Minis In Your Mouth

Wednesday, July 11th

Talking with your mouth full of minis. How hard can that be? 

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Somebody on the issue that's get humiliated wins our brand. Amen that's not true and it's not true. None Latinos turn it happen. Is it involves me Kelly cheese doesn't need him to humiliate our armed in the well you're the first contested because it's a trial on Mars science. I don't know about saying well it's egg and giving your game and just I'm going to be humiliated she doesn't know what she's talking about you don't talk to turn. This. Solid point sees solid point. Hey listen yesterday was cow appreciation. Of their friends to explain ranked low. Okay and the drugs chick filet. Would give you a freon tray if you went and dressed as a cow. Handsome picture of a county to you or mood or some energy you give freon. Well Kelly she's been dating this dude who is terrible he likes cal and crunchy things and probably doesn't shave is downstairs and it's awful I clearly. 08 and snooze. Oh my should call eight mushroom coffee is there heads and a girl living in the end somebody handling RA. Have you told him yet the ease the dumbest movies on the drain yet Jeff we use set it on hair. Get a lot did Geneen. So. So I feel bad that you didn't get to undertake in cow appreciation is here's here's the game Kelly. It's. It's it's it's like 25000 dollar tournament. And then but you're gonna play with too chicken minis and am now are you serious. OK so take too chicken minis and just ram and in your face home. So under hall thirty right now like Jim I was doing what I can do it actually swallow them to hold third because if you worry was bragging about it ever intense out so. You don't have to swallow just holding around this old T and TJ Kennedy's America and then you're going to. Play 25000 dollar Peerman I have likened it to these MM I will receive a lot less fine Brad and season and anyone. I'm not taken out of the binding just with many in your mouth. Why didn't know you said Sig in many of them is heavenly bonds are Mario do and that's to me I mentioned flying to mind on the clock Kelly put him in your mouth. And one out Oakland. Okay I'm at a young man. And it is a failure category as far. Things are cal might sank. Holding those in your mouth. You need to restate those quotes to gen. And you're also doing. I think I might say okay how. How many anti gay and sixty cents a year and a month. Any talk from. I'm doing my mama Lou's. I'd like when he talked about my editors now. We're very permanent low around and where is how and it rains. Are. Larry and I can go around. They expect me to. Alone and go and rains. When lions let Maine and yeah. And I didn't hand. We did a lot of young. I like to pretend that I'm on this sound of news. Could count and no one loves her own and run through not the only thing is just chilling lyrics. Colin the only reason did they get Lamar Miller outta your own. I doubt it. I. Okay turn enough. And Justin Jan shell hole. Well it's time soup. The mini in your mouth. I can't explain not Kmart. I you've quite aid chicken many are too in your mouth depending on the size of your mouth. And venue gives phrases two year herb partner. And your partner as against me if sang super simple Kelly she's played earlier and it was able to correctly. Jan was able to correctly guess three of her phrases. Things that it how might say. We tied the timing of this is. Because of the am mad cow appreciation day that took place over and. If I 'cause of the cow appreciation mayors of because I haven't had six planes a month salmon talking about dollar social media rounds so proud of myself when I'm sick take Ole anime are donor. Love that chicken nuggets and I'm out this morning it's some details have to eat and Kelly okay good ground game. You deliver engine Amy you are going to receive. OK okay so you'll vote I to I had chicken nannies in your mouth at tank and your category so hot Paul Larry and not you don't that's going to be the hardest. Well that's driver using chicken nannies because you salary so it makes indeed as the game goes on rate as the man that can end here. Now that if we didn't know Duncan grant him. If we let Paris. Bomber. Only and you don't Bonn and all although bullying on. Your house is bigger than Kelly's. And I made you didn't get the category every three putting up I'll grow. And that is a very nasty in any element of the fun things to play worker would say okay and. Their free. Think it's why we're certain of that note element oh in their room from earth. Is not gonna go well as many as you can get in sixty seconds Jane give the first that