Moe is Mad

Wednesday, July 19th

She purposely drives the speed limit in the left lane, and she's mad at us!? 

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Jess initiative her kindness. For drivers everywhere has now made one woman so. And at hand so. Hello team Peachtree City joining the jet engine shows see you expressed her anger and we viewers charity ball. All my daughter sing that song every parent I am I'm. Highway. The move one. Well Lou one. So and now. I come here rape and you don't like me because I am one of those people who actually drive belt. And it ends up Bartlett labeled hate even. Hi you doing that. But don't close to limit. It was slow what what are you going inside job very I saw your paper page gaps. So it. Everybody a little bit people who are grinding cautiously. A pilot and activists. Eat all you younger you are encouraged her reached and that it did that. That are causing problems are the people who are trying to do it responsibly. I said the farm Leslie you're aware as the passing lane that's the lane that your Spacey is to pass other vehicles your. Knowing. When and where it is somebody who wants to pass you go. Shell out so your time in the last plane it's a slow down all of traffic because you don't think they should be speeding. Well. Ending the breaks on the expressway as. That was on the premise that this is ridiculous it's ridiculous. All right so listen so if you are. Okay it's so. I hear any you know and again will your old message your initial message to me. Why is that I posted about the speed trap saying there's a thing Jen called operation southern shields. They're doing it or not they're doing it in five states and they're going to take it people who go just five miles and up to ten miles an hour SP they're getting into it everybody. Because station and and is in the city hours outside the city are everywhere it's all over so. 7585. Perimeter too many times. Four times trade it dead everywhere if you're going even five miles over the speed limit you can get I some I don't know I don't know what the road is. If it's windy hill. Parkway in through Smyrna. Some there yesterday a cracked but when their speed guns out. Caitlin and ad court welcome to the Japanese and channel. Anger. Learning wow am. I. And I. I enjoyed about lodge that you're in the last plane and Democrat and senator appeared in the beverage wrangling to let them pounds yeah. I'm charged topic its attention to Iraq weeks. I understand what her problem. Says hello all. I'm going to hurt people who aren't. As opposed his Internet. Rebecca in snow fell welcomed addition. Yet they are actually a state law that so bad it is your and it's easy traffic and are pretty. Get a ticket. It's this slow pokes some re just. Tweeted that to us since the slow poke cloud right. Right center Eric Campbell I and there are people behind your opinions are liable called art they're. I'm always been a whole lot eat as well what you might be injured in traffic. I knew about that move over a lot like if Sammy stalled or there's somebody pulled over in the right lane. I can't pass them immediately and an excellent every dispute over one lane give him some space season but I didn't know the other way around from the last Lau. Mean Mo what are your motivation. For doing this like why me. Why. Don't understand why people are in such a hurry. And don't a Christine the man. Did I read. Let me Ingrid what I did you go about speed limit their bum luck luck. Are there in our reader and local law abiding looks to her and she changed its labor. But that's we have police are not police officer should you could actually cause an accident. Not people who are in such a hard. Our secure than a mile jet ski and each. Militants colonel vigilante right now. Don't you feeling there putting yourself or your dot easy and it's a daughter who always things via moves on museum. You don't you tell your putting yourselves and an ad read her endanger I'd being in the left lane and going low. And I England and the responsible driver and respectful driver. Out but I numbers fall. Well people are stacking up who relate to talk directly do you most are you able to hold on you're just a couple of minutes. Sir OK I would if there's anybody that agrees and there's no way. No. Yeah. I know trying to find amount of for a four G 63 earnings were one. Switched today Kevin. Hey ma oh can you explain yourself in 22. I traveling the speed limit I am a lot I will citizens' lives he needed a lot of. And weird you most often decide to Obey the speed limit. Murray where it scared. Including in the far left lane and every major highway Iraq. And then. And not general and that's unless it's an attempt sued slowdown everyone's. People aren't even at root and then they say old hunting accident. But are you. I'm not in no actually I'm kind of a game looked slow people hunting accident and this. I do