This Mom Doesn't Want Her Daughter To Be Smarter Than Her Part 1

Monday, November 14th


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010. The jet engine shop. Topic and I'm for I know where it came from a came from I'm your daughter Jenkins and bragging about her daughter when day and by. Brain immediately goes to the negative. Your brain went to fear air fare if you had a kid that was smarter than you will tariff what might it turns out enemy. Yet the the story was that that. Ken's older daughter Laurie did really well on this in this evaluation. It's supposed to protect what type of it all she might be in gen games and and be knowledge yeah bragging if the parents should blame it on my mind that it's that well. My first thought was what if she ends up being smarter and what if you have to live with someone until she's eighteen that would have aged nine and she is smarter than her parents and she can outsmart you know we take over the bills stepped down. Figure out how we should be saving. Right aren't you worried about that and we added a budget a budget calls. Along the same lines that morning. Conflicts and he took a liking to NAFTA very very early on. And when I was asking him what looked maps and touched it or talking about the quantum physics of the universe. Six year old talk about on its OK at that as frightening those those are all well and good and that we get a message after the show from Erin. And Caron joins us right now. Aaron good morning will not allow her daughter who is in high school he's smarter than she weekend. The morning. This is day you are now. This topic has now become. Who is competing. With their children. I really competing with your daughter and. I don't know prepare like we put it that way. Yeah this kid did not gonna turn out to be smarter than me. Think that what you mean is she already brilliant or black. She I wouldn't think you would genius he's it. Only then very aggressive in her body. You want to be the best that you can be an of course you know Perry isn't gonna love that about their kid. But. Just a little achy ankle got me to. And you were so fired up about proving that you are smarter than your daughter. That you're trying to find a way to take the SATs. This year. Exactly on it and it's. Studying the you can get power plant on line. I can't I haven't found a way to get actual has yet if you can do that platform and suddenly my butt off you know that the court. There last night until midnight studying epics like that. Should I can can't. Mountain. Road kidnapped and bargaining at the cleanup. So you're gonna take the SAT. Amid the tough I absolutely. I got to prove so out and smarter than my own then. And so it's you're not telling your child that you are doing that. Will she even now. No. So this is just purely for years. Well. I would say eighty. Probably not let the plane hit and you can have my child growing now think that he's smarter than me I gotta have it on paper. OK so when she takes her CD's and gets the scores back you're gonna be like hey well look at mine. The failure of man I can't earlier say it mightn't get my own knowledge. It doesn't drive me crazy week. And okay ends. With the sounds there might be a few other issues going on here with your daughter or his his she take it she if she's a junior has she taken it yet. Washington when I'm ready to ticket. October and she did phenomenal. Spot at all Lillian my blog about it actually pretend I'm into plans on that and again and would apply them on the well she didn't like crazy this week. So that I can finally make it and get into my well. I'm not the mile. I just isn't feeling as weight here I'm mama daughter sue and I cannot imagine. Not being proud of them I mean she really great and her SATs most parents would be celebrating that and so. And honoring and give dinner the high fives. Don't get me wrong I am probably like that the at the pulpit and make it already had come from you know I know. I assure you that can include jeans and other at all. We know that we're putting and told immigration then again. You know. Did you just say you know for sure that she doesn't have. Genius genes in her. And I'll. I'll definitely. Don't want to let you know mentally that other little. I have. Hatred dad's ill in the picture. Lou. I Eric can you hang on for just. But it. I would love to lineup these these these calls. If nick related. To recap. Hearing is so competitive. We've her own daughter. That she's willing to take the SAT. To beat her daughter score right personal satisfaction of being Smart and pan. He's you have an artist today look goods. And no noticed colonies on enhancing we'll cover you just enjoy the show starring eighty for a lot.