Millennials: Good or Bad?

Tuesday, April 26th


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He's sweet he's done this done now. Itself. Moonlight meals did they hear generation. Here is a woman who is a funny old who is Colin. All of you out Serbian lazy. Entitled the and totally coddled by the generation before you know and we hear you to else. 4047419400. Is the phone number let's play Alexis bloomers. Comments she posted this to her face front page with the caption. Dear elders. I'm sorry. Sincerely. In millennial so it sounds. If you guys have any kind of social media like I do you. It's over the age of forty ME price in the post some point about how much are generations X. Well as a millennium I take it upon myself to try to evaluate what's so wrong with our generation and why they're so mad at us. And that pretty much realize that we're just existing we're not really contributing anything to society. Our generation doesn't have a basic manners include no mayhem and yes ma'am we bring out the door and release much as our elders anymore. We listened to have really seen music that degrades women and pretty much Glor but as drugs and crime. We start cuss at a critical point in these words like dates his tracks. Mile. I like people came crashing in and then we shame people like Tim Tebow. We're lazy. We're really entitled. Sure make a lot of money tax free education we're not really willing to put in the work we spend more time online making prints and less and actually building relationships. Our relationships appearance on face that is more valuable than the foundation is actually built on. IDS and for seemingly believing it means going on FaceBook and posting a status that your pain and Italy the number of all we have reflects who we are the person. We don't respect your elders we don't respect our country we're stepping our flag instead stepping up to volunteer. We mocked the men and women there fighting for us believe crazy people there I mean each other guys. Mordechai as a country than ever for and I think our generation actually has a lot to do it that. Everything DC frowned upon is now celebrated. Nothing has value our generation doesn't take advantage of everything. We have more Roberts changed to succeed than he does the rest yeah we don't appreciate the opportunities we have now. Now I guess I see what it will cost generation lie like higher recently entitled because it is there would be air raid there the next. I think our generation but I always wonder what we're gonna remember not from one winter break that's your type any proof that my parents raised you better don't you. Two other elders I'm sorry and I do know that we where rates better thank you from this colony opening up with those and those who does he run their actions. I don't circle our pants actually contributing to society left. And they make a difference in 2016. So we can make a difference and. Hey am I what are your thoughts on what she posted. Well couple things that every generation. Well we can't manipulate your brain is we work it fuel racetrack act really hurt you parade try to prove that they are met early police then. And you'll fly. And we can be better aeration and if you're right track and prove you are right bright indeed all right. Saying instead of or what we're right. Hey diamond in river now what's that. I eat yet. How light the contract that you can't normally in the public braves are if the various look for a Ehrlich before we show up. Any kid called loophole there recently appeared. When I go right now including it appears that network or I doubt that are in college regarding what it very simple for a but they speak out all our sorry aren't normally legal. He got beat you probably you're talking about yourself. Trader. If she's had millennial trade journal I don't trader paid Justin Jackson wants out. Hey yeah I I agree with the last lady. You know I worked really hard my whole life a bit he's the I work beyond their college. Right now about Oregon landscape truck you know doing hard labor. Case for. The apartment and knocked out there are excellent movie you. When I start my new career you in my college degree next week. So yeah I resent being lumped into the group and you know. Being put into the stereotype. Late in Moline Il when I have worked really hard my whole life that. And yes it's you know appreciate. Do you think you're the exception to the rule. Now I mean and that the pain he ought you know all my friends that are also millennial everything they are they're all hard working people and I think where a lot of this. First section of millennial homes being late you know comes from it's it's part of the weight social media stunt today. The case I mean think about it you know what you see out social media is a function of your friends list. So it's your friends with a bunch of people who are sharing. You know pictures of molecules that are not flat floor. Yes things like that then that it's going to create acre section for you and search. Those are the exception so you're saying as a woman who made the commentary. She just need to find a new friend group. Had sushi and concern and her friend group is bad hey Kerry in Melbourne do you agree with every word she said. Absolutely I'm forty years now. Generation before her I work with twenty somethings and even early thirty somethings and there are a lazy entitled a question general I think I'm sure there's. Great generation lies out there are working hard and respect in the country but for the most part every single word she said let's trail and it just I had that. Finally on an inning happened to our ability so hopefully. What you had to say will reach some people opener I did start on our nanny and yeah if you think if you go if you were quick this generation have you tried to you. You know while it like taught in law at a lot of these kids and neck I don't they figure are completely entitled spoiled brat. So of them the majority on the heartbreak of that more of the cherry working he fingered hand them your girlfriend now let out for the most part. Everything you said that your. What do you what do you do for a living. Yeah that sounds about that okay yeah. And hardy shoes on it and now I'm and man I'm guessing she's an attorney. 404740194. Under the phone lines are jammed up but if you get through we love totti. 404741. At 94 under or more phone calls from units. Starting 841.