Meghan Talks about Her Relationship with Justin's Brother

Friday, August 19th


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They Jessie Shen shell. John and where is this relationship going on that Jeff engine issue now Kelly she's gives to make her first phone call. And as if she's sitting in Jan hobbies chair today. A feline. Hardest on her and hug and no dog in this fight and I don't feel like I do feel involved and now we got a phone call from Justin Justin is younger brother Daniel. It's been in a five year relationship that mag. Yes meg in the Merriam a few years ago magazine now tell you I'm ready now and months have passed years have passed and she's never said I'm ready so. Justin be in the good old Brothers look at Alfred Daniel moss and now Willis. And each is Kelly she's going to make the phone call. Oh hopefully you that you and Abby comes backs and and as our guide a just and irradiated asks. You know what I'm gonna put you on hold and you get to listen in as Kelly Cheney's talks to Maggie and erratic. I'm hang on a welcome back to you afterwards you'll get your feedback right. It. Error. Is night. Yeah initially came in this is telling season Jeff from the jet engines how aria. How about you and gang. We are actually calling today on behalf of just in. Who is the bigger brother to Daniel and you've been dating do you re. Our earth. Against talent emanating. About my ears yeah and you loved and you on the goods everything and it. I mean. That you I don't know why you're asking about battery that can of our business. No yeah it's him as my neighbors are doing and I cannot have those kind of nervous. That. We are calling it as. Just analysts and know where their relationship is going with staying on he told us that. You and Daniel were thinking about taking the next step a few years ago and you aren't really ready and it's been a few years now so he just wants. Maybe he's playing them Big Brother role trying to protect the little brother. And just kind of figure out where your heads out. Against the jets are coming here as the temperature and heart media about. Mayor relationship and it truly regretted such. Maybe dad doesn't come by he or is worried. On the man don't worry just catalysts and no claim a Big Brother role like is as is everything OK and what you know mania are you ready for the next then and if not maybe why night. Yeah I mean I I aimed. I would rather charts Q the Danielle about I'm not sure right just so concerned I mean you really looks. One item now yet you let him know bad we're glad you're finally here British. But I think maybe that concern is like Justin is could be. Kind of a family spokesperson right and of course the entire family wants what's transferred to and you all. And Daniel obviously wants to marry you because he's asked you before. So they're really so they're looking out for am. Yeah I mean that it. Which created and also I mean just. To. I don't know why you think he's the authority on relationships that are now alert jet due hard paid a cute cat yeah its fair share. Our relationship chillier there are I'm not sure why he is it's thinking that he can beat the controller of their ignorance and a diet and he reply and I know that you're the long term relationship several years ago and that didn't work out very las I'll hit I wouldn't. I would never Vicki that hurts you so Bloomberg relations and its side and I think we're doing scientists are as ready Xerox. Get married and take the next step I'm sure you read. He would hear about it. Yeah maybe he's just worried that because his relationship and mark down and and the way those on. That he just doesn't want his little brother Nate in his heart broke and earn in it's and if you're prettier if you're not to be able Romanian voices concerns. Kind of feel like he's huge he's got to be protecting your little brother for. And on about it is it a little brother yet and he did say that he really does like Q&A family like CU and so their question is you know maybe if it's if if it was a no. A few years ago when he asked the Latin may be why it's been so long sense since then sent to make the next step. It's so hard here the Olympic he's helped me and actually it's different time now can we just keep doing what we're dealing without everybody and those are just as solitary. Yeah I'm an. Yeah and it and it can now I feel about it I mean if I can't I was ready to take the next step I would eager to hear about it and you probably hear about her brother and heard about network. Probably get okay where we are right now. And cranked. Okay. I items I am sensing where I can get anything more out of view than that. To me. Yeah I mean and I I will say I am happy are you were in Maryland. Urged their children to make any major steps but you know if you want to start uniting commie ideas you reach such a. Well do you think Daniel's a line. Even great aids he's got I. It's it's it's harder I mean like I don't know how marriage ended in divorce got as I like it that's. You're you're making the bet they are still going to be more acute or promised to somebody like six years the lineup card or let our Macgregor that sir. Actually nowhere Galileo. What would you say of Daniel asked you tomorrow. Earning a true. Blood pressure. Are right thank you for days and it's time to doctors make me appreciate it. And I county these. It also banned. Big though you have really good question those kids yeah. Thing now is the hard part. On me I was in our relationship is for five he is such as they are right there with a and asking all the president that he will trying to get me well and I gave those same answers hopefully. 'cause that relationship now it's not. Yes I feel real event at. I will come right back and we will talk to adjust then we'll get his feedback. I'm Megan's answers about where her relationship with Jeff and beta brother Daniel is going to Jessie Shen shell. Talk.