Megan Part 1

Wednesday, March 30th


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We have on the schedule right now is most unbelievable. Story Jeff Fettig a couple of minutes ago. A woman and a friend's. All we know is out thinner run into one of their soon be axes yes one of the women going through a divorce yes run into. The husband yup it's going to be excess gas and he's with a much younger woman. Indeed. And the revenge the way a woman's mind works. Guys you're gonna wanna listen to this just so you're afraid will remain you're gonna wanna listen to this to say. I feel you girl okay. This story is. Amazing says strapping and I'm ready in enjoy every moment of it because you will be talking about this later today I promise. We are calling her Meghann although that is not her real name hello mag. Well I would like to say before this begins. When I heard about this story again it sounded a little urban legend ads. OK but I was able to go directly back to the people who are involved in this story. And may have presented enough. Each now that it I do not believe it is an herbalist. So Megan you or the French. Are you are going through the divorce. No no I am I'm a Mac and the call is going through divorce after about fifteen years of marriage. This story we cannot wait. OK so the at a weekend we went out. And actually we didn't go out to dinner we went to partly we're gonna picking up because she the channel down. So we want to you play with the firefighters sitting there haven't had I am not a sudden you look at mashal and yet the weird look on her face. And I thought my god he's here. And I turn around and are seeing the ex husband sitting at a bar within. It's probably entered and funny and he. Actually. And you and that's one thing and he didn't yes and we made sure that he didn't yet and we leave it Oakley spy on them. But he he couldn't you know because you know forward looking out. All out there at the growth people apart that no one wants to see you know and yet. So. They were they they were they were that couple they were the couple that are everybody privately a turntable is gone almost gagged in a room. Yeah and then if it. And comfortable and we hear it. So eventually they believe the Barton together and of course my friend like I don't I don't need to know anything more I go over and out the window. The parakeet I NC a patent. And they look like they're waiting for car turn Dugard something tragic start making out and it it grossed hands and that is just the ethnic. It could affect our tongues if you'd use. If you have know him as you are friends future ex husband. Would it be like the situation where you would think maybe that was a dad and daughter until you some. Mean. Yeah I mean you can adapt to each other at an age difference they had but I would hope that like. Now apple. It wouldn't it would just uncomfortable to watch and they are being foreground but you know it's too much PDA and third trip that you can't even in a bar even in the bar. Yeah I understand it doesn't matter how old you are that kind of PDAs gross but then with age difference that. Grass again. Yeah I'm stoked eventually overcome it and he gets in the car and Heatley. But he's out he's gotten yet in a welcome back in the buyer and she fit their cable bunch other girls which clearly at the girl she was there that night. And my friend and I decided that we were content to just. For the little collection action Celine we ended up at people like right next cities girls to become what are not. Oh my god and my friend doesn't this call like I would have started bursting into tears and might run in my car and run home by Nicole obviously was. Call I'd have to continue with the night. Well look you're trying to get out if not it's like you I'm like whatever you know glad I was like what it's like. Next is out there you know and they weren't terrible I know that they're probably chair all you know they even had that might make you better. As authentic they already that's something herald that's such great phrase having shy woman lied and. Like let's go see if these girls are terrible that'll make you feel better and that's woman logic but I can't. They did but it did could be felt so they're different franchise. Eric and things lining up on Saturday red they were at those girls in the car ten everybody hated and they were bumping into people are. Like stealing their drinks like they were just those that Darrell and art everybody hates so we started to feel a little bit better. About the evening I let you know what the girl decides to take it to the next level. And should take off her boot tissue once again barefoot on the cooler like you know look at classy human went on and the bar. Britney Spears and a gas station. Yeah they had to try it before all the attention everyone's looking at her she wants it and I really flatly pick up a bit of commentary on my friend from debt and she just kind of locks me and I want to turn. And I came back a few minutes later. And I said I think that you might have been key entry actually. Both of whom I have. Yeah and you. I I I saw. So homeland Agassi didn't know if you pick up the boot off you go into the women's room into a stall. Room and you heat into the boot. Yes I would say OK okay I've been to a technical question and hope that I have a technical question was it the full contents of your bladder or not he says. Was he just a little bit sprinkle. I'll. Thought it would not of people can't and go somewhere in between okay if we're being technical about it. All right I'm. Glad. Color and so you can imagine you put the boot under the table ray where I live I live right right where was and I collect friends and and he'd look in the culture frank. I can't believe you did that and we'll let you know we actually we felt we had a I hope that whole thing and. I'm so I imagine because we're claim that we got it. You have to hang on agenda story is not over yet and keeps telling this story keeps going from here. Because if you think about it and OK. Jen. What's the one thing that's worse than peeing in haven't. Meg and tell the rest your story in just a minute thanks. I'm gonna.