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Monday, September 12th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shelf. Money morning on the jet engine showed means we had to shake it up we're getting their brains revenue amount Sorkin and we gonna do the Monday morning Rask. I'm glad you remember this segment that I wrote and the schedule and because I'm the reigning champion yes thank you for reminding us about your reigning championship because. I mean come on he's them. I'm pretty street down last place every time except that yeah. It. Now he's making sure that it's on the schedule itself this is just. From last week on. Some chick filet now would totally be time but the only boos they care about a Sunday church wines may be a frozen pizza can flip over my frowned. We use and Evan like this I'll burn my house down. Shouldn't things are hard has not already knows the only option now is wat po. Texas those who is big egg and cheese put it in my face hole yes please. Flopped on the side with extra bacon too is anyone's seen there issue a top Indo lava has to all of whose super. They what's the fine if I throw up in this Hoover. That was pretty and thank you I was actually Mary Mary again and the fact that I won it means I get to pick the topics. Now they competitors. This week will be. Geneen. Kelly. Meek is I'm the reigning champion. And he's actually asked to be the judge because she's a little bit sleep deprived. Little brain frank let me a little brain fried so we will end. Living in an animal hospital for the last five days so. I'm feeling like I should be judged that wraps and I need to ethnic and a civilian as well and then we can include JP it will give him a topic and then you can wrap. Guide the would be caught for to be the fourth competitor yeah he's not want to do it yet now he's in. I hear the here years I'm topics. JP you've got eggs these topics by the way are picked by me a cat all right. June mean it what is your topic. Making our era and now. To see I was standing in my kitchen yesterday when he came up this list looking around at things that I had today. Do you target on his dad that's a good job and I tell AJ is you drew noisy eaters and yeah. There's. That leaves me with losing your keys that is my topic or take about twenty minutes will work our rhymes JP get locked. Jeff good luck I had keeping the title. And down arrow. And in about forty minutes we will come back and find out who continues. Or who will go into next week. As the reigning Monday morning rap battle champion what is continue as a means of on predict how I am yeah I thought about is yankees losing it he's as easy Kelly you've got noise eaters jiggy and making a target rent and JP has. Eggs well in about twenty minutes and the damage and to start a 41. It's.