Molly's Honeymoon Snooping Update

Monday, June 6th


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Geoff in good joke to show Vizio. Conversation I had 404741. Now before hundreds on the sign any moral law. On Friday morning we took an urgent call from Mali. Who was using her fiance is computer. And stumbled across. And stumbled across some information related to the surprise honeymoon that he is planning and like two or three weeks. And she doesn't want ago. So where he is taking. Got some bad memories sushi and memories. From full erroneously that memories yeah proposal. At this lights Molly we got you a lot of advice. Friday morning did you take any of it. I did take me to buy and I decided to be. Yeah nineteen per cent on the. Okay. It's. What I 90% and share your fiance hit and why would you choose honesty. And do you wine do you want a good relationship 31 and it radiates and fifty. What. And I'm. I'm. Glad and intimate. Kind of pop up house. Yeah. He came back that now where. I mean I knew it. I've got that there were actual ticket at that grade. I think you can change her name which is pretty amazing that he's doing is making me feel back. So than 90% honesty was you just told them the stuff popped out as it was when it was that magic. Computer. Madness where it's just stuff pops up that your outlook and for. In Latin yet things out of that conference and they. You left out the part we actually went in news history and folders. Around. Internet I tiny geek out. I am did you tell him about that. Previous proposal. There. May. How bad memories for me in that. And then he totally and it died in new line I get one way. Go there and you know bring back at that. So he said this was never an option anyways and consummate leader Saddam worry about it. And you know that's a lie to you. Colin because he's doing it for. So sweet it's spare feelings around eight for one. Well. EB. About it. That place from management. And that out better than I thought it was going to hit the right. Thing. And I left I love it when love happens yeah. Thank you Molly. I'd share in the service and and hopefully you're inspired. By the. Ever honest Jeff and Mary on the. And I all right thank you Molly Molly. Gates says changes. That. Discussion but is why old Leo. Media. OK so bad. That good. 90%. 90%. Are just making sure. A want. Suggestions shall.