Meghan Trainor Interview

Thursday, August 4th


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She didn't judge how Arnold and meg in that trainer she has a chance staying at night. Ratio and we recently had a chance to sit down and I'll quit. I was doing it for an amber yeah. I want him being around her. Far from the. I'm not sure is Megan Hayley I'm spelled and common teens tonight at 7 o'clock A tests Dane. And what a cool show is this going to be so much fun looks like weather's gonna hold out for it we recently had a chance to talk to may end. About an album her tour how she deals being a celebrity and what her. Occupation would be if she wasn't playing music they're pleased now welcome into the Jeffords and there aren't ready for an artist. Megan Trainor. You talked recently about how you have gone from a girl who says she wears sweatpants and sweatshirt in the summer to cover up her body. Now he is confident woman we see today did so on the world stage. How did you make that transformation. Economics every day you know what happens. And I am planning everyday at a more confident and and he really count. You are such error an inspiration for young women everywhere and being in the public IE they're there's if there's a certain element of the population that Lacey use the anonymous veil of the Internet to be mean. Answer ends it if you wanted to give some guidance or some advice to young women who might be subjected to that. Don't have gone and I newfound but the gone away and I look at out of comments he weighed in time and energy. I negativity. And so Richard Jeff are you taking his advice I have come right. I'm Jeff I'm at your is Sunni find success and music fame comes right along with that so you decide now. Who's your real friend and who's an opportunist. Alliance I mean the one thing and I want to and it cannot violate. Any change dramatically pained me. Actually all the people around me are like that our friends that they may change more than I did. Well he let him well yeah like I'm on my little island thing that I'm rob your comment I am you know it is. Leon have Bob on it and severe and family members aren't we aren't hearing. I'm death. Happily. Said dad are they more scared about it are intimidated by an annual iron. I'm I think like these little things that I've written not a big idea at all but outside of it and I'm right. They're special people read into that we have done. In the outfield and. Really. Am. He's about your style because you're sort of evolving and growing up on. This public stage in front of everybody how would you describe your style has. We knew you first with a retro fifties vibe now I understand the thinking you can begins on Donald different right. I don't let pants. Mean leggings and I would back in there and lack only got to do it very territory that love because it adult travel out of body but. I've been rock and if you can't blame them a bar in regulating and sag eco but yet cool and fashion at all. And shot that I don't I've been around. I think it's a woman's dream is to be able to just like picking out whatever fashion and send. And it does have that sort of well it's also confidence that you got to be able to pull it off if you have the confidence he can rack anything you want. You say that about women that. No matter what they're wearing if they are confident they are sexy there's nothing more attractive and swagger in my opinion. I wasn't I know I your dream started at age eleven or twelve something like that is when you told your parents. Most are doing music. What would you have done if it wasn't music. Think LA Atlanta a schoolteacher in it and I like I keep that aspect of Camelot you know and urged. Annoying and he can't now let that comment I wanna get called into Monday. Now listening to you and Atlanta would that northeastern. Massachusetts accent you would frighten me as a teacher. To get coaching Al this is a daily hourly people. High School Musical has. And I can't. I've played. Beat a lot of guitar after every black and I'd like Maine did a good man in the world the. That is a meg and trainer and the captain and I hope you go to the show and Jesse tonight patriots Agassi your social media files. That way we want to you know. Adjusting your job Arnold and.