feel like sometimes on the highway admin and video game. It could well he's hurt so here is who is a video game no UN women's shot may lasers a long time ago. I. Okay exactly. I zoo. I've who is an 85 right now totally agrees with mile. I bet it a lot. A smell absolutely and I understand you want to follow the rules but there are multiple rules there are open sat on the and a bad stroke I. 83 at Dayton. Or attract. Safe for the right thing or lean back and beat UConn act that it will be your ball. That's lost here in Georgia. Sue her argument is that some pie a following the speed limit there should be. No need for her to move over because she's going as fast as she possibly legally can't. Answer. Local walk and then. As the rail line and Georgia. I hearing in locust grove things that low. Is a great role model census. I asked. I'm on the floor making it now a great share and our students. Are on my god I'm drive for a living. I'd be amount emergency medical transportation. And I am an out of Atlanta traffic every major highway. And go back road everything you could think of about twelve hours every day. And then the woman. Dug in behind people like her on the expressway. Lights go out I guess you could say. And definitely a lot. He has the move over to the right even eighteen during the posted speed limit cheek then so yeah eight yet for impeding traffic. And Sharon don't always think these are the people who are either vague little and Saddam and how. I had all art they're able they're just coming through town right there from Florida Laver there they're around surrounding states and their just their way through. Did what I. You are extremely area on the highway. Right that's why do we think it is and so clueless but did she's not clueless she's doing it on purpose this state doesn't matter. Because. Everywhere it isn't. Everybody know the left lane is the vastly in the past yeah. You have to know that every go to your driver's Ed school hey Gabrielle actually and Lawrenceville if I'm reading this correctly is falling in love with Mo and wants to know she single panic during a real. I have reluctantly I just. Love the fact that she'd been searching Google applaud interstate is that they were reported for everybody to get support it according beat. Back then you could and here I wrote initiated that says lol. I understand. If if they would need to book well it would never vetted it can't treat light every single solitary. I Taylor driving down 400. Currently going five miles and the speed limit in the playing in solidarity is that accurate Taylor since the. That is not even sort of actors. Stokes so. I've actually looked up the reasoning I don't have low grade your issue certain things that sectors are so I think one thing that drives you couple all of them you know lastly the right to get rid our support your personal and yet on how fast someone is going. Look up. The reasoning behind people. Are less likely now to try my neck into it meant for it actually can't looked up to Egypt is well. That IE there you are more likely to caught in action if people took the lead and you can tell you. At a faster pace because you're in the last 22 you're more likely to caught enacted anti taxer driver. Philly cheese has a hand in the air and is nodding your head if they chi is that our three of a gospel church on an island like he Taylor I love you have. I can tell you that phrase Holland and even though right people like her cause accidents Jen in Kennesaw. I. Know I actually my I'm wary dragging and I'm at one day and actually got to what everybody is talking about a lot of red age and. And that should. Let that next track. And I'm out. And later apple better and I. Picture. And and and they get more in well of traffic that everybody Alexander I think it'll shock. Proof in drags hair and. And it's your way to say honey I told you so fat one. I'd one more phone. Call and then we've got these now are hard tickets sold out show announced overnight aren't they tickets and Zach we just the desire to a police officer that I'm calling us from Roswell this is Carl. This is Carl Miller and IIROUR. I please observe Roswell George practice. Towards our associates I'm he would absolutely wrong on the short track we go to that bears a minimum limit sporty. And eight. But it was your life is about seventy so there's a range there's a way to redo your T. Oslo. Scraps are moving the worst person on the road rise to even. It's all mob and our oldest deliberately didn't tickets are fifty miles over the speed automatic most of the time not all done much or done. So I would say to treat her shudder actually I can't wait a little. But it was spot for say usual conditions traffic accidents and so I guess that's right she's brought to you probably called trigger in my. So you need to really. And you're a New York profession all. Law enforcement opinion. A slow driver