Wednesday, March 9th


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Here and loan. Play concept RA. How current current 841. But right dude friends were together yesterday morning. Of course they tune into the Jesse James Shields for the first time here Jane talking about breast feed. I know I think it's what is topics where us women who have kids they're dealing with a one way or another but it makes guys form I think I. Got a couple of you know unkind comments on Twitter that we shouldn't be talking about it and that. They weren't interested in and also maybe even women you don't have kids I think once you have children. And either you can proceed or not press treated the big top in our what a you know or if you aren't her singing in and you go back to work it's a big topic it's something that. Is a bigger struggle than anybody really gives light to sell is giving light to yesterday and some people like Dick. But that's your struggle that's that's the middle enjoy doing the show ends. Jamie is truly been challenged by finding time to. Do the pumpkin thing yet exactly has he got to keep that if you're gonna keep nursing Anita back to working on it we got to do the pump. So posted on basement to pump or not succumbed. That is the question right. I asked for Mamas to chime in and tell me they're story. And I had so much response they couldn't believe how passionate people are about it you know is from where our days of the old chair people whenever this topical c'mon. Who lose their mind everybody's really feels one way or another 101. Moment that. The idea here on your show as. But day. And page fact so Jennifer knicks think you're presenting me that. On FaceBook. Most everybody said pump he won't reflect regret it keep going keep going keep going and there was so much encouragement. I've actually changed my mind. So you keep pumping I think I'm gonna keep going because literally going into this week I was like I don't really think I can keep doing it. It's stressing me out. And I was just doing so negative about it right but all the positive response about it in just made me think of it in a different way. And you guys are awesome and totally cool with me taking a break from our played meetings and our company is awesome providing some beautiful room and private space for me to go too if I don't really have he's he's not too you know and again and just with all that positive energy coming my way yesterday. I wanna say thanks guys I'm gonna keep on Barry's. Hasn't changed my mind. Missy welcoming the Justin Jan Jan. Why. Are. Tennessee that's had parents yeah I can tell this is like and let's I was coming am nervous any nice thing. I know now I I am I'm actually shocked to hear that your company actually incurred that now by giving you a night to room. To do that's I think that's been praying they fire I'm Jen you're from the Atlantic person can I tell you. What you should Billy Graham I think. On you should not be at work and later chipped at least I. And I worked at all. Now you know like you to try to have a baby. You know cracking kid you know requires sacrifice. Mean that you're clearly not willing to. Really just I don't I don't think I'll totally I'll listen and seriously okay. So for you viewing your kids say you've obviously decided to stay home and you know I can stay at home mom vs working mom. Our Kate debate is this is. Going. Did you know when I got married. I thought it hot shot I look. And you know men are providers avert IPO Lira Wagner served. We aren't there yet they are our family for each of our chance. And you're like that you know. I wanna originally caught it like you troops something to the World. War I and here. We are women are split on the court judge airborne and it our children and green played it every time you shoot at your hurting when it and. You pull out hurting women missing hole. Am I going back so our every times as wide she she balances. Career and family and personal life. Great street home she should be what every she should be electric shock and nobody had any problem with all you probably picture did. Crying and the drug is a mother like you. Home. Or to change it very. Much. C a I'm. Yeah. Just our wanted to. You comment on the red tails like this started with. Jan first of all I think it's really offensive to every dad out there today that only mothers can be nurse errors because. It adds I guess that is dads are just as important parents as moms are. So I don't know why the nurturing has been directed just at 88. Every financially. I ate her bike a lot. Like a punch are we are not. My heart not built not what I you know I'd Mitzi don't wanna be disrespectful I think you but it seriously that's laughable I need a reality I agree fake there Vick commandments. Hard to be provided for you need to nurture us no lights yeah. Oh do you you're. She acts. We need to bear me out they laughed but we need to be there if there. There's huge profit record after a long day. They're your guys are you being serious. I yeah yeah actually she. Okay yeah I hope that simplicity. Here I hold signs we're gonna come back to you and have some since Adam and nowhere yet again well yeah that's right no phones are ringing and remember when I was worried that maybe nobody was were saying. Jamont okay hi Nancy hold on please view our beautiful. I can't say it's the that's been heard decisions can I. Big decision for all of us here so many major she's on hold because she's a gold bar the listener god bless our all right. Marina benefit comes up we better yeah he's getting more mid. Don't don't don't let your thumbs through and that's life. More messy exodus is going to be fine the Japanese interest earning over one marina I feel like we should use them break to find the hottest song in 1952. And played back beautifully Miley is eighteen long years sending it did anybody let her know it's points fifteen. Lord hey Bailey welcome to the shells high. We'll are you breathing because I've heard. I think. I'm not well I've been like getting a little personal achievement and might have Gregg did not cut underage. Legal. And now I have now all my document seen and read see. And their right to make any decision that you want to bring your family and I think Herbie played something that's really common among women here. I'm Andy eat this is gonna come across rash and any irresponsible statement I think that it was somebody injured. Does that have higher education and it got me. Well he did so he's not saying. Well I you know it's funny she's. And tenth but I think a lot of people return Jeremiah. And I I think unfortunately Bailey I think there's probably a lot of people who maybe even dropped out of lake middle school were like no I'm smarter than she is. Yeah they're ready for the raiders listening going up smarter than she is. But I think it's a comes from like if we're trying to look at the the positive side of missy comeback from you startled by the way I don't yeah. And I will say it comes from her passion for her kids. And her passion for her family and I do that because I feel like I. I have that same passion for my kids in my family yeah a way that why you choose to support them is through working in coming back to work because that makes me