Megan Part 3

Wednesday, March 30th


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All right we got thrown Carlson let me try to do that's. Megan called she was out the other weekend read her friend that called the coal is going through a divorce but not divorced yet. Nicole's soon to be ex husband is after the barn they end up bad. And he is all over a girl that's half his age they're making they're touching and kissing tonne all of it back. So Meghann and watches him leave and get into a car that girl comes back into the barn joins Oliver rowdy friends. They're being allowed to be an obnoxious they're basically being. The those girls at the bar. So Nicole and Maggie and take it upon themselves to seek some revenge on this girl even though technically she didn't do anything wrong. Megan takes one of her boots into the bathroom because the girl picked up for she used to dance spare but the way to class two girls there and meg and he'd in the group. Not to be one apps though Nicole take the other boot into the bathroom and as a number two in issue number two. Drops him back off and as they're leaving they watch the girl put her foot in the boot and scream. Bloody murder because she'd literally just stepped in crap that I get that story right yen you did. You know the entire thing will be up online can start any 41 Atlanta downtown as soon as we. Can get it's me cringe and Gillick is seen out of a movie hey Christie in Dallas. All without. Knocked and I hit. And may violence nor am completely blown away. Yeah yup. Yeah. I'm sorry I would like now if yeah I mean that as young lady in the Taiwanese CNN inebriated. We have seen without her is line. It's classless. What it's all urinating in deprecating in a bit. Yeah erase you just yet she joined the club. Hey Stephanie incoming. Are you I'm good how are you get. I don't. These women are out of control like really it's got staying at extremely immature or how old our day. Today like older women that are jealous of a young pretty woman and her on it just having fun she didn't you do anything more on attic. Well that was what I said in and I think they just. Had a few drinks and they were kind of fired up and they were and they took it to an eleven. I don't even know how you would do that like caddie and make yourself so what you. And go I don't I don't I sent. That's what Jan said generous trying to visualize what it looked like yeah that's I'm trying. There's. Certainly. First of all yeah we keep there's there's a lot of balancing and there's a lot of things would have to go. Hey now I am not buying an hey what's that god come from Lawrenceville area. I'm not yeah. Okay all for a long and bloody results so I was in the bar would be making out on my back page. It I mean at my problem that's what I wanna do it they're not a finger at Arnold he's married. Aaron but I mean. Outside of that sorry big ghetto in these different kind of wrote steer amnesia that something is yet has that might. It gave me would require electric car company they'll crack that is. They go. To analyze that car and get arrested while I agree with either the revenge. Should have been sought on the ex husband not on the data and Alpharetta. And what happened. I don't meager light act that I can not not laughing at this hour I came here and and Alan come in May and it today time somebody and that our past accurate that's well and then on eight the F. And I cannot wait for Airbus. And why did I that girl and I have let. Her element story and and argued airlines 81 art. I thought I would want you actually he in my can't. I don't want to pay actually log into the shall I went up. Lag entire body into really an add in but I think it is a layer with finger at night. I didn't know. But you would say the army and made it sure what ever that they're older footage. That is society they add that that rotten eggs like my colleague that blow Larry.