cause I'd had. Actually I'm really hot I am also a dot and a single. Eli. I viewing hot and I can do it on the net make sure I'm I. And pay out all right you've got a bite at backing it ridiculous. And if you want that they can't really get old. Being overruled her daughter liberty or. At times where you are viewing the school's. Idea right at Georgia. Gold and I think Jesse is going to be in sports things. And those were things about it and maybe. Auburn maybe I'll burn go to well. Actually listening and ours that they item when last call he Al Holly Springs what's up. Hey there am I got a couple questions sectarian though. What how you gonna prepare yourself that you don't score better than your honoring. I don't know she ends far ahead and vice Versa IV and if you did why better. What what's the game plan how are you gonna go forward without any he might need to set there appeared on page a but I do have another comment. There's nothing wrong with what she's doing life she keeping the speaker. Mean very wise very very worried her listeners Jenner very wise in May trigger point. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search sawing people want it'll tell.