Meow-eoke: The Christmas Carols Edition

Wednesday, December 20th

Can you guess what famous Christmas carol we're meow-singing? Also #sorrynotsorry if you can't stop meow-singing now...

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now. That we like to call me now Leo Eaton could give these should keep the receipt foresee can return to. It's go caroling day. So we've decided to pick some of our favorite Christmas songs were gonna jump out of a hat and me Alabama. And everybody else has to guess what song I always think it. Okay and hopes running out of time. I will go last. I JP you pick your five favorite Christmas on C can also pick who goes first I think we got to go to the resident's cat lady. This. Where encourages unity and we have me now are busters it's. The NBA they can't sign your name and he had to me yet to meet you name. Is saying. You don't. Yeah Kevin brown and NASA cube came and yeah. Yeah. Curtis Kelly and then me Alan you know I'm telling how. And yeah hagel will not act. Tribute. Jed. Abbey to have the many Jeff. The thought. Okay. What does not tell you give a review and attendance at the behest Alison is the song is producer Jean performing. Me now yucky food. Neil you meal you now. Need el Nino telling me our. During the Grant Hill. And you know. Yeah girls can trust yeah. It's. Eight and now we know now. Yeah now. Yeah and yeah. Out and count me out. Let us know I don't. Oh yeah. It is now. You free to steal this and do this with your family over the holidays don't know how many lit. Perez rate now his aides just turn this and now there's going to be. I'm sure lake six euros or ten euros and there's going to be meowing all day in the reliant and amount amount. Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt brown is about about what's it. And so on every other Christmas parties today's show year. Ali parties you guys can do this or near any parties that I am today I'm your teachers are gonna love it. Jana I mean I. And I'm man man on man I'm Matt Matt Matt. I'm a cat mom mom mom my agent he's gonna X Kelley. Yeah. And Conan. I think I am your host and sarge but he is the government all right area. I pay. Mean am I lame news hard on. And I hear there are things that are in the beginning of this thank you 10-Q BG's. Tis California how ma'am ma'am mountain out of LA and more rain and my dad and alone how really is okay this mechanic. Damn damn damn damn damn near me now I am am am am am now. Yummy yummy yummy yummy on am now and then now we now know. And seeing what else was known seeing him. Yeah she had that I have. That yeah. I'll. Oh Jeff on the gangs and it causes coming to town. And I. BC news. So. You're gonna have. Alone. Sing. Yeah. I'm happy. A man in him now and I'm I'm now in. Yeah and. I was man he sees you he's leaving he doesn't yearly. The same one. I think what's external tank and guys guess threatens. Poems are for aren't as well. It's going to be done raise you up racism part. And a half and can never speak Vietnamese visits each other again car it just me challenging of how. I thought I was gonna gen next again OK here's against. Not a. Eds. This is put in paid for this makes you feel that. Mammy Miami around me ma'am ma'am you're telling me out in count me down again and again man. Rocking on the Christmas tree man. And yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah it's okay. The cat it's cook crawling in your Christmas tree and it's one of those tiny toys. Founder cat in your tree yeah I'll yen under Frist. Freak you out when you see those little eyes reflecting back that you just staring right at Christmas it's moving yeah some this depiction of Indiana like. It. Totally anti Europe until maybe. Don't. I do Stalin's JP look yeah just gonna go less on Indian accent area. We know me and me and yeah. And down and don't. Bill you know me I don't think. All of our prisons right here version. Okay. Lester got more deal with it. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Have. Yeah I know you've reached me. And it's just wheel me out we have seen ads. Well can't we can drum over and this is. And she I'll start for our. I'm so excited just turn for me now Leo keep. Pulling me now Chris is on trying to Carolina. Want my brain doesn't do this. You can do it. That's songs into tune in your head and. If you tune music bed down. Yeah he's got a fully concentrate shot for opponents to just right. So me out you he is just where we take songs. And we me out amateurs other people have to try to yes. That went they are and for whatever reason in my brain locks up. No more I think about it the more it's getting locked up yeah. And religious stop. Just don't look at me. At camp or knowledge angered don't listen to this skinny every please just turn after radio and need to know that nobody is listening Israeli up. Seriously and then why are you. L. Because I want people keep listening to dash O. Go meet. Me down down im down. That's a song stick. You. Yeah I didn't. You got to show. We found me. And the first thing okay here you got. Any McCarrick get. The out and then. You are capped. Mean can you help them just cats don't care about what other people think. His fifth outcasts are salute their own but clean so I can't. Handle it Lex. You want him to do with you can UH. Had it. Was it perfect. In an it was. Meow me ME. Back at Baylor. No because there Sammy and India we yeah I mean I can't because they wanna keep sing in the sock B down me now. Yeah now me down. Down you have maybe out Mimi now. Marianne. Jesse in my Noah no paying. Yeah. I couldn't airlines. Yeah. Sorry to all the teachers you kids of the hour and a holiday party today. I guess your fitness weird he did it. And annoying friend that song that's stuck in your head the rest of the day behind you there has only just did to everybody and valleys in government Hamanaka. The mood to do to him in Miami out Naomi and you. And then now yeah yeah. Yeah everything in me and tell us. Everything jammed okay yeah who will sit. Mean man you know. Yeah me now. Now we come. Yeah yeah. Yeah again okay. Honolulu. Leave now. Crusted. I'm Gerri any morning share into any team I. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion out on star not before one and it.