Missy Gives Her Antiquated Opinion

Thursday, April 28th


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Making this wedge and ingesting shell shell morning. OnStar in 9413. Intimacy in Peachtree City. They're learning to seek. I'm Mario I'm saying I was for being on it every mother in law would do things like that. They're probably wouldn't be that negotiated and divorce. What this mother wallet feeling it the main thing she should be commended. Okay. And other mother bought it should learn from park. What do you see in dealing with the black thing and much you can do it she could keep this family can GAAP. I I am speechless I I wish you know. What happened. I think I think I recognize her voice. Yeah I did you call us like our first week and the air and yell at ten for being a working mom. I mean. About I did call I enjoy I enjoy your comedy show okay. The thing I found at route that you love what I need a second pop but I couldn't be but I actually enjoyed a comedy show I can. I couldn't be quiet be kicked this simple reason why. We admit women need to cook her husband okay you know you go to the floor and you'd be critical one at a frozen food section. Not to be probably at Greinke we married aren't meant to culprit and according perhaps I don't began okay did this when you. What we're looking to be careful and take care club that. Rick that are tired and or go to the store I need you what are. It back and I'm like what what. So hold on missy our. Are you saying it may see that not only do women have to code can provide for their man and clean for their mind. But they're also not allowed to take any shortcuts. Like maybe buying. Buying the frozen meal a bit in everything answered now be fresh so cold cruel. Adding he looked frozen wants is for example would you like fat Turkey thing all of one senior white. Actually have you worked apartheid economy and she's come home. And shouldn't you have a nice healthy or quote you know what. With the actual net income something open I don't let. You don't want that why why. Miss and I want you this way and not. Phillies take care of each other why isn't so one sided freeware it's like women have to cook for their men like. Why why can't it we here at each of our. What could be more balance and. Not that it's met our program that our care okay. Trying to financially you mean they need and protective they take care but they tell us what do they have climbed as high as what you think well. Getting hives. Used they tell us on what to do lap but let me go Lorraine. 00 squint what I. I don't me. YouTube after an expert advice scrimmage he helped when you get married in you take that back like merit in the back out an honor. We bought up Jack I kind of felt sorry I don't know. Rob I. I. Know all right mrs. We don't know what part of it or not another part of me just wants to walk away from the might of found. And you can have. The rest of the shell part of me thinks that new. Nobody can not listen teach you but another part of that is that we kind of got your point and I don't think there's anything out he can say you're just Mary. I don't know we've slaughtered very passionate onside it. Mother in law that mother in law is doing at any age she and chief obviously paying. Again a claim by herself she's coming to help and support what they can make her pregnant happy and that's what it's all the bad at making our. Yeah so what went what is your advice for actually. Okay I actually going into this weekend mother in laws coming today what should she do all weekend long. Cheney hit the net for the mother thought I admit it. You know whatever record and name it I'm sorry right at that right okay B five cooking products like in what you. Get. How does it make the case and for example. Nothing obviously seriously thank you for calling on I okay. I'm glad you're still listening to the show messy. I have a a tactic comedy thing going between you right Jenny just need to let. You wanna talk off air at you wanna take my number and I did I don't know. And he wanted to talk to review and maybe I think it should climb missy into my house as you can teach me how did you wind apparently not I don't. That it maybe I would think it. That's how you sit up here I don't I can't I appreciate your son. She is she gets that direct line number they know I city. I think we might have to change at the schedule because I have an idea that I if we can find it I think I have an idea with with missy. Yeah shall we go so.