Thursday, August 24th

Can you guess what songs these American Idol audition hopefuls are meow-singing?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Janine was on the scene of an American Idol auditions at Piedmont park yesterday. Lines of rap. Around the entire park in mid town and everybody just wanting to be. Sad that next superstar glaring hole and did he kill the bad. Reporter on the in your neighborhood that peace can mean. And he grabbed my guess is where I'll. A couple of dozen really hopeful American Idol contestants and several hundred people who cannot sing at all on. All gathered and try to be the next Carrie Underwood or the next Kelly Clarkson and or the next. Chris Daughtry who didn't win that aren't you didn't win. These I always think you want him I completely forgot he didn't land values like outlook for the death the great Adam Lambert he went. I think he did he come in second because he was a huge superstar fermenting. The human scent and thinking the second half you're strict. And Clay Aiken. True our politics now politician who. I Riley's the American Idol auditions happened at Piedmont park yesterday Geneen was there. And she decided to ask some of the participants. To play game that we call me Al yet Oki. Where you basically. Perform a song. But you can only emea. So won't try to guess what song let's on an as yet what senate what songs. These. America contestants. Our performance aren't our names are buzzer and early power competing uses the competition. Of course it is clearly of course of time. Tiger than being out everything on the competition at dinner since president. JP and I just here for the fun but if you guys like duke it out. Names are still it's it could be your best always beat me hello hello only now. I so Kelly yeah. Your. I'll be Tony and the and yes I got enough for the simple and wise I mean Tony and Laverne. Man yeah I'm am a man man man man. Am a man. Man man. Man man man yelled meow MMM. Bulletproof. Unglued. Wow. Really she's gonna let me now. It's bad now we know that song from. It's perfect when they're singing in the shower yeah. Great thing. He's just found the next fund in Atlanta well. Have you know standing on the sick girl who I next time we police in Atlanta at actually cleaned and friends. Man man man man man man. People in their cars screaming. Comments I believe I can fly. Me lacking in ten. Yeah and paint him. Now he's. I never really. Yeah and everybody would you like you're nuts and yes and me out yeah. Some people those paid the other people got really. Really is getting ready and there are people like this hearing is people are healthy in reality. I let's zoom around when Marcia this round one sit this round that then then we guy Lila in Roswell loan. And now me and him and I commend them in new mom yeah mommy and handed. Now man man man man man man man I. Now homeland crazy. Homeland. And yeah and man the man. Oh man down man. Yeah yeah the you know me and. Starting phones say this honors Atlanta classic that we know this is a classic that everyone should now know I I thought this was an easy one I'm sorry I'm a way to generate now. And now on Niemi unmanned. And then mailman and man oh man yeah. And yeah. Around him and. Lauren hill I'm killing me softly well. I know that's hard plastic. Goat eat and you don't just his tongue tied Pentagon's don't expect. It is going to be a lot of guys now. AM answer them. Me. AM Hmong just. You forty then praying you see you learn spring. Israeli. The Geneva. His name last I don't know anybody on our. All of this will do what are around this. 4042630941. If you spent that whole last rounds. Screaming and cheering radio because you knew the answers. And you think you can take a sound for this next round 4042630941. We'll let you play along and as American Idol reality Oki. And young star already forewarned. And recorder on the planet is in your neighborhood. You still need. Chris Gimenez on the scene for American Idol on isn't it Piedmont park yesterday. I wish she was crazy shoes walking down the line literally thousands of people who want DV next American Idol asking them all to me now. Their favorites not. Well there auditions on my they're all out there preparing warming up their pipes yeah ready for their big audition went there again put in the reject filer in the next round and it means I. We feel warm up to me how we Oki yeah I'm really tested and there's tip 'cause like you know once this once he wants me out your whole song nothing's gonna be as weird today. Today your fine. And you what do they went in in front of the producers or the judges know like how did you get ready and unless somehow some radio knuckle and it's an Al Asad. Chris came in Johns creek apparently was screaming in her radio that whole first round it just heard this is so he's no easy. Address and I me I don't you think you can compete without us. Maybe that's OK. I that your name is your buzzer so I got to follow with me now CU's and how. And and and reason to rescind. However you want me journey out blowing you you know what's gonna sound like but let's hear Christmas here by us. Colleague pretty lackadaisical and I'm not quite in the conflict that I think transcripts in reality what I'm and it goes. And yet catching you and every one Jeanne good. That's. Who's next we are doing in the face in Douglass Bill Ritter and yup. Now now now now now live now. Eminem Eminem now he's. Yeah. Judy got a burst cresting united. Are definitely on Michael's shoes. I'm Dennis I'm. The candidates won and now mega burn down one and I don't come now. Is now put them down. Yeah. I think this news hour. Sounds and I'll get to our phones. I think when I think of you in the shares. Certain. I where I plainly how we Okie from the American Idol auditions yesterday everybody insidious using their name is that buzzer and Kristen. From Johns creek is on the found because she thinks she can compete us. Who's next in my class we got. Zack and Lula and let's see if all of Georgia can get past. Down down. Jane yeah. Now if they Georgia on my mind. And now. Yeah me. Down down down no mail me down yeah. Your country panel. No no man. I mean and. Is still good. It hopes I a lot of what is good. How a lot of Atlantic contestant and I this is the last round and it's worth one million points or whoever gets tonight. There's a comeback is possible to easily within Kelly had a one night I use exchange unless contesting is Bree in Midland. Am yeah. Email me around mile mile. No ma'am ma'am I'm young unknown and yummy yum yeah. If a man young. It's a now would suggest me out. And it being out. Just. A good handgun and begins she's okay. Will shrink. Now he's still young man. Tristan congratulations. You are the winner and. Critic comes from. Find a million point. Around here so we've got Gloria we've got a chance. For years to win this 700. Million dollars. It sounds making good prize but it only cost us Cuba Santana. And I'm an actress to what it is simple get a gift cards you tomorrow's agenda minutes or something off my. Uncle and they gave rules and regulations. Safe -- Leo he'd play with their friends he got to do is sing a song while meowing like your cats. And no we're not trying to strengthen us well it's yeah. One star now before want to.