a better mom. I think that and makes me a more whole person and makes me daughter alcohol. I am so missy really Pharmacia and is she thin is she there yeah I wanna here gallery here your three favorite tweets that okay. Amanda this is the extent an 1890 ridiculous is she dug her. She's Tug. For. A missing. That's what I'm talking about right there it and and now. Women have no respect and they talk like that and I am I out I don't talk like that to my rent. It out and I mentioned that you expect or how women talk I appreciate its FYI IJ you're really always going to have a situation thank you very much. OK a hole. And what do you mean talking fast there's so much crazy to peel away here you have led the most beautiful listener onion I've ever seen. What do you mean I'm. And our house okay you know that out will be created. Keynote that IBM you know. I don't talk act my I think he may overall in the army a room I don't think so now I'm my children won't be on the news. Okay I've a question of seekers gives this conversation started differently Sid do you breast feed your husband. Can stretch when we started with its. Listen I think it's a great decision if he can stay home with your kids if you can afford it and this is what is working best for your family and your life. I somehow some people are so fulfilled by it and I think if I work and that was what you filled up my cup every day Debbie great and if. He could make it more you've been working on get manicures you can get rid of the entry and here's a deep home. You're right I could. And why you can't you can make that choice if you can make that choice to make a sacrifice you like make it work for your family and that's you wanna deal. And it that's all sum payment that is not what I wanna hold on everybody I want. Missy I agree with you on the Medicare thing because you'll just ruin it when you're turning the butter. I'm just. I. Honestly. I don't. All right not the C block that out of here out. Not to be caught act. Barrett our children are wrecked our art or rank. Okay. I. Missy can we just 3M Aggies have won I won questioned and then I just answered one serious question for you so we can fool. Anything about the fact that you and his decided to enter return to the workplace. Right. You can't actually aren't now and OK it's not horrible I. A better mom to come you are better at night that you think I know you're ready you're compiled quite expecting a big game and. And I'm not really hurting my children's lives I'm helping provide for them and by the way I married a man who is an incredible nurture sells gas like it's not all about moms being nurtures finance so insulting to dads everywhere the dad all of that because you are just is important animal pairings mattered what Eric. Yeah. I don't I have missing OK I can't read I'm trying to rationalize apparent I'm trying to explain revenue from C. Know things didn't I'll just answer one question for me exam period. That's a good question Jack and his decide to go back to work we can't debate that she is here is she obligated to make occupy me. Sandwich Imus flap. Is she you know what I mean by how an a plus on the radio I'm. We should really be called the jab and chanting you show. As we can't do it without you yeah. This dollar and 941 that blood is born and wait. I guess the wedding comes back yeah how you get a job and my apologetic shuffle. So the past half hour we have been entertain this I just enjoy and share listener named Macy. She misty was fired up because Jan he had made the decision. Two was thinking about making the decision to stop pumping. Now that she's back at work. Misty wanted to argue on the behalf of you should keep. Your kid. I'm press right that's how it started that's where I thought we were going with this with Wright was Nancy you have to pump and. Here's while the great reasons why he's a nurse until their show fourteen years old right sometimes you resume. Headed down that rode him very quickly it turned into an episode of mad men like get my coffee. For that might delay and mad men like. Way before that they Deanna welcome to the Jeff and Jen sent. Well well well they're only eighty think that he and somebody out what what. What expert at. Aren't the UMOR. Eighty yeah. What can a woman. Mean one curve every wall I mean game of golf I. Want to know and we're going to be beard ever going to be a wife tutored at how bad. And it's quite what you're kidney massacred and of course you don't let your luck and you don't come on and on some I. And the feet on. Well. You know what it. Is a good what they could do because all of our. You think you know you're your husband at your box in your. Are your high bid. Now if I understand correctly Jan Indiana missy gave me the authority that if I want it I get asked Deanna to come over make me lunch I was. All. And oh yeah. Yeah I told myself I assume info whatever her name is hey Jennifer talk with. Act and act where everything. Is that a different. From what worked for trade when he hit edit it. And Teddy and swapped. I mean they encountered and the and more able uttered and hit it a lot on what not or. Hear me. And that they already had cats and they and did they don't. Make that they are women actually say and I'm calculations there. That's true because if you don't have another option to go back to work or you give up your career I have. A different tune went really smaller hours part time on our career when her kids were born hunt and fast forward a little while. They got divorced and so she's having to build her own business back up again because it was heard that it sacrificed. And and now she's on her own engines single mom thing and working double time to make up for the times that she took a step back so. It's a sacrifice. And it's professor everybody met herb nurtures and provider still I. I think is so insulting to dads everywhere to say that it's only the mom's job to be nurture our cancer torturers and Jay welcome and Jeff enjoy and share. Hey guys. I came from the generation. IPod had to work. In eighty I thought I mean oh well rounded adults and definitely. Way more respectful. It pretty dedicated these states do have a home mom. That gave everything or event and fight every battle for them I think Helmut my kids are fourteen years. And I just recently returned to work but it. That was a luxury for me and to be quite on their people knew that I should have returned a lot different I don't mean. Right well in you know it has it's an individual decision because he can't say. Good dental work is better or stay in Rome is better. There it's whatever works for you because exactly I you know I'm feeling this is what works for me actually I would be a better mom when I get to go home and be with my girls because I'm working. And how you moms it's it's the other way or. So you will it will be eight and pass it tomorrow because when you're wired your heat when you're hot you're everything else. Right and apparently you know lied yes you did you and you began adding you're at it and asked if not and did not let anything that the net job says. Even this permeates because it's ridiculous you hadn't been irradiated they and while you're here and I'll that made is always Shia and get dollar Amir.