Megan Part 2

Wednesday, March 30th


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If you're just tuning in I'm sorry because you just missed the first half of the greatest stereo off. Yeah me a question before we play that song hey honey you sir what is worse than someone peeing in your business. Miss. Anything like. Kind of the worst thing to put your foot back into Meghann and think about what you're saying. Meg in it and Nicole are out of a bar. Nicole is going through a divorce and they see across the bar her soon to be ex husband. Totally making out. And being that coupled with a girl who's probably half Tuesday is that he's about fifty this girl's environment when. So base watch this for awhile until dude leaves he goes down he's it's late for him he's an old guy he's got ago that he takes. The girl goes back and rejoined her friends were there that loud obnoxious fireball shoot and choose off Danson on the table group of girls. Right so. Meg and decides. At some point that she is going to take this girls boot. Could she the girl kicked her boots up to go dance and go into the women's room. And he. Even the boot. And think yeah Megan how did anything we're bad god come from what kind of person are you imagine the thinking. Well they're a bit of very out of character for me OK let me just start and well I really don't know where this came from. I did to blow up that Serbs from my friends you know achieve it we went out to have that I'm. We Wear and then her that is completely ruined and you know it's something you'd think they email your ex is probably as the other people right but you don't expect to be there when it's happening and you don't expect it to beaver like the worst trash. In the world OK now smog you don't doubt I'm gonna play. I just hurled I just wanna say something to number one you don't know this girl. By eight obvious she's she's you know twenty something and partying in a bar with their girlfriends here comes this dude. Price bottom all drinks. She pairs offer them they'd trade numbers. You're. Like dine out hang I mean again I know I know you're trying to say but he'd done yet and call. Art it's a hard look at your friend you really that you know. And keep an upset for a very long time and not let that happen. Okay and this is negative articles ninety go out and have fun and be armed lost some steam and then this happened eyeing Alfredsson girl away from a divorce and then all of a sudden not only is her ex and her face which would suck enough as it stands. But then he's making out with some. Somebody have a clue just playing devil's advocate is innocent in this home. I'm just saying. OK if they're going through divorce I'm assuming he's not wearing a wedding ring right right certainly didn't share that information with the younger son just say okay anyways. Meg in the story can only get better so you picked up her brute. Ticket into the women's room you penalize her boot and you brought it back. And dropped it under the table. And off. I. Please finish this story. Okay. After about thirty more minutes you know locking me there'll be idiot. We decided we had not wanted to leave. Nicole looked at me and she had a clear track mater saint. And she picked up the other routes. And can get away the bathroom no downsides as he came back a couple minutes later and she said we are now look at our captain. He got the bit on the floor underneath the table and as questions so we got the artwork hanging. And we kind of get some commotion. Over her behind at the return and look where we had been sitting in. Everyone in the area has strange look on at great economic scanning. There the air around them I'm and it looks like the party's breaking up. We locked the girl pick up a bit. And she kick the church the latter one mentions that she shut the other side and that doesn't even what actually doesn't even realize that's how drunk in gone she. I even realized that her shoot it flat. And then she picks up the other issue and and pitch it on and she had to look. Like hair and confusion. And slowly pull this off and it starts screaming her head off. Blake in or maybe it sound like she's been in a horror movie except it's real and offer friends look at her slick and to. Start freaking out and they're backing away. Because there is. Something worked in key on her side. Yeah and food. And Pacific and tell me on that see someone get you know freaking out and none of her friends they all kind of backed away and no I'm talking action. And nickel finishes signing. Her credit card receipt and looks at the girl and she says. Well looks like he really stepped into the night and I. And we turned around. It sounds like. I'm Tina day and an astounding so I didn't poll I've seen haven't Amy Schumer found really sheep grouped in the boot. Okay do that it was unbelievable stories seriously again this really I don't ends. I I at that point thought at that time I thought it was kind of hilarious. I feel little ashamed of what I have done at that point and I wish I could tell you that it's not true but it is true. Do you get the next day and you're like. That happened last night did. Yeah I mean I had I actually I called her and I like do you remember what we get a static we we did nothing much we might have really dropped we have we have we had a few drinks but like I did at the next day be like what that you last night it wasn't anything like that she. And I was like I feel so badly and and Nichols says I now. Because she was like there's a thing called karma so. But the gotten okay. Now does she know any bad work to end of the Amazon or vengeful. Than. Meg and I thank you version of that story with us. Can't hear a lot of angry thank you so much. My favorite part about that Jen might have been used saying what's worse than being in a Booth it wasn't even. Yeah I I ray guy doesn't. Actual act of doing. Yeah I did think about that.