Miss Hines & Her Class Have Something to Say to the Kid Jeff Caught Cheating

Thursday, October 6th


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Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion Shenzhen one stone not before one. Appreciate you listening to the jet engine show. Early. I'm we have he'll turn and started for ones usually to the office and continue listening to us afterward they start. As Michelle and yes. Tag militia the one hit in algae on basically said. That kid at the coffee shop cheating. Thing and it was being resourceful. We talked about this yesterday at this time but it for whatever reason you weren't listening. 152 recap is a Qaeda was working with a tutor who got up to use the bathroom and while she was in the bathroom he went over her notebook and looked at the answers. And then went back and wrote down on her paper on his paper you witness a hole. And I just dismissed I was yeah I'm like whatever like on eighteen. And I told the story and the energies and it is a funny story. It's dot com ideas and busted by that. You know ABC show what would you do what would you daylight hours in but I just told a funny story I get this Michelle woman emailing me going. It's unfair to call him a cheater because he's being resourceful. We had her on the radio. Is a very short clip of her explaining her position. As far as I'm concerned that is every sort at his availability right in there and you know I don't that he should have taken with her. It is if that is actually see. And it shouldn't be so acceptable. It's not accessible is an error closed. And it's on your conscience right. If not I mean it's right there and hit the vocal. And we thought we went on and on and on with her injury Hughes the band. Yeah she just choose art and science is. She said is that teachers Altman in this case that looters while. For not being more protective of the answer she. How people were fired out. Yeah at Lilly cheating at app really immoral and it didn't do it. You know it'd absolutely dishonest immoral and completely cheating. And we take what we did resort used two different days uterine segment. And the calls are nonstop. You can't blame my teacher or your child's eating. Yet because that available to you doesn't mean that's why it's called moral and ethic that counts she did he should be punished. People on my game. When you lie real answers. You wanna really. Find exports. You go to sent here and get second grade yeah. So JP Telus who your friend ms. Heinz is this Hines is a friend of mine and that we've we were on the same volleyball team and she's braves lover of owner braves games and she's a second grade teacher and a private school and she acts to blow my phone immediately when she heard this on the area. And goes. Oh my gosh I have to ask my class from this I guarantee you they'll think it's cheek so she recorded. Her conversation with a roomful probably. Doesn't 2007. Year old. Asking them what they thought what this young man did we. See it then decides to he you know. And yeah. Reading in there and start copying it now. Four tickets and tell me what you think about that. Cool and it's OK let up. Its G yeah that is being the heat. Yeah. And I mean it reminds. Aaron but. Poll ratings. A lot it's your highlight that Atlanta. I had so I'm saying it's TE you get on the idea kind of thing. Net was it will get right candidate. We're trying to figure out yourself if you don't and the answer he can you ask me. Actually that ends in a lot of great things. Yeah bit. Okay yeah I totally agree. Seven year old hell. Are they have. I'm glad that I'm. Break in the love of each year. And thank you mrs. Heinz Arabic here you were when it goes against gene that. I. News that afternoon. Please segments times ours gave me absolutely she's listening right now and so proud of her class gap they know what's out there. NHL all star.