Wednesday, November 9th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On starting formalized. Yesterday morning I'm at the show Kelly achieves was challenged with coming up. We have something silly if you are talking about the election results and always try to be silly and have I'm. If she gives in a presents us with that idea called. Meow we Oki. This is just my version karaoke but way better so I'm. Telling access. They have been trying guess what song each other is singing only using the word to me out. He can't sing actual words of the song and you guys don't know what songs I picked. An example earlier as per Bahrain comes and I meow meow me now now Mimi now you know and the. I'm so bad at this because I can't think of songs. I got can't think of how they go camping of Everett don't know I'm so bad and. Though OK how is on pictures on Lorena though one of muscles and Miami house and then you guys all have a chance to guess what what we're saying to. Okay is mainly the hunt I think they're finally like just raise our hands are just shouted Astros and a. Because we've examined by an echo -- all the easy check after. I don't know. And it and it means a a presser and I say why don't we do this if wince you figure out what song the other person's saying just very him onions it got. And then okay well and then we'll see how long it takes the whole room I was wondering because one person might get it really passed. And these gophers beat them you're already laughing Eminem even started meowing yet. And bury you get when you gophers telling you kind of example. OK okay is it just a night at number seven and I should be at their aria okay as any cited the answer it answer number seven after duke and murmured an island and. And news we got it we just say got it got okay. I can via it is so hard to do without laughing all the way Wednesday night and the hot and I'm sure he'll be per pack up against a a day. Yummy yummy yummy yummy now or email me now me now. Now me coming out in Downey now now now. Yummy yummy yummy yummy stuff coming out. Cannot gasoline down down down down down down and out and out now now now that is slow and then letting us. So this. I just for the right low and no we're not talking about that the news and figure Croat but I want you think of how sad. Every one of our social studies. I'm necessary and civics teachers and professors are right now button at a normal time. All right I got it. I got it then you really do I do it totally got to take a second Atlanta. Justin Bieber sorry. It's. I thought I nailed he's happy Didier guy got it for a second but then I just started the about how disappointed I am in my relatives. That's as I just went on this as this went down this worm hole so. But you're going to be the worst at this and you're the best. I'm going next ten. Agents trying to get it over with my youth youth. And come out. I. The Alley Oki 123. Out. I'm so bad at this you guys that are gonna come out isn't going. Think that cannot maniac. About coming. Is. Imagine your man now ma'am MM I can't guys I can't do it sucked. You're asking him to speak Chinese did is I can't they don't you got to ask you shortly here to speak backwards a couple of you'll remember that I would impossible this is not impossible. Possible bad advancing years unnerved as its program. Like egging kept missing and I'm pretty sure that I'm tone deaf so. Yeah. You Einstein as I'm now it's aggravate their gig of there. If you can't do values really infamy senior. I did this tank again. Down down down down down. Smacking into it and I don't like gay ghetto that MM EM yeah yeah oh. Yeah I am now. I can't really. Yummy yummy yummy yummy now yum yum I am now am I am and now me on me I mean are coming out client does. Now me now me now yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yum yummy on the I Miami on him now I am countdown countdown now. Now I ask can't I can't I can't help somebody. Why did you got it. Thriller. OK I Allen made. Yeah and the frog and it really might have tried it. And Emmy and and a man and you math and M yeah yeah. Have an hour. And I'm MEM. In new. Re going be a fairly sure you know. We should get. ORN audit them you know it we you know love what I yeah I got it. Yeah it means you get it I got this one but you add that that number. It's number six ideas on say at the same time yes line to rate wrecking ball Miley. That's good. Damn damn damn man. I've that's the. Down now we. We'll turn this switch is on this daunting I. That's my friends and show.