out now. West Africa from. Would you like any sauces with you whom. Who's. Now fast and loose whom you'd need more sauce is really well four ounces with a meal. Yeah. One I'm. You know whom I can't say you're welcome. Not all us arm and I didn't and group or not. I am and roar and I until my poll or take your that is pretty good. But there's no no not only come up here again I guarantee any kind I had three and got the dean's against more important. Or movement soon. Went home don't mistake me sure I'd like to dragons my. I know. I don't lose you might see me show you DA can't won't. And I guess no known. You might mistake me for a UG eight fan wade this uniform. Those. North Clinton's. I I didn't hear gimme committees aren't any better after every round you know Yemen during out Kelly the united on. Am I. JP ST Sunday and I yeah. It's also in the studio. And this. Won't be used a Fuller many wrongs in your mouth among four deep fund that is let's let many out just for being out yet. Is Dawson is going to help me out category. Forty. All of whom amount for our wealth. Painted glass front things to do on a Sunday. Quoted. Yeah yeah what are you inform me I am not ready sir see it don't I don't. Yeah. Am really long grown and grown now. Closer to dissolve in your mouth and maintain a minute ago via. Like Marmol both of them. During and I says. Andrea Gaza branch. An important one time you can sleep then. This is short and easy yes and also I think only a minute show car talk won't won't won't you are spinning night and Sammy brought. Quote un and rolled through the resurgence in the view. Weren't named Tony and don't let's go look at. Didn't your parents wrong and went down to your favorite songs and bomb. Went from. Your pin is on the GM. Will be totally nice and beat this person again. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Okay you're just adding nugget. And I. Can answer this question. Well. I can't even intentionally your saying with the little piece of the united and and I don't then. All united and really I love reading. It. Please have your saliva and she got an end most of us did. Connect the defensive. End. And each. I'm hungry actually. You know it's. Raining now exempting him. And. NHL all star. Now things are moving game of your man and celebration of appreciation day. I think the lack I yet in a way into this is gonna stick around because he's been well received and the Internet itself today was proud runs as the ground. Are you serious a totally Helena stick this around or. I'll tell you get really really fat. Meetings explaining you live in a news EMS out there are well. Well I think now it right now what we'll do is because. It shut out to our interns Lauren and Rachel who put this all together and I think they should have returned to play. Here's the deal it's how many can you give and get right if the givers now as people of chick fillet mini. So Lorraine and Rachel which one if you want to give. Yeah I racial a year giver you sick in my seat I'm Lauren and Jimmy can learn use your chair or they can use that wanted to use that open chair. And I'm. The clues here grab Jimmy's impediment about these are all in I don't know family's religious but these are all Bible verses. No. Yes. So these are these it is its biggest Italy's close on Sunday any. Home now all you can do about it I've about it depends on a big amount does have to go to confession later today. We're descends as I've ever say to an intern. Racial needs a microphone DM viewed him down here unison here that guy in Jenin and there and then I'll get out. Look at just eating I think he should turn yeah I am well we're about to seat. And and so on house on Nancy Graham had to agree on that there is one. So on. The. I so here's another chilling new Asian clues. And that fact up. And I intern right so you ready. And I. Was thank you yes you got on a mess out there. Humanity. Let's get the religion is carried out there are you ready you are out there let. Yes I'm ready saying whoa yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah there. It's the lure of most of us. It. Turns out I'm not a lot Nelson. Repeat no lose. The lord is my shot and unload happened. Nothing yeah. It's as foreign national open up my last stop laughing. No phone loads won't. And it didn't found. Only son and calling us did phone bonds won't won't won't won't from. I'm sorry we're not out of religious gal aria I and that's. Don't say. I don't know local well yeah yeah I guess you. Only. I'm glad I got. Now and look. And Mays and let this guy. No fluke and something will keep that. And who also owns and I can do all things it crises strengthens. Star in 94 line.