laid her causing other drivers to weave in and out of traffic. Would be more responsible for it a road incident in somebody who has just cruising along with the flow of traffic. They are genuine love and our. 17850. Trucks. Restart he wrote the first record and Rollins are slow to look at her not a road. Are very dangerous mind or to really just guys you know especially to actually drive you know a couple of seasons low interest and time. Everybody open ocean low traffic but Shalala chatter dad also we're doing today. You can't write this again though really I didn't know me giggle we freak out you know I didn't want rewrote all of them all. Allentown hide mode and we change your mind. Or. Our. Our are all your neck and. He went with the people we begin. A. You always have they're leaving out the UNN he'd rather take ten of those people like those seventy rather what do you. O Jeffrey Miller and a Manila that. Color number. 01 mark I think that's an interesting point is if you're in in Hoover. If you're in a lift if you're in a taxi cab and the driver exceeds the speed limit when you ask them to slowdown. Get we get it okay. Not everybody else on the road but through which every yes sound backseat driver she's just controlling the flow of traffic. I'm just doing her part Jess Kelly didn't. Things are all right we're gonna let you go to an all right my thanks for joining the show miles we need. We need to start to go find me so mobile rumors everywhere she goes. Pillow off the written. I said campaigned on no mom out there and. I I kid you writes a letter. Years ago he had to people who drive slow. In the left like you I'm practically aces and free then add people can you try to find that. What are we can. NHL all star. Oh man. No no. No amount miles it's what we're hoping now. I joined as a few minutes ago to defend her position and maybe that's a person should drive. The posted speed limit in any lane of the highway they want including the far left lane which. She does intentionally to slow down traffic because she doesn't think that people should be driving above the speed limit like they did Jennie called her a vigilance. That's where she's decided to take a stand in general over point if you will not stayed on my watch. Says. Mode now the most hated woman in Atlanta. It's anyone on the Andersen air right now is beating their serial 'cause have you now because he's seen the person before you just never think they've been on purpose. I think they're just clueless just one meandering through life no less flame going to slow note Monday pet peeve of all time. May not punch somebody. Say hello I hate it. That last year and emerge and we Al wrote open letters opens letters it was our ways or vent about things and annoying ass and I general who published. May publish an open letter and it and a newspaper hey we can do that. And use considering newspaper we did use the radios are forum we all choose topics Kelley your topic. Was people who drive slow in the left lane and yes almost like you knew that Mo was gonna come into our world team. So we thought it would be a good time to revisit. That open letter that Kelly she's right. To all people who choose to try to slow unintentionally or blissfully unaware her out blissfully aware of what they're doing yeah. Kelly's letter to the news now. We who should be driving in the left lane want to drive fast. Or pass those of you who are driving slower so right now if you find yourself and your car on semi five. 85400. Are you 85 in your wondering why does present a tiny writing my bumper I'm driving the speed limit. Take a good looking yourself. You're in the left playing door is the limit. You who are you expect that move over a shot lead plane is people going or the speed limit not for people like you. Driving your leisure on the red should you not have anywhere to be cut are you not really like myself. And why is it when I'm going over the speed limit. There you are a bunch nicely you know handed comment and you still don't get that many detainees don't move over. And then have to write your bumper and be aggressive about it and then I come off like the Greenland and then you decide to brake check me and I hit your car and it's my thought now. Tips are probably tried to pass you using the right lane which is ass backwards. We're going to save me that's yeah. So here I am trying to Obey the rules of the last plane and inside behind you in this tired and I it is. And made a brilliant gestures and yell you remember ever I think you can hear me you slowed some of that should return this week we had. Okay. I feel better after a year event. Great I would be interested to know if anybody out there agrees that those position we'll have the conversations continue paying. On our FaceBook big FaceBook dot com slash chest and count. Them all load all share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.