Missy Calls in About Jeff's Vows

Monday, July 11th


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Starring Eddie Fuller line just a minute ago we talked about with the glory. I mean I just a minute ago we talked about a man go lower and thank you Jan and Amanda Laurin wrote a blog about putting. Vows. To stay hot. In her weddings she said that to her husband I vowed to stay hot green and sick and help. Hot is hot earnest and yet and guess you'd think she is brilliant. Yeah aim SA. I. This is the icy messy call this back in March rate when the jet engine shoes and she had some concerns about Chien. Not being a good warming because she was coming to work. While her two children and husband were still asleep in home so I. Typical white had a good month that are in issue that the woman. A network and I now. Let's say you had an issue that that made Jen was getting up and coming to the office. And let me act again when you came into the office where you may not what did she just like that your hair in a pony tail chronic care less than just. Look horrible animal and then you work. I definitely try to pull it together every. Well are you my hair and makeup and put on an outfit but I'm at every day. Yep they eat you know and even the man you work or even gas. You know you're supposed to look at our hands met. Hello I'm not I'm not really messy. No real I mean I get dressed and do my hair and put on some makeup and put on myself because I like the way I I do it for myself. None out and out you can do it all. How would complain about I'd be ugly 100. No it. You know the women are having an issue with the block I don't know which you look wait wait. It should be maybe it would get into church that would but isn't there. That we look like come on. Really. And every now. And that's why men stray and then by Hustler Magazine. I got. Plus there you're seeing all the company's bottom magazine and forever right. Well and. Perhaps you can eat at me because I take care. Okay and I. Only make upon receipt for now you know a. Well yeah you're really only doing it for him. Because I went without my that was keeping white and my now is to look for him. What divorce rate in the country are and amnesty that's really what it's still in the women and block it. I. Luckily for a look at should look to get back. Jack. Why aren't about Macy's anger issues this I we gotta just QE just re wine for a minute because. You you were calling up to comment about the wedding now for snobbery breathe right pre. Not none of them recently. Felt. And so she mocking me she's mocking me but I like hair. You know I guarantee you or your husband there he bought you work that Eric catalog that commitment now. What do you think it's pretty atmosphere account as I like the re issue Oakland offense that's. I like yellow being I love the girls in the flannel. Seems like pottery barn. And I think it's not at all I. How black. At lap or you want and buy you know you're doing it just straight Irwin then. Oh yeah. I'm. Trying bike to work. By working don't like 85%. Of mothers work right like it. Yes they know 8% of mothers not have over your make up yeah yeah you're in the small percentage okay. Because a lot of others listening right now are on their way to work. OK you don't think you compare men are wired to look at beautiful and so I don't eat. At you even that you want your fiance to play in her back out that she needs to look. I was being sarcastic. Or. Being sarcastic because that which you know and talking to you what I'm under a plea. Ways it was a set I was making it act that he went up I obviously. She. A Georgia girl. There are out the door like in the completely. And look like men with a prediction here is that what you. I. Why some. Of it I believed either put me on it or at my bit to Michael OK. Speaking. Your calling you. Insult and rate other women. Europe where I missy I've a question if you are put on this earth. To. You that you this is your mission can you summarize your mission like in one sentence. My mission on the earth it is to get all the that you realize that we are the Serbian it and we have a beautiful for the men and not lie that's what did it. Now I'm gonna blow you. Out of the lottery you ready for this. Our way. I also just like Kansas and I allow my woman to have a job outside of that home. Well that's certainly that that. Hear your heart will be over a year. Jack I wouldn't even though for the wedding. Big mistake I does it say you are a gift and a treat to this radio show and I would like to thank you for calling in when you do we have pre. Are you gonna ask are you gonna contour happen and it he has. A real family weren't yes why don't he can't and that way you know we can help. I should bring my fiancee too we should both K okay. Only bring your pee on it let let let the pew actually you know and I tell you care. And I talked to your has been you can talk to her and we can find out the properly to liberalize. Yes exactly. How long have you Mary. On. Your business let out long enough I. Had never strayed. I thank you ms. Seifert thank you for being a part of this bad. OK your welcome and have you let. You ever. He's. A little creek. Yeah woman telling another one then. That she married and maybe that's why you don't Wear make up. A. By means you have to argue next time for. Star